Why Phone users leave you

Time to bridge the trust gap between you and the referred prospect on their phone ?

People are four times more likely to buy or engage when referred by a friend – and 92% of us trust referrals from people we know on our phones.

Without a phone user’s referral, you’re a stranger.

A prospect has no basis for trusting you, especially thru their own trusted device.

SEA change

Ever stare at your screen wondering why people bail on your website like it’s a sinking ship? Forget about traditional, lame analytics tools that throw bar graphs and pie charts at you.
People hate obnoxious pop-ups or and give up halfway through filling out pointless forms. So next time you’re in the dark about why your website is a continual ghost town, think Sea change, think about making your visitors super happy by not offering them a website.
How about offering them an experience that alludes to being a website.
Sea Change

Not offering them a website ?

Smartphone incompatible
Smartphone incompatible

Who builds a website on a smartphone?

Question answered.

So if the Smartphone is by far the majority device, what makes a smartphone user really happy?


Familiar navigation.

No downloaded memory hungry Apps.

Point and shoot right here right now.

Phone SHARE.

Sea change starts with a change of mindset.

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