The internet is not FREE nor ever has been.

Back in the 90’s we were involved in a new industry building websites.

With over 80 recruited Consultants in the UK and a website build centre in Canada and another one in the UK what could possibly go wrong ?

Two things really, internet speeds and PC speeds were hopeless and extraordinarily expensive and everything had to be built from scratch.

You wanted a chat room you build it, you want a shop, you built it

9/11 was the death knell for many a tech project.

What began to emerge in 2000 were website building templates you bought or rented and the linux community grew alongside tech share.

Word press is a shiny example of the combination of 2 open-source technologies

Its a super flexible content management system with over 60 million websites built using it.

So why does it cost money to build websites ? in a word labour.

These days instead of employing technical people, we now employ somebody who’s quite good at jigsaw puzzles with an ability to extract information from the contractor.

The other interesting aspect of the labour cost is the time required to research the exact piece of the so called free technology to complete the task.

Increasingly, every quality component in any website probably has a subscription cost.

No the internet is not free, its still labour intensive but a decent fully functioning PWA does not cost a fortune,not like the early days.

Google has smashed the pot with development code which allows us to build you a PWA, perfect fro the mobile phone for one tenth of the cost of an old APP or a website

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