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The soundbites of PWA a Google technology

Core features and benefits to identify client requests on the call.

Maltix strapline

Take this link on your smartphone and watch the Salon APP spring into life.

(Off the home page)

Maltix PWA
Smartphone QR link to example APP

The Smartphone generation expect immediacy alongside APP simplicity and your reward is advocacy

Baby website specifically for all smartphones

Operates like a website that has taken all the right smartphone vitamins

A single development for all types of smartphone operating system.

Up to 20 times cheaper to manufacture than native apps

Acts as a website on a pc and an APP on any smartphone.

Loads 4 times faster than a website

Can run off the same URL as a sister website ( PWA cleverly removes the website www )

We offer a unique URL on our platform included in hosting.

A PWA works without being downloaded.

Our PWA works offline because of service workers ( advanced cache )

Sends notifications irrespective of download onto clients smartphone.

“Touch it and you’ve got it technology” a useful phrase

A PWA acts like a slave similar to an Apple i watch

Our hosting package is I-frames enabled ( can grab anything from somewhere else on the internet )

Woo-commerce and Shopify enabled

Up to 200 times lighter than older native APP’s when downloaded

A professionally hosted product with client tech support if required.

Smart form integration to CRM, Digital signatures, Banking, product

SMS built in and works on downloaded APP ( Client receives 20 per month for free )

Additional SMS Credits are currently priced as follows:

Additional investment costs as required.

100 SMS £10 (0.10 per SMS)
250 SMS £20 (0.10 per SMS)
500 SMS £40 (0.08 per SMS)
1000 SMS £70 (0.07 per SMS)
10000 SMS £500 (0.05 per SMS)

Subscription platform built in

The client can create subscription plans for groups and manage content access on their APP with monthly or annual fees.

Integrated payment built in with Stripe and Paypal

QR to APP URL built in.

Subscription QR services are additional from Maltix.

Unlimited free notifications

No App Store required ( If a client insists on the Apple APP store, normal and additional costs apply *

Replicable templates

Burger bar navigation

on-board here
Maltix strapline

App in App readiness , for example FRESHA within a Maltix built SPA APP.

Clients retain their own data with this philosophy. DATA is a Balance sheet ASSET

Booking systems using Appointedd

A simple online booking system is included in the hosting package.

More advanced Appointedd systems are available for 20% discount through Maltix, and extra fees will apply.

Limitless shareable tokens, promotions, vouchers and discounts, third parties will be required for advanced campaigns. *
















Bye-bye App Store, hello customers!Did you know that 8/10 apps never make it out of the App Store? We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the App Store odds are not in your favour…unless you happen to be owned by Facebook, chances are good that your app will get lost along with millions of others, floating aimlessly in the App Store, never to be seen again.

From our platform, you can distribute your APP directly to your customers via SMS, email, social media, a widget on your website, or even a QR code. They get the link, they click on it, they have the app. Kaboom. It’s just that easy!


Let’s make that app go viral! Maltix APPS are scary shareable

PWA as infectious as laughter

Maltix APPS can quickly and easily share with their own network, via SMS, email, or social media.

Work across all devices and OS types, they can be shared across previously incompatible devices. So there’s no stopping it…it really can go viral!

If you want to use your APP only to share content with a select, private group of people, never fear.

You can always turn off in-app sharing to make sure the buck stops wherever you’ve left it.


If you’d commissioned a traditional APP and put it through the APP store, you’d be faced with lengthy approval processes to make any changes to your APP.

Make any changes you want to your APP, hit the publish button, and see those changes appear in real-time.


Chat Bots

In-app chatbots to communicate directly with users & prompt behaviours

Machine learning

Add Machine Learning to your app to personalise app users’ experience

Loyalty points

Loyalty points program. App users can earn points through purchases or by completing in-app activities, or purchase bundles of points. Then they can use those points for rewards determined by the app owner, from prizes to discounts

More templates

Improved template system with more choice & design themes

Adaptive rendering

Adaptive rendering of apps depending on device type to deliver the optimal experience on any screen size

Geo improvements

Searchable user database with geolocation visible on a Google map

Event calendar

Event calendar with ticket purchase capabilities

Marketplace improvements

Searchable list of marketplace service providers with geolocation

Food delivery APP

Food (or other goods) ordering and delivery system. Comparable features to Deliveroo, Just Eat, or Grubhub – but commission free!

Livestream video

Livestream Video

Payment subscription manager

Payment Subscription Manager

Apple and Google PAY

Apple & Google Pay Capabilities

Digital Loyalty card

Digital Loyalty Card


Enhanced Analytics

Push notifications

Enhanced Push Notifications

Advanced Timers

Workout Timers & History

Form submission SMS

Receive Form Submission as SMS

Eventbrite replacement

Event calendar with ticket purchase capabilities

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