The office is dead, long live the office

The office is dead, long live the office.

Who wants to get up 2 hours early, trudge out to defrost the car, drive to the station, stand with strangers in the wind, share a crowded carriage, disembark in to mayhem, grab rubbish food and THEN sit with the same boring people every day?

Only to repeat the same nonsense arriving home exhausted for your family after dark.

Perhaps you feel the justification for exhausting your vehicle that has to be replaced every 5 years and creating the pollution your children loathe.

Maybe you just love the office manager and the social intercourse at work with all the gossip and back stabbing and guilt using your mobile phone for secret conversation ?

Really ?

Of course its the employer that wants control doesn’t he / she ? the kudos of a smart building, staff aligned with the hubris and detritus nicely compartmentalised away from the board room and staff toilets.

Am I being cynical ? maybe I am but the office is probably dead long live the office.

If you have an extra 200 hours a year to yourself, how would you spend it ?

Did your employer ever pay for that 200 hours of grief ? um I dont think so.

So you have been painfully wasting 200 hours of your time every year because you employer doesn’t care or doesn’t value your time properly, is that what you are agreeing with me on ?


So if your employer now realises the game is up, that wasting his / her employees time is over, now what ?

Its actually quite simple

The answer is APP and its not really a word is it?

The APP that sits on your Computer or Smart device to work from home during office hours.

The exact same cloud APP you share with your work colleagues real time, the same APP being monitored by your office manager.

So apart from huge strides forward in Progressive Web App technology for business and professional communities here at Maltix

I would recommend somebody who clearly understands that the office is dead long live the office , take a look at these 2 links

Make other office colleagues green with envy, thank you for listening, I hope you share our vision at

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