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GDPR  ISO 27001 compliant:

QR for Print on business cards flyers posters and banners

Although QR is technology is built for the smartphone, you cannot SCAN a QR when you are on the phone, you got that?

You cannot SCAN a QR when you are within an EVENT platform like Zoom or Google MEET either.

QR is just a window designed for the phone, so if you cannot SCAN it you need to CLICK it and thats where professional subscription QR begins to shine.

In an online EVENT or on WhatsApp you use the QR address.

Like this: “Help me stay organised after our EVENT. Your details are securely sent to my CRM and you can add my details to your phone via the blue button, cut and paste into your browser”

In a real physical EVENT you use a vCard or a hybrid system like this to collect clients data.

A vCard allows your prospect to add all your details to their phone and share. It also allow you to share right off your phone!

A hybrid EVENT data capture system like this securely automates a prospects data straight into your CRM capiche?

Each of these QR link to the same Smart Form Page.

So on subscription the QR can change at any time and the Smart Form Page it connects to can also be changed. It’s all part of the service.

A complete secure system designed for small business.

Online Business CARD options are a great place to start managing your data.

With data you have many many options to navigate and grow your business, perfect for the Smartphone generation.

The set up and subscription model for your business ensures you have the perfect partner.

We train you to collect and manage your data into segments:


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