The sales cycle is over.

Or to put it another way:

The way you were trained on the Sales cycle in the past is over.

And if you think that your business is NOT related to sales, you better think again, and sharpish.

The sales cycle is over
Millennial facts

Millennial’s represent 40% of the workforce in 2021.

Within 5 years they will make up the majority of the workforce (75%).

21% of millennial workers have switched jobs in the last 12 months.

PWA customer service
Customer service has to be on a PWA

The Millennial has destroyed the traditional sales cycle.

The sales cycle is over.

Three points to grasp about the millennial on their preferred device, the Smartphone

  1. Familiarity with technology and research.

They overcome their own objections before they even contact you.

Already know their needs and completely trust online credibility.

They have pretty much already closed the sale, probably just looking for fulfillment.

Duplicitous about purchase relationships and the website is just a research resource

2) Have strongly independent mindsets.

Millennial’s generate their own lead on your behalf !

Often trust a strangers Social Media referral

They demand customer service immediacy.

They expect you to remember their previous correspondence with you.

3) Flexible in their communication.

Millennial’s have different communication preferences relying on new technology.

They flit from one platform to another and expect you to pick up exactly where they left off.

Creating a domino affect in the workplace without the right tools.

The sales cycle is over.
Record every touch point off your PWA directly to your CRM

The Millennial’s Smartphone sales cycle requires a PWA.

PWA connected to a CRM
PWA is a game changer BLOG link

So if the majority of the sales cycle is self service and the millennial numbers are so large and expect complete A to Z business transactions on their Smartphone.

Where does that leave you ?

PWA connected to a CRM
PWA for the smartphone user BLOG link

What can we do as a business to catch up quickly and inexpensively?

How to connect a PWA to a CRM

A ) Adopt a PWA immediately.

And learn to use the integral two way Smartphone communication platform it provides with Maltix support.

Build in all your business touch-points for A to Z Smartphone business completion.

PWA investment
PWA investment

B) Choose a CRM

Capsule CRM training from Maltix
Capsule CRM with Teams FREE 2 MONTH TRIAL

C) Connect everything to your client records with FREE Maltix support

Connect PWA to CRM
PWA connected to CRM gives you control

The only part of the old sales cycle that is embellished by the Millennial ?

The referral is instant on social media.

Your PWA doesn’t need to be downloaded.

It’s as free as a bird on social media.

PWA customer service satisfaction refers your business on social media.
Social Media

Social Media !

Very happy clients refer your PWA link on social media
Your new leads come from nowhere !

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