We thought you were competitive ?

Turn photo to momenzo video with QR
Add professional Momenzo videos to your shop window for FREE

“Estate Agents, Property Agents, Real Estate Agents are non-competitive”

Do you realise just how powerful a Progressive Web App is in your industry ?

We thought you were competitive ?

It would seem you prefer to let the competition over take you !

Get ahead, stay ahead PWA
Stay ahead PWA

Adding video to static window displays on your shop window is just one example

FREE QR window display DEAL included in your new APP order

YES, ignore the pricing on the QR link above, you get 200 QR and fantastic industry specific advice included for an entire 12 month programme !

Listen to the Smartphone generation for extra sales and voluntary data collection.

PWA is a website and an APP in one
PWA is a website and APP all in one

How competitive are you ?

Get ahead stay ahead on your clients smartphone with a new revolutionary APP called a PWA from Maltix

Future options

Connect PWA to QR and CRM Appointedd Momenzo and loads more
PWA connected to CRM gives your control

Fill out my online form.

Sell PWA and consequential data management into your business community. Join Maltix as an independent.

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