The Smart brochure

The Smart brochure toolkit begins with understanding the importance of using QR that can be changed after its printed.

From there its only limited by your imagination, watch this 4 minute explainer to really grasp how powerful this can be in your business or organisation

You might of heard that the old fashioned brochure is in massive resurgence because of the Millennial Smartphone generation.

Connecting paper to a Smartphone has lots of opportunities, with imagination you can clearly focus on some amazing ideas for a new dawn in brochure distribution using subscription smart QR codes.

You can do a print run safe in the knowledge that the QR code can be changed from the back office.

You can position QR in prominent positions on or off your Brochure.

Connect to information, the video, the commercial, the info commercial, the film, the payment page, the V card or whatever, can be changed without reprint.

You also get a sophisticated reporting system including exactly where the QR code is being opened -anywhere in the world!

And we can point you QR codes to client specific information to personalise your relationship.

And, the system is so sophisticated we can even publish invisible QR codes ( not to the smartphone of course! )

Envisage how your brochure can look.



30 QR ideas

This is an example Smart brochure we use in the field.

Pop it in the post, email, trade show, give away’s with a call to action.

( You can even connect it to a QR code! )

Smart Brochure connected to Pro landing page for trade fairs.


Jasmine Woodward newswire case study on how she used QR to dramatically manage her workload.

Click on her photo

Jasmine Woodward
Jasmine Woodward guest blog.

Best practice and industry share advice comes as standard within your Smart brochure QR subscription.

This smart form page is specifically designed as an AID to lubricate your imagination, when you fill it in and send, it goes to your inbox.

Here is the clever self aid with tick boxes that emails to you when you click submit

Smart form pages like this one are a brilliant data management solution in conjunction with QR

Benefit from a QR enhanced Smart Brochure

QR possibilities
QR possibilities

Smart brochure
Smart brochure payment page example

Once you payment has been processed, the Maltix Smart Form pages ask where you would like the QR codes to connect on the internet.

If you have a spreadsheet with multiple codes to be built, please email :

We prefer Google share.

Add a valid link for each QR code you require, simple dimples.

USE CHAT if you have any questions

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  1. Thank you for the ongoing advice on QR, even at a basic level its making a huge impact sharing promotions in the shop but more importantly volunteering email address for the new newsletter launch in April 2021.

    We are in discussions as a family to introduce a PWA for the summer


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