Maltix WPA APPS are built to distribute like a firestorm on social media or to distribute to a select audience.

We build new generation APPS that have Rich features for one low fixed price.

It’s time to do business on your clients phone because 60% of internet business is now conducted over the Mobile phone !

Understanding this amazing brand new technology, and the benefits for your online and mobile phone business or organisation presence takes 5 mins to grasp.

Maltix low cost WPA APPS are built to distribute like a firestorm on social media or to distribute to a select audience.
Will Nicholls Director and founder of Maltix Ltd

Find out why your new APP will be guaranteed fitter, faster, cheaper to run and more communicative than any competitors website or APP !


Dr. Vishi Verma is a doctor and an ICU consultant for the Royal London Hospital.

Featured APP WPA APPS from Maltix example Vishi’s medical specialisation is in neuroscience and brain injury and trauma. While at a conference he heard of WPA Apps for The Royal London Hospital to update procedural guidelines for his trauma surgery department via first responders mobile phones. His first APP was commissioned around trauma surgery procedural …

The benefits of using a professional form page system

Customers like Options:Some people would prefer to speak directly with a company representative while others simply do not! Providing all the possible ways to contact you (i.e. phone number, address, email, and web form) allows your customers to choose the contact method they prefer and avoids frustrating customers when their preferred method is not available. …


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Chart your way to digital efficiency.


This business crisis has no predictable end.

You know the problems you are experiencing, but your hands are tied behind your back.

Solving these challenges are probably already at the front of your mind, but how do you put that into action?

The answer is called a Mind Map, its a plan to adopt new ways of running your business and surviving this ongoing challenge using well established cloud technology.

Lets start – no time to lose.

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