The combination of self help and customer service 2021

The combination of self help and customer service 2021

The entire website industry has focused on customer self help for many years.

website self help self service changed the sales cycle forever

From a business perspective driving down variable costs and allowing visitors to sort out their own problems initially sounded like a good idea.

The idea that expensive telephone support could be removed altogether was attractive to the board.

But unpleasantly attractive to the customer.

Many business fell on their sword, ask any bank just for starters.

Live ticket and a myriad of customer service tech evolved to help customer service.

CHAT rooms were embraced to provide customer service.

And then CHAT bots pretending to be a live support agent tried to solve the customer service problems of self help.

Now AI is all the rage.

And all along the most massive surge of change manifested.

The Smartphone USER.

In fact the whole idea of self help for the millennia generation suited their independent mindset.

Embracing self help smashed the traditional sales cycle.

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Millennial’s simply by-pass the traditional sales cycle.

Their focus is on the referral.

The kudos.

The love of immediacy.

The personal relevance.

The ease of passing the word on social media.

The purpose of the website is being changed by the Smartphone user.

The self serving business interests of big business was just like squeezing a balloon full of water.

The new Smartphone generation took the best bits and took their interest and their cash else where.

PWA customer service

Self help and the Millennial.

Websites deliver customer self help.

PWA provides customer service.

A PWA linked to your customer service portal opens up social media as a distribution ledger.

Why is PWA so attractive to the Smartphone user?

The make of their Smartphone is irrelevant, it just works beautifully at high speed.

It works offline.

They probably dont know its a PWA, its kind of like a cool baby website that doesn’t sit on their desktop taking up valuable memory.

They never have to delete it when their memory gets full.

It talks to them from nowhere with stuff to spread on social media like discounts, promotions, deals and tips.

They can respond for immediate reassurance or support if they need it.

Book appointments.

Cast their vote and send feedback.

The vouchers and discounts are one time redeemable right off their phone in store or online.

And all this incoming notifications are relevant to their purchasing habits.

Incoming and outgoing PWA notifications enables forwarding on social media.

From their hairdresser, their garage, their local pub, their shops of choice,their dentist, their estate agent,their church, their political party, their airline, their online bank their hobby group, their friends and their friends friends.

Recipients can forward it from APP to APP

Don’t need to download from APP store

PWA flies through social media unhindered.

How convinced are you that the future is PWA ?

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