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Powerful phone system features

Replace your existing business phone system with this modern alternative.

We are absolutely sure your present Telephone system has nowhere near the features on offer with Circleloop.

CircleLoop provides every feature in a simple self-service app interface. You have complete control of what your callers hear and where your calls route to, with intuitive and easy to configure menus, greetings and prompts, user, team and global phone number settings.

What’s more, anything you add or amend is instantly live with no hardware alterations or change requests required.

With call analytics and reporting on board, your team leaders and supervisors can monitor how well their teams are performing and listen back to call recordings for quality management and training purposes.

Integrate with your CRM and enhance reporting capabilities, helping to streamline your historical customer contact records.

With hundreds of potential integrations, CircleLoop helps your team redefine sales and service efficiency.

Connect it to tools like your CRM, helpdesk, accounting software and address book, and let CircleLoop identify the caller, and automatically log your calls & recordings.

CircleLoop includes over 60 smart self-service features that put you firmly in control of your phone system. From instantly configurable, multi-level IVR menus, call queuing and onboard call recording, to full control over things like operating hours and privacy settings,.

CircleLoop gives you everything you need! And because we don’t think you should have to pay extra for the things you need, all of these killer features are included as standard.

Shared contacts and shared numbers help your teams collaborate better and get more done, no matter where they’re working, whilst our suite of powerful integrations help to reduce the administrative burden of logging calls and notes. So your people can focus on delivering value and getting more done.

Measure your telephone sales campaign performance.

“Prior to CircleLoop, we used traditional handsets in the office, these came with their fair share of constraints.”

“CircleLoop has been a God send especially in 2020 when we have had to adapt to home working as a team. We simply need a headset and there’s no need to take handsets home to work from home effectively.” is an official partner of Circleloop, we will introduce you personally

let’s talk about the features that are certainly missing with your present provider.