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Place your business at the heart of your client’s Smartphone

The all new Progressive Web APP or PWA


Welcome to Maltix PWA

The home of 2 way communications.

New levels of expected customer service for clients who prefer the Smartphone.

PWA or Progressive Web APP has wings to fly through social media.
No APPLE store required

No APP store required your PWA is as free as a bird

A PWA is as free as a bird and more shareable than laughter.

Leverage the power of scheduled and automated push notifications and direct SMS messaging.

Fill quiet times in your diary or appointment schedule.

Remind users of opening times.

Relaunch business.

Promote discounted products and services.

Push out shareable tokens, promotions, vouchers and discounts.

Encourage APP to APP share, encourage Social media share.

Keep your users updated on new products, let them know about new content, or remind them about your next big event.

A PWA is a hybrid website.

Specifically built for the customer service needs of a Smartphone user.

Distributes as quickly as the local gossip.

Progressive, light and loaded with comms with unmatched speed.

Up to 200 x times less space on the smartphone compared with old native APP’s

Works offline !

How does it work ?

Your PWA defaults to any Smartphone alongside your website URL

Clients and strangers naturally pick up a phone for instant conversation.

Websites deliver customer self help.

A PWA provides customer service.

A PWA opens up social media as your distribution ledger

Comm’s for the Smartphone.

Encouraging clients and customers to use your product or facilities, on your terms.

Your PWA is an APP with wings, its a 2 way instant multi communication channel.

It’s a dual strategy of customer communities and the integral components of Smartphone PWA two way comms.

Chat, notifications and SMS shareable social media friendly promotions to distribute your PWA on social media
Your PWA work offline and doesn’t need to be downloaded!

PWA features actually volunteer and enable your clients to share your marketing on social media.

Unprecedented uninterrupted share across social media.

Use Social media as your distribution ledger

The perfect new type of APP for the fast fingers of a Smart phone user.

A PWA distributes your promotions via social media

Free up strangers to distribute your vouchers on social media right off your PWA

Managing incoming data.

“With the CRM detailed to manage all scenarios it becomes an extraordinarily valuable repository for customer service”

Identify you business touch points with FREE on-boarding at Maltix PWA

“Any encounter where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions“

You clients expect to do the entire transaction via their Smart phone
You are being judged on your A to Z business completion competence

Signable document signature Free trial to use on your website and PWA
FREE trial

Capsule CRM free trial with integrated telephony connected to every member of staff and recorded forever
FREE trial

Online booking, smart and timely communication, automated data transfer to CRM

Automate incoming questions and leads directly to your sales staff via the CRM
Free ongoing advice and full UK tech support

Professionally manage the incoming PWA client data from social media.

Connect smart form pages directly from your website and PWA to your CRM
Free ongoing advice and full UK tech support

Your reward for investing in a feature rich PWA ?

Attracting new customers you never even dreamed of.

All the tools for your trade included in bundle PWA pricing at Maltix
All the tools for your trade included in PWA production bundle pricing

Volunteer changes to your clients habits.

Voluntary distribution of promotions, redeemable vouchers, coupons etc

Single use PWA digital coupons to distribute via social media
Single use Digital coupons right on the clients smartphone

Maltix build new generation PWA that have inclusively priced Rich features and components.

Managing data with smart forms and distributing through QR codes is all part of the deal!

QR you PWA and get your information delivered by complete strangers on the the social media ledger
connect to QR

3.5 billion smartphone users

Free CRM, signature on documentation, smart form pages and APP telephony trials from Maltix PWA
Lots of FREE trials included in the fixed priced bundle from Maltix

WPA on a fixed price DEAL with tons of extras.

Incredible PWA optional bundle inclusions with FREE trials
Incredible optional PWA bundle inclusions with FREE trials

Maltix low cost WPA are built to distribute like a firestorm on social media.
Will Nicholls Director and founder of Maltix Ltd
Contact details

Deveralls Prop

We took the decision to instruct all our Sales Agents to create videos on their phones for our Commercial Property sector using the introductory discount offer from Maltix. That was actually quite well received, we thought it might be a problem, but it wasn’t. We invested in a smartphone Gimbals for extra quality. The best agents video every month will get extra recognition. We are going to use QR codes to display all our portfolio videos within each property and from a bus company and underground advertising initiative. We are now actively assessing how we can use QR codes even more effectively on the QR programme.    

Dave Deveralls


Fuel Angel UK.

Our proposition is simple enough – we deliver fuel directly to your car – and it’s all managed directly through our PWA.

Clients order fuel by location or by text.

We SMS and send notifications daily on our best deals.

We now have ordering. All in one place.

The APP has been shared thousands of times on social media, with over 10,000 Instagram followers.

John and Lhen

prop b

Proposition builder


A great example of why Maltix enables organisations to create mobile apps that deliver.

Proposition Builder is an end-to-end agile innovation process.

It is based on the challenges and experiences that businesses of all sizes and sectors face when trying to develop successful new propositions.

We had a challenge upon realising they needed some form of an APP and assumed the cost of developing an app would be expensive.

Quotes for Native APPS were eye watering

Maltix built the Proposition Builder PWA in 10 days

We now have the  tools to mange our database

We assumed that creating an app would cost several thousand pounds and require a dedicated app developer.

Using Maltix has enabled us to manage and update our APP with out technical assistance.

Carey McEvoy

Proposition builder

EIE investor CONFERENCE 2021


EIE is Scotland’s premier technology investor showcase.

The annual EIE conference features Scotland’s most promising high growth companies from the life sciences, ICT and energy sectors, seeking funding from seed to series A.

EIE needed a progressive web app for the conference that would help attendees and investors have instant access to relevant information on each company, to help them to make informed decisions.

With the agenda front and centre, guests were never confused about what was going on or where certain events were taking place.

Absolutely brilliant.

Maltix was an absolute pleasure to work with, it made creating our conference app so easy.

Tobias Barnes Hofmeister

heart felt

The Heart Felt Card Company

Heart Felt Wishes is a 3D card supplier providing a unique card experience for any occasion.

They hired Maltix  to create their mobile app and saved a lot of money on their development costs.

With their PWA. Heart Felt Wishes were able to provide a direct link on mobile between their products, providing a clear line for customer conversion.

The app allowed for the integration of their WooCommerce account to take payments, as well as the ability to send out Push Notifications to keep their customers updated with new products and offers.

Heart Felt Wishes were also able to use smart forms included in the pricing bundle to capture information directly from their customers directly into the new Capsule CRM

Hamid Alemi


IFX payments PWA

IFX Payments are a leading specialist in Foreign Exchange – they came to Maltix to create a customer-facing mobile app.

Maltix enabled them to have a progressive web app that helped both new and existing clients gain access to specific information without having to jump through hurdles.

Their PWA uses our form component in two separate areas.

Firstly, it enabled IFX to have a quick path for clients to be referred to them.

Secondly, direct access for existing clients enabled them to ask questions to IFX in their own time.

IFX Payments also wanted to help clients stay up to date about important updates and market news.

With the ability to use push notifications on the app without any special technical help, IFX could keep their customers updated with the latest news and more.

Graham Harborne

Ted X

Ted X

TEDx Glasgow needed a fully comprehensive mobile event app that guests at The SEC Armadillo in Glasgow could use.

The app had to provide relevant information for guests, especially those from out of town who would need more help accessing the event and making their way around.

As a one-off annual event, the cost of developing an app would’ve been a massive expense. Luckily, Maltix was here to help make sure TEDx Glasgow could have a fully responsive app that didn’t need an enormous amount of upkeep or development time.

Maltix created a mobile event app for all 1600 guests during the event.

The app could be shared by TEDx Glasgow via SMS and e-mail through the distribution dashboard provided.

Users had the opportunity to install the app on their phone and opt-in to receive push notifications on the day.

The app allowed delegates to view agendas, sessions, sponsors, venue maps and twitter feeds. This meant the entire event programme was at their fingertips without the need for expensive print collateral.

Comments and Votes from each section of the App could be collated to understand where the event could be improved in future years and which sessions provided the most engagement levels.

Over 1600 votes were gathered and over 150 comments.

Guests found the mobile conference app easy to use and navigate, enabling them to access vital information throughout the day.

Over 75% of the delegates installed the App onto their device with even more accessing the browser version of the Progressive Web App.

Have a look at the TEDx Glasgow Mobile App.

Pauline Houston

Co Director

Little Willy TAXI

We never used a website, but found that the APP was a good route.

Problem was the cost until we discovered Maltix on social media.

We send regular notifications to over 600 APP users with deals and promotions.

Our quiet times are now managed.

Great APP, form connects directly to my booking calendar


Completely automatic

Willy Hamilton

Cab owner
Debt collection

Cash and Slaughter

A PWA for our clients only.

We distribute on social media and control our documentation through the PWA

tons better than our old website

Mike Cash

bespoke malta

Bespoke Malta

Free on boarding was easy.


We started with free trials arranged by Maltix and connected a CRM directly to our website, newsletter and PWA

Paul Henshaw

Co Director

The Maltix partner programme.

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