Maltix QR Making doing business Easy

By Caring for your business needs and meeting them.

“If your eyes are the window to your soul then your QR is the window to your business”

Maurice T Watts Director Maltix

The Metamorphosis of the Humble QR Code – from it’s beginning as a scannable link to it’s future as a portal to every savvy business person’s dream – a fully functional business on the smartphone.

For Business people who hate the faff and costs of websites

90% less power consumption.

GO Greener, we are serious!

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Investment , on average, 75% less than web development.

Live within 24 hours of onboarding.

Print stationery on the day.

99.84 % less memory requirements on the average Smartphone compared to an iOS APP.

Real person onboarding with 24/7 support.

No App store required.

Space for 10,000 contacts for unlimited SMS, WhatsApp, email and notifications.

phone usage stats
phone usage stats


Through a collection of robust secure online client or prospect interactions, that work in the background of your Business, no technical skills required.

Imagine article for top to bottom sea change in your new business on the smartphone

Maltix is the worlds first subscription based QR phone-tech Co with a clear upgrade roadway for small business from QR basics to a top quality APP (Progressive Web APP) thru data compliance to recycling hard won data and super advanced lead generation.

The all new Master QR touch click or scan

What if?
Maltix Affiliate Marketing
Maltix Affiliate Marketing APPLY


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Maltix QR Making doing business Easy by Caring for your business needs and meeting them.

A one stop subscription shop for small business with real human onboarding

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Chart your way to digital efficiency.


This business crisis has no predictable end.

You know the problems you are experiencing, but your hands are tied behind your back.

Solving these challenges are probably already at the front of your mind, but how do you put that into action?

The answer is called a Mind Map, its a plan to adopt new ways of running your business and surviving this ongoing challenge using well established cloud technology.

Lets start – no time to lose.