Have heard of APPS or PWA APPS ?

How to grow your business in a down turn using APP technology.

Have heard of APPS or PWA APPS ?

But can you see how to leap frog your competition ?

A business APP is a website for the Smart phone ,it can easily link to a shop or booking system on your website or in the cloud.

It can easily be linked to world leading staff management and individual staff access system with full client invoicing right there on the APP

And unlike a website it’s the perfect tool to distribute and share on social media.
Imagine your own APP but let’s imagine a hairdressers APP

Let’s say it’s a barbershop It’s a busy barbershop in town with loads of competition.
With analysis they actually offer 17 different services !

Each with an estimated completion time and cost.

And the barbershop is more than happy to switch to an online calendar, the phone ringing has already halved freeing up staff time.

When the phone does ring, the staff book it directly on the APP anyway, on their own phone.

You have heard of APPS or PWA APPS ?

They always ask every new client if they would use their Barbershop APP to save money.

They take the time to ensure the client has downloaded the APP, it takes 10 seconds.
Now clients book directly on their APP, it sits on their clients phone waiting to book their next appointment.

A big street window sign encourages new clients to download the APP for discount notifications.

Barbershop can now identify quiet spots on the calendar and promote deals through notifications.

Are you getting the picture ?

Does the barbershop example ring any bells ?