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Why Smart Form Pages are the answer for your business.

A Smart form page can be installed on any website or APP or connected directly to a QR code.

It has its own unique address and is https hosted only.

You own the html code alongside the Smart form Page
(Javascript, iFrame or WordPress)

You logo brand can be added to the top of every form page.
It has to be an https hosted image link send to (

A Smart form page will solve almost ANY complication in a very robust way.

Branching logic can cope with up to 50 ‘moving parts’
that will hide majority information from the person filling in the form unless they request it. This feature is POA.

A smart form page can act as a shop for product or service and provide excellent invoice or confirmation emails
We recommend a maximum of 10 products preferably less.
Email scheduling is achievable
We recommend enabling captcha (default)

Will automate email and SMS ( not all countries) on all notifications.
Multiple email addresses can be automated.
Can be integrated into any CRM
Can automatically populate any CRM
Without handshake key Zapier will incur extra costs.

Can be integrated into Bank payments using Stripe or Pay Pal
Can be integrated into e signature (DocuSign)

Can add file download for attachments
Date, time and telephone for every continent.
Can add google analytics
Limitless dropdown menus, multiple choice or tick box menus

One entry per IP address can be enabled
Form dated closure options available.

ATTACH your requirements on a document of your choice

Banking integration details required from you.

Stripe and Pay Pal have subscription set up within their back office for your business.

Investment Link

Lets get your details.

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

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