That old chestnut

An interesting idiom but a difficult nut to crack especially when it comes to marketing your small business.

Hands up anybody who is content with their internet marketing ?

No such thing is there ?

Who are the experts ?

One of the never ending stream of people who claim they are internet marketing experts ?

Social media experts ?

SEO professionals ?

Pay per click providers ?

That old chestnut eh?

The old adage that “50% of all marketing is wasted, but the trouble is you never know which 50 %” is as true now as it was before the internet came along.

What if we could look through the other end of the telescope ?

To do that, do we agree that marketing you business is connected to the sales cycle?

A bit like this:

Generating leads to prospects to sales that become customers.

Sounds OK?

This graphic is much more realistic using the internet these days.

What is happening is that Smartphone users are starting with advocacy that leads them to a purchase- thats hugely different.

That the sales cycle reversed

marketing business flow from maltix

the smartphone users think differently

The arrow through the middle is actually a human being !

Time for small business to grasp their future on the smartphone.

A well established brand has an unassailable head-start compared to a small business.

So you would think, but thats not true.

Googles invention of the PWA has changed everything.

If you like a RANT click here, but come back

The millennial’s and GEN Z’s are changing the rules.

gen z

And are set to control 75 % of all Smartphone business within the next 60 months.

They kind of do things backwards.

The millennial very often starts with advocacy, the bit we used to call the referral !

They prefer to use strangers views on social media as a start point.

They like to prospect themselves and use websites for research only.

What are they really searching for ?

Fulfillment from their research recommended by social media.

The opportunity to become an advocate on their own social media channels.

A willingness to conduct all their needs on the Smartphone only.

But what are they REALLY searching for ?

Immediacy in all contact.

A sense that they are valued.

Receiving deals and promotions via notifications that are shareable.

Promotions and deals that are redeemable on their smartphone!

SMS relevant to their needs.

Simple and familiar navigation styles on their smartphone.

APP’s that work without downloading, “touch it and you’ve got it technology

And an APP that shares on social media with a simple link.

Fulfillment for the Smartphone user is perfect for small business.


A logical procedure to follow.

A process to conduct A to Z business.

The ability to use trusted linked APP’s to conduct business flow. ( APP in APP )

Examples are chat rooms, document signing, appointments or bookings or necessary 3rd party platforms, e-Commerce

They build trust with the supplier knowing where they left off in conversation irrespective of the platform they last spoke on.

Touch points from the small business perspective.

Any small business can probably write every touch point from somebody walking into their store to purchasing a tin of paint, for example.

Or prospecting to purchase a house or new office furniture.

Think of a typical flow for your product or services

TO do: Write down some touch points.

The touch points are joined to human interaction using a Progressive Web APP

Push relevant information with in APP tools.

The advice, the care, the due diligence, the questions, the answers

A feeling of care and service.

Bespoke and relevant notifications and SMS

Immediate CHAT response.

Have a think about some business touch points and book a free 30 minute call on Zoom.

To discuss a completely different approach to marketing your business or organisation.

A focus that includes your website but simultaneously enables a shareable APP for your clients Smartphone.

Book a slot today!

Register your free seat admission here.

A live discussion on the expectations of the smartphone user when conducting business.

Discussion over 6 on the call. thank you

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