Smartphone connectivity made in heaven.

Quick Response code is an old technology.

What has changed?

What QR can connect to has changed dramatically.

Smartphone connectivity made in heaven.

ITV have only just cottoned on today!

ITV started using QR today
800,000 QR downloads off the TV today!

Foresight for 2021

Some individual connection ideas you can use on the Maltix print code plan:

200 QR code deal on a rolling 12 month plan.

Tell us where you want to connect and leave the rest to Maltix.

12 month DEAL connecting QR training and support

Some ideas

Some ideas to connect QR on the Maltix QR print plan
Connecting QR to individual components.

Look what happens when you connect a QR to a Progressive Web APP.

Even more importantly, look where your business touch points are!

THE Smartphone !

Connect with your clients, their friends and their connections on social media or APP share.
PWA is the APP for the Smartphone user.

See how your clients can share everything on their social networks ?

Getting the picture ?

Remember, a Maltix Progressive Web APP is as free as a bird.

NO APP store required.

Market your business through your clients and their contacts on Social media and APP share.

Connect to your exact same website address ( no www. required )

Super duper fast connection
online or offline
PWA from Maltix
Align your website with a PWA on the same website address .
Align your Smartphone PWA alongside your website
Features and components inclusively priced with the Maltix PWA build deal
Blue icons are all available in the Maltix bundle DEAL.

Check out all whats included plus FREE trials in the Maltix bundle deal.

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