Worried about the cash squeeze ? If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

It’s obviously going to get a lot lot worse, inflation is brutal and the cost of money puts us all at real risk.

What can you do? You haven’t the time for two jobs, you dont want to work unsocial hours and dealing with another boss is out of the question plus travel is far too expensive.



Working From Home is very tempting, you pay for your internet anyway, you have a phone and a PC, a quiet work space.

Connect that to a relentless stream of people coming to you for small print design jobs.

This gives you all the potential for small projects to become very big projects with exceptional revenue.

We dont think there is anything even remotely similar to this opportunity in the marketplace. If there is we would love to hear about it.

The time to invest in your future career happiness is now.

work from home
work from home

How about you invest in yourself for real change in a completely unique WFH business model with quite holistic aspirations!

An ongoing training and support platform sharing years of experience and knowledge:

Look at the Maltix Licence opportunity, choose you hours and your own leads.

Create a strategy that works for you and you family.

Estimated earning potential £5 to £50k, it depends on the effort you put into your leads and your application of the ongoing training you receive.

You work with a 100% open and transparent platform shared with other Licensees.

Interact securely with experienced Maltix production partners.

Use an optional APP based dedicated UK telephone number.

Use a professional Maltix email system and advanced CHAT platform for incoming leads.

A similar platform to manage your clients and Maltix production for your clients.

A Client management system that keeps you super organised and efficient.

Connected to a modern accounts package to keep you on track.

A world leading lead generation platform and a cutting edge Maltix EVENTS platform within Linkedin targeting specific areas of business.

Imagine small business and Jo public relentlessly asking you for help with their print needs but with a very very modern twist.

We think the future is phone – take a look around the maltix.co.uk website


How to learn more and kick off your application for the Maltix WFH Licence.

There is an initial four stage application process and approved successful candidates enter a 3 stage interview process.

We are very thorough, we award this Licence to people who share our aspirations and dreams.

We look forward to meeting you.


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