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Bark services

Smart QR that can be changed after it’s printed.

The combination of Subscription QR and Subscription Smart form Pages create elegant print solutions for your Brochure, Business Cards or leaflets to weave into your design.


Business card solutions

Estate agent business card solution:

Example: Hotel room service solution.

More expansive Hotel QR solutions:

From now its only limited by your imagination, watch this 4 minute explainer to really grasp how powerful this can be in your business or organisation.

You might of heard that the old fashioned brochure is in massive resurgence because of the Millennial Smartphone generation.

Connecting paper to a phone has lots of opportunities, with imagination you can clearly focus on some amazing ideas for a new dawn in brochure and leaflet distribution using subscription smart QR codes.

You can execute a print run safe in the knowledge that the QR code can be changed within 24 hours by the Maltix services team at any time.

Example Smart Brochure connected to E commerce store.

SCAN using your phone.

Live example.

LIVE LINK if your phone isn’t QR capable

Smart Form pages can resolve just about any business complication and can be added to your QR subscription plan.

You can position QR in prominent positions on or off your Brochure or Leaflet.

Connect to information, the video, the commercial, the info commercial, the film, the payment page, the V card or whatever, can be changed without reprint.

You also get a sophisticated reporting system including exactly where the QR code is being opened -anywhere in the world!

And we can point you QR codes to client specific information to personalise your relationship.

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  1. Thank you for the ongoing advice on QR, even at a basic level its making a huge impact sharing promotions in the shop but more importantly volunteering email address for the new newsletter launch in April 2021.

    We are in discussions as a family to introduce a PWA for the summer


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