The benefits of using a professional form page system

Customers like Options:

Some people would prefer to speak directly with a company representative while others simply do not!

Providing all the possible ways to contact you.

Phone number, address, email, and web form allows your customers to choose the contact method they prefer.

Avoids frustrating customers when their preferred method is not available.

Web forms are unique in that they give you the ability to control the type of information you collect.

Gives the customer the option to share or not to share their information.

Providing specified fields and designating which of these fields is required.

This ensures that your web visitors are giving you the information you need.

When you simply provide an email address, your invite open ended communication with no direction.

Different areas of your website or varying strategic newsletters collect different information for different recipients.

Every assigned form page is managed directly inside the CRM.

All data auto is collected, whether its from the website or the PWA.

Forms are Trackable:

Professional form page management:

Allows you to make changes that automatically update on the website, newsletter and PWA,

The reporting systems give invaluable information about the clients navigation prior to filling in the form.

Inquiry back-ups:

All the data fields integrate into the CRM and newsletter to automatically update a clients details.

Periodically you can ask clients to update their details from a form page.

This automatically updates their details in the CRM.

Here is a simple example from a holiday club

Convenience is Key:

Clickable email links automatically open your customers’ default email program.

Using professional form pages stop all the problems that may occur, problems that you are oblivious to.

Maltix specialises in creating form pages that work beautifully on your website or more importantly on your PWA.

Connect to QR

Product specific QR
Connect specific product info in to QR

Fantastic opportunities to collect volunteered data from clients.

Shop windows, toilets, print material

Offer promotions, discounts, track and trace, PWA direct.

Join a QR programme for expertise and advice brochure and ideas

Data collection management
Data collection auto management CLICK HERE

Are you connected to your business community and passionate about customer service on the Smartphone ?

Investigate the Partner programme.

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