Wedding QR

Beautiful and simple design to manage your wedding on the phone with ease.

Everywhere you look we are all on the phone, and this is going to make the organisation of your wedding a breeze!

Wedding parties can become a real headache¬†trying to arrange invitations and Guest responses. Invest in a proven system that removes a great deal of stress and automates your Guest invitation’s and requests through their phone.¬†

It’s easier for your guests and so much easier for you, with no mistakes, no misunderstandings and the opportunity to ensure your big day goes without a hitch.

( Apart from yours of course !)

You can see how effortlessly a beautiful QR code fits into your stationery design.

We have lots of designs, call to action ideas and in any colour you so choose.

After your wedding, the exact same QR has the option of being changed to publish your wedding video and photos on the day! Yours forever.

Why is professional Maltix Dynamic QR so important for your big day?

A) It can be changed after print, and that is THE most important reason to invest with the best.

B) Your QR is bespoke for you and becomes a natural extension of your stationery.

C) Maltix is the expert when it come to fantastic smartphone friendly landing pages, and we will advise and demonstrate every step of the way.

D) Most people have scanned on their phone these days, especially after Covid, but Maltix pro QR has a baby website address as well.

E) That means all the functionality works exactly the same when clicked or printed & scanned ! Perfect for emails and social media !

The stationery and printing aside, lets look at a Wedding QR DEMO

Remember, we are going between 2 mediums here, the PC and the smart device, so take in just how versatile this is. It’s built for every scenario.

What do you want to automate on your Guests phone ?

Here is the QR baby website address:

wedding rsvp

You will notice that all three methods take you to the same phone friendly landing page on their phone or on a PC or a Mac.

Exact colour continuity makes it seamless.

This is one of many templates, some for business some for other scenarios you might find interesting for other areas of your work and life.

This is the Social media template screenshot and allows you to link to just about anything you want to, and make changes if you need to, and that could be critically important as your big day approaches.

Notice the share this page button, try that when you scan the QR onto your phone, its really cool.

The four DEMO links are self explanatory, but lets focus on “Send your details to Mike” it could say RSVP please, or something like that.

This is where the real wedding organisational MAGIC begins:

You have probably filled in a smart form page before without fully realising its functionality, so lets see how this would work for you.

Notice the colour and image continuity from landing page to Form page:


You choose the questions, this is a live DEMO only.

So what happens when your Guest hits the SUBMIT button?

Lets find out shall we?

The Guest gets a copy and you get a copy.


We have some simple Design templates for your wedding day that we can create at relatively low cost to print locally.

Or invest in your Wedding QR solution and print elsewhere or just use the QR dedicated URL for use on the internet, the choice is yours.

You will receive professional industry standard design formats for print:

We can supply you with bespoke QR enabled Flyers, Menus, Postcards, Invitations and Thank you cards.

All produced in close consultation with yourselves.

After you have ordered we will send you a link to our central customer service management system.

We look forward to helping you.

wedding couple

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