Benefit from change on the mobile APP

How to grow your business in a down turn using APP technology.

Benefit from sea change in the mobile APP industry.

Earlier in the internet industry, everything was hand.

Built with a void like the grand canyon between the technical salesman, the tech spec, design companies, pricing and delivery.

Around the time of 9/11 the internet boom catapulted change and one of the most notable outcomes for small business.

The ability to build and maintain a website at very low cost

That principle, the principle of renting malleable technology has enjoyed explosive growth.

Particularly cloud based management technology like a CRM or push technology like Mailchimp in the last few years.

But the dominance of Apple and the prevalence of Android has hamstrung one piece of technology.

The APP, the genius invention that sits where the majority of business internet traffic actually comes from, your clients phone.

The problem is that over 90% of Apps never get downloaded because they are lost in space.

Behind a hopelessly outdated and seriously cluttered and expensive Corporation firewall ( iOS )

The exorbitant hand build pricing of the NATIVE APP has literally made the APP unavailable for the small business person.

And with a Jeremy Clarkson style gesture Maltix announces ………..UNTIL NOW !!

Maltix is the first APP company to offer a low investment, fixed pricing structure for small business APPS.

AND the APP will be built with wings to flourish and share on social media.

Plus the added ability for you or your marketing team to Search Engine Optimise.

The watch word here, a Google invention is WPA APP not really a word but nonetheless important. ( FULL PROGRESSIVE WEB APP)

This allows MALTIX teams to quickly develop your shiny new APP

With the use of a single code between all platforms.

So listen up, put your business into the heart of your clients phone.

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