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Pro QR V Card Business Card DEAL for Linkedin subscribers

With millions of QR scans taking place every day, let’s look at why the vast majority of SCAN traffic goes to the minority.

There is a reward below for Linkedin newsletter subscribers.

Subscriber Deals

The issue with Free QR codes:

No scan reporting system.

Cannot change the link after print.

Uneditable after print.

Uneditable documentation after print.

No branding.

No colour continuity.

Unprofessional V card.

Unprofessional business cards.

Poor trust for payment.

Poor trust for Smartform pages.

Zero social media share.

Poor quality definition of print.

Zero advice and help before implementation.

Highly vulnerable to internal inexperience.

No live link url.

Poor print and size placement.

The benefits of subscription QR

Outsourced value.

Can be overseen by a clerk.

No tech experience required.

Optional Global Geo scan reporting system accurate to within 10 metres.

Real time scan reporting system. 

Unique user scan reporting system.

Scan reports for ops system, country, city & campaigns.

Social media share enabled.

Branded landing pages.

Landing pages that link to live editable documentation.

Smart form pages for data collection.

Scan for options and possibilities you can email to yourself.

Landing page coupon share.

40 Pro business landing page templates.

Industry specific landing pages.

Video Estate Agent template property with Video example (Geo reporting)

SCAN to see

  Live link if on PC

Rating page and client data collection.

Events page.

Social media page platform.

MP3 landing page.

Feedback landing page and client data collection.

Video /infomercial/ tutorial/ momenzo- property & vehicle

PDF designed specifically for the Smartphone.

App landing page.

Image carousels. 

Call to action on the QR.

Call to action or branding within the QR. 

Hex code exact colour branding.

High quality multi format for print.

Help and advice before and after print.

QR codes detectable by Google.

Made the decision to use Professional outsourced QR ?

The ultimate Estate Agents business card

“best in your industry – by a yard mile

Scan and see for yourself on your Smartphone.

Note the download and share button, try it!

With imagination, using QR subscription services the reverse side of your business card ensures your card is retained and repeatedly scanned and shared.

Single side V CARD or Double sided with property of the week dedicated property template designed and created for just £69.

                                                       Scan to see.

Get up to speed with your clients requirements, watch your scan numbers and social media shares grow like crazy.


Here is your reward for accepting our invitation on Linkedin 

This double sided V card and print deal is around £100 cheaper than none subscribers.

          “ your prospects expect it of you”

If you require some help on a Zoom or Google Meet call, book that time here please.

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