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Hello and thank your for joining us in the GREAT Smart QR Linkedin experiment.

Send your property website link HERE for your DEMO

Customers dont carry PCs around with them when enquiring about property out and about do they ?

The top reasons to GO PRO with QR.

Outsourced great value product with 24 hour turnaround service.

Leading Agents limelight QR on all their Signage.

QR Landing pages are Smartphone friendly with integral Social media live links.

A QR without a call to action will fail to get the scans it deserves.

“Call to Action” Examples

Are you ready with your Smartphone camera? lets go

The Smart QR is packed with Property information and starts the two way communications on a Smartphone so give it the space and conditions to work !

For sale boards example

Social media

This example has two “Call to Actions”

Geo enabled dedicated property template

Barbers geo code QR
Barbers geo code QR

Flexible Subscription QR, the more you need the cheaper your subscription.

Every QR you actually own, that why we say “print with impunity”

It can be changed to another property in an instant, its all part of the service.

Subscription QR from Maltix

Scan and add contact details to your phone

Submit here for a dedicated 30 minute demo on Google MEET

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

Choose a suitable time

Learn a little more

Some QR print advice

The market leader for professional property video on budget.

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