Add another string to your bow.


Add another string to your bow with PWA sales, low technical knowledge required work from home.

Do you believe in pillars of income?

Associated automated revenue streams.

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Do you talk to your local small business community ?

Why building online relationships is now so important for small business ? BLOG

Got to grips with why the average website does not suit the NEEDS of the smartphone generation. BLOG

Thought about how QR paper codes connected to the smartphone are perfect for small business growth ? LINK to Brochure.

Partner programme with Maltix

Learn the benefits to sell to your clients , the partner programme at Maltix.

Join the Partner programme with Maltix PWA , its a new home based revenue stream for tech and business consultancies.

Explosive growth perfect for combating Covid 19 in the local business community.

Join Maltix as an independent and offer this amazing new technology at a fixed price to your clients.

Work for yourself but not by yourself.

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Low fixed pricing , perfect for the small business sector.

Learn about the partner programme major income streams.

Leave the technical stuff to Maltix people.

Use a simple client on-boarding process.

On-boarding is a feature and component requirement tick box exercise.

Plus text pictures videos requirements etc to get the project started.

Most can simply be lifted from their existing website, for example their E commerce shop link.

Remember a PWA particularly suits new generation Smart phone technology.

Your client can easily update or change requirements themselves or you can charge a monthly service fee

Enjoy a brand new revenue stream without all the saga of actually building and hosting the APP and associated technologies.

Irrespective of the functionality you have explained to your client, the build price is the same !

Whether the client sees the opportunity right from the start or not.

It doesn’t matter because all the rich features are included

The price you always charge is the same.

And dramatically cheaper than the old NATIVE APP.

This is a whole new industry, add another string to your bow.

Simply tap into through a little self education.

Sign up to dedicated Zoom calls from Maltix.

Progressive Web APPS are not deployed through stores.

PWA are websites that took all the right vitamins to work across all devices, but especially the mobile phone.

This super fast technology is a 2 way communication channel, especially on the smart phone.

Potential smart phone customers and new customers want information instantaneously.

Right here right now with no lag.

Explaining the new marketing options to your clients is where the rubber hits the road, partner programme with Maltix

Your Consultancy skills are invaluable.

How to use SMS.

Push notifications



Countdown, user feedback

Smart form pages

QR marketing.

In APP sharing

Direct social media distribution.

Show your clients how to integrate good old fashioned marketing techniques right into the heart of their clients smart phone.

Every new build PWA can be under your own branding.

It will be a beacon for connectivity in your clients business.

A shining light, a way to build business when others cannot.

Guaranteed to create the referral for more business.

Maltix guarantees your clients PWA






SEO enabled

So listen up and ring the changes.

On board as a partner with Maltix

Get your vision in place to make new and existing clients very happy.

Grasp new and old marketing ideas to distribute through your clients PWA

Lets make your clients competitors green with envy.

new generation PWA APP

How to grow your business in a down turn using APP technology.

Has a ton of stuff included, some you may already have invested in

Remember: An APP is not just a smartphone website its much more personal and you may well already have all sorts of technology running within your office and website.

No worries, it’s probably all included on your new APP price inclusive on-boarding.

You may already have an e-commerce shop

You may send digital contracts

Or send newsletters such as Mailchimp

Perhaps you have form pages that link to payment gateways ?

A CRM automatically collecting client details and emails ?

App based professional telephony ?

A Pay Pal, Stripe or Revolut account or something like it ?

Maybe a Salon or Spa using FRESHA or some other clever system out there.

Appointment scheduling ?

So add these things to an APP with wings on social media that can SMS and send pertinent notifications and promotions and

The new generation PWA


Get you on-boarding information sheet and lets talk via chat, its that easy.