Turn your shop window into a mobile phone paradise.

Estate Agents are waking up to the power of QR Codes by turning their shop window, vehicles and paperwork into a mobile phone paradise.

If you haven’t scanned a QR code before, its easy.

Toggle to camera on your smart phone, ensure entire QR is on screen and an automatic link appears to booking page and a luxury house for sale in the UK.

If you have a steam powered phone you may need to download a free QR scanner from the App store.

Ensure QR functionality is turned on from camera settings.

Book an appointment example. Maltix specialise in Smart Forms for your business.

Can be connected directly to QR, Website or PWA and automatically update your CRM

Book an appointment Dentist example

This is an example of an Estate Agent linking directly from the paper and signage to a live video.

Scan the QR code for a direct link to a walk through Estate Agent video
Luxury House example UK

QR codes (Quick Response) are 2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using any modern smart phone.

One specific web link per QR

You might be on the train and one of the many advertisement posters might catch your eye.

Discount voucher

Redeemable smartphone coupon


Progressive Web App

Created by Toyota in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process.

The QR code is the most popular type of 2 dimensional barcodes.

Maltix has seen a massive growth in the estate agency industry for individual properties advertised in their shop window.

Wholesale outlet deal £or €

£99 plus+ VAT enrollment fee.

£149.99+VAT for 12 m digital codes and iterations (200 max)

Multi location deals available.

Printed codes each with optional onetime redeemable voucher.

Varying QR print sizes to discuss.

On boarding document will be sent to you.

Postage included.


No contract.

Order and reorder when it suits.

£285.99+VAT for 500 printed codes inc postage

£536.99+VAT for 1000 printed codes inc postage

1. How Do You Use A QR Code:

 Include clear instructions on how to download a QR code reader with your QR code ( point camera )

2. Include your PWA address: 

It will be the same as your existing website address

Include your address on all marketing material.

3. Test & Measure: 

The Maltix reporting system tracks QR codes you can track how many people have scanned the code. e.g leaflet drops, shop window,

You would know the success of a recent leaflet drop, as an example.

4. Where Should The Code Take The User To: 

QR suits the mobile phone, think quick and snappy, the customer wants information super fast on their phone. Maltix all inclusive pricing links your PWA to your QR code.

5. Size Matters: 

QR codes read better depending on the size and density, make it as big as possible in your shop window.

6. Increase Website Traffic:

The user will be taken to a specific property they are interested in on your PWA APP.

7. QR Codes Don’t Have To Link Back Just To Property Details: 

You can link the QR code back to a virtual tour of a property or a You Tube video that details information about a promotion.

8. Where Should Your Estate Agency Use QR Codes: 

Estate Agents should print the codes on particulars, window cards, lists, leaflet drops, business cards, for sale and for let hoardings, brochures etc…

9. Maltix PWA single coding works on all devices.

Designed to be shared on social media or direct from the APP.

Estate Agents who understand how powerful this is are building rewards into direct sharing, its time to get creative!

9. Maltix PWA is built for any smartphone

A Street shop window with high visibility QR codes suits the camera of a smart phone.

The client points the camera to the APP

And your APP is now on their phone !!

Now you can use the fantastic communication channels within the APP directly to your customers.

10. Your Estate Agency APP is now a direct line to your client.

The all inclusive technology of Maltix PWA APP allows you to send direct notifications in an instant.

Open house viewing today

Just in

Book a viewing directly with your representative now!

Directly SMS

Attach a smart Form page.

All responses recorded directly into your CRM ! Examples available.

That same DATA can flow into your newsletter system

It all starts with a new generation all inclusive PWA from Maltix.

Add another string to your bow

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