The average website does not suit the needs of the smart phone user.

APP traffic growth at 80% a month !

Fueled by the pandemic but also the adoption of the Progressive Web APP (PWA)

Forget the technology for a second, the average website does not suit the needs of the smart phone user.

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So if you want to engage in a market share of over 60 % of business transactions ( growing at tremendous speed ) listen up and grab your stake with a small investment.

What is a PWA?

A progressive web application (PWA) is a hybrid of a regular website and the old mobile APP

According to Wikipedia, PWAs combine the features offered by any modern browser with the benefits of a smart mobile experience.

Simply put, a PWA is a mobile website that functions as an APP. 

Old NATIVE APP technology.

Native APP distribution from the Apple Store is being engulfed by the much cheaper, more agile PWA.

FACT: adoption will gain up to twelve times more users for your organisation.

Combine that with PWA solutions requiring up to 300 times less storage than old APPS.

That should be the all the motivation you require to fast forward and prioritise your APP development.

Maltix development costs are FIXED.

The first first fixed cost investment PWA developer in the marketplace and ALL rich features included.

We will focus on which features and components you would like to use and how to use them effectively in your free on -boarding process.

How do PWAs work?

A PWA starts as a web page in a browser, which is accessed through a simple URL.

A link to the page PWA adds to the users home screen.

Smart phone users then receive notifications and SMS from the APP to interact ( ON or OFF line )

PWA’s don’t require installation !

3. Can any browser open a PWA?

All major browsers, including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, Apple safari and Microsoft edge support PWAs.

4. What makes PWAs “progressive”?

 progressive app features have a look

A PWA has 3 bits of interest.

Script that runs in the background to support offline web applications and push notifications.

Manifest to add PWA to the home screen and auto adapt to various screen sizes.

APP shell ensures instant, reliable performance offline. 

5. Mucho difference between Maltix built PWAs and old native APPS?

PWAs exist in the cloud and outside of the Apple APP store.

Nobody needs to install a PWA, it works just fine not installed.

Anybody can “save” the APP to their home screen.

PWAs open in full-screen mode on or offline

6. PWA features

Maltix built PWA’s are 100% SSL just like the banks

  • Responsive
  • Work offline or with a poor connection
  • Always up-to-date
  • Safe HTTPS
  • Search engines friendly
  • Push notifications
  • Installable, linkable and shareable

Successful PWA examples that will inspire you.

Strangely, small business is slow to adopt even though the development costs are a fraction of the cost of a website.

PWA works on a Google developed code specifically designed for the Smart phone.

Many leading businesses, including Starbucks, The Financial Times, and Pinterest, have adopted PWAs and reported a considerable increase in user engagement

Successful PWA examples

Some of the most powerful examples of PWAs include those used by media companies, platforms for social news-sharing, travel services, and e-commerce solutions. 

successful pwa examples

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