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Company Number 12091935

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Covent Garden,
London, WC2H 9JQ

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CEO Maltix Ltd
William Nicholls CEO Maltix Ltd DISC PROFILE
Charlotte Dillon
Charlotte Dillon
Sales and Marketing Director
Sales and Marketing Director

Announcement – Invitation to Funders – Maltix Ltd. 

MaltixQR has put a significant new twist on an existing technology (QR Codes) and now  uses it to allow Solopreneurs and SMEs (up to c20staff) to run most of their business  systems, for running their business, principally from smartphones, with the option of any  other platform, as they wish. 

Our USP is that we sort out the tech, and how to set it up, so that the clients don’t have to,  and put human VAs in place to make that process user friendly and seamless for clients who  can then concentrate on running their businesses. 

Maltix QR from Maltix limited is now ready to go to market and is inviting expressions of  interest from would be funders on any of the following bases. 

Conditions: We are only inviting expressions of interest from funders and introducers direct  to funders who will earn up to 4% commission depending on the level of facilitation  delivered. 

Investment:- A venture capital investment might be in at least one of three modes. 

Firstly, by non-equity funding, as an interest-bearing advance to be redeemed  over a set period. 

Secondly, as an equity purchase for part of the business, run by the existing but  augmented board. 

Thirdly, as 100% equity purchase for the business where the current board would  be prepared to accept service contracts for one or two years to ensure that  proposed developments can be implemented seamlessly by the new owners. 

We are open to offers on any of the above basis. 

Governance: We would be happy to consider, a funder’s board member in either non exec’ or business assistance functions, the latter being preferred. 

Profitability: Intensive business modelling indicates that on accessing just 0.52% of just  UK, US, and EU marketplaces over 5 years, we should be c£5M in profit YE Y1 rising to  c£480M by YE Y5 (EBITDA). 

Further information available: On receipt of a completed NDA, we will forward an 8 slide  PowerPoint presentation covering our executive summary. If potential funders are still  interested at that point, we will set up face to face meetings virtually or in person at which we  will present a detailed 53-page business plan and pitch deck and a fully modelled 5-year spreadsheet covering all the figures assumptions and calculations in detail. 

Detailed funding discussions are expected at that point. 

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