Small business case study implementing QR

Small business people are very often so busy with “stuff” they haven’t got time to think outside the box.

It’s true that business people are too busy working IN their business to make simple decisions ON their business.

And the problems that keep business folk up at night are very often staff related, time related or money related.

A CASE STUDY from MALTIX online stationery for the Hotel industry.

Live QR links to demonstrate.

The Downturn PROBLEM:

If we take a hit in this coming recession what can I implement now to change that?

How can I create value and collect client data at the same time?

How can I create a loyalty programme though existing guests?

How can I cut labour costs but keep the same level of service ?

How can I discover genuine feedback from my Guests ?


Collect client data for future promotions whilst being fully GDPR compliant.

Give something to get something.

Offer a service to collect the data.

QR code in the Hotel room, on flyers and common areas.

Loads on the guests phone in one second.

QR branding

The yellow button link is the QR scan link as well (easier to explain when you are on a PC)

This is a Smart Form Page in action connected to QR landing page.

Click for Duty manager on the landing page

DATA then collected and automated to Front desk CRM and Duty Managers phone for response.

Various Hotel QR solutions that achieve the same objective.


Smart Form Page & SHOP
Smart Form Page
Food APP solution
Choose and change questions

What’s keeping you up at night? send the problem we will come up with a QR solution. or CHAT now.

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