Why your website is Smartphone incompatible.

The Millennial smartphone savvy generation DUMP you in a split second.

And you dont even realise it !

Smartphone users are seriously duplicitous !

You thought your shiny website is perfect for your clients needs did you?

The savvy duplicitous Smartphone user

The 4 most common problems with mobile websites

  1. The structure of the mobile page is not simple enough to scroll
  2. The page content is not engaging enough.
  3. Pages are not set up for mobile functionality.
  4. The site lacks cross platform compatibility.

A PWA uses the same website address as your website.

This solution is an addition not a removal.

The 2021 solution right now is to get yourself a Progressive Web APP or PWA

A Progressive Web APP uses the exact same website address as your website !

Keep your website as is.

Cannibalise the good bits.

Not only do you keep the website as is, you cannibalise the good bits.

Why your website is Smartphone incompatible.

Some Examples.

An e-Commerce shop link for example.

Form pages that auto populate your CRM

Newsletter, Brochure and Blog links.

Digital contract or banking links.

Inventory database.

Imagery and Artwork.

Lots of stuff you have already invested in can be attached to your PWA.

We will discuss this with you when you on-board for FREE

Details of your CHAT Representative

Maltix free on-boarding also help you with the features and components that suit your organisation.

Features and components to delight your savvy Smartphone user.

With a big focus on customer service.

The PWA production cost is exactly the same for every Maltix client, all the rich features and components are included.

Your PWA will be built to address these Smartphone user points below.

Opportunity to share on social media.

Added micro and macro value and reward.

Instantaneous correspondence.

Connection to QR codes

Immediacy with all your touch points.

Instant previous correspondence retrieval.

Ability to access your information off line.

A to Z completion of the sale on the Smartphone.

PWA features and component benefits.

5 minute or a 15 minute read.

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