The most effective QR code tactic

Talking to a Doctor yesterday.

In our opening conversation she complained that her QR was a waste of effort, so I asked her what she was expecting from her QR campaign.

She created flyers to distribute locally for her cosmetic beauty salon in London.

“Not one response from 2,000 flyers, she exclaimed”

I asked her how sure she was that the flyers had actually been distributed, actually that didn’t go down very well.

So I changed tack !

Can you tell me what you paid to have the QR created ?

“No she said, but I paid £390 for the flyer design and distribution”

She sent me the flyer for my opinion. It looked ordinary and was created without love, so I told her.

Even worse it had zero copy and zero call to action and the QR was static, in other words it was free to create.

The most effective QR code tactic

I explained that if she were to invest in Dynamic QR, she would have a professional landing page that has a dedicated URL for social media.

That means a small investment into professional online stationery.

And every scan touch or click will now be recorded.

We would have to devise a strategy for the QR to be scanned and that requires professional copy and “une raison de faire”

The most effective QR code tactic

A voucher or discount dynamic QR that can be changed AFTER PRINT

A phone friendly discount so that the client can book their treatment, pay for it and receive a discount.

This is a specific pre built system connected to a Dynamic QR.

It’s not cobbled together, it’s thoroughly professional.

Doctors response

” So all the leaflets I had printed cannot be changed ?”

No I replied, the QR is static, it cannot be changed after print, plus the fact that we now need to create the copy, and create a reason why anybody would reach for their phone and scan or click on social media.

“Oh she said, and how much would this cost to repeat the exercise with you ?”

Here’s my PhoneSite I said, handing her my business card, I suggest Silver subscription.