The Hoteliers problem with old tech

It’s not so much the tech its the Hoteliers mindset that needs rebooting.

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The Hoteliers problem with old tech

In conversation with Will Nicholls MD Maltix partner programme.

Interviewer Jamie Townsend, Hotel press

Press release:

I sat in the lounge area of a famous Hotel on Malta, obviously too early for a reluctant conversation with somebody who replaced the Managing Director to talk to me last minute.

Nuts really, they organised a chat with me based on improving Hotel communications.

The laughable part about this was the youth I was “talking to” was a techie, he had a marvellous understanding of their website and all that jazz.

But when we spoke about connecting to the Hotel Guest phone, a glaze malaise spread across his face along with finger fidgets and a need to escape the conversation by any means.

He did continue to say that we are working on that.

How ? I enquired.

He smiled, ” We have put all out menus on the in room TV system”

Wow I exclaimed, how well is that going ?

Very well he replied.

I then asked how the guest ordered, he said “I really dont know, I guess they phone the front desk for room service”

Thank you for your time, I replied, I guess you are busy.

No he replied, Im off today, we are gaming today.

And I kid you not, in that very minute of departure, he placed an order for 6 breakfasts on the McDonald APP for delivery.

It was my turn to glaze over and hold my hands up in the air momentarily.

Here it is Mr Hotel Director, your guests trust their own phone.

So why doesn’t the Hotel use a food APP to deliver food to their guests?

After all, thats room service isn’t it?

Why on earth would you put food menus onto the telly, defaulting probably, that really ticks people off!

Then you expect them to pick up a telephone thats dates back to 1975 and place an order?

What world are you on, I thought to myself.

And yet the solution for this Hotel remains in the ether

It’s not so much the tech its the Hoteliers mindset that needs rebooting.

All part of life’s journey I guess, I’m sure my next appointment will be more fruitful.

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William Nicholls

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