Why Phone users leave you

Maltix PWA

Time to bridge the trust gap between you and the referred prospect on their phone ?

People are four times more likely to buy or engage when referred by a friend – and 92% of us trust referrals from people we know on our phones.

Without a phone user’s referral, you’re a stranger.

A prospect has no basis for trusting you, especially thru their own trusted device.

SEA change

Ever stare at your screen wondering why people bail on your website like it’s a sinking ship? Forget about traditional, lame analytics tools that throw bar graphs and pie charts at you.
People hate obnoxious pop-ups or and give up halfway through filling out pointless forms. So next time you’re in the dark about why your website is a continual ghost town, think Sea change, think about making your visitors super happy by not offering them a website.
How about offering them an experience that alludes to being a website.
Sea Change

Not offering them a website ?

Smartphone incompatible
Smartphone incompatible

Who builds a website on a smartphone?

Question answered.

So if the Smartphone is by far the majority device, what makes a smartphone user really happy?


Familiar navigation.

No downloaded memory hungry Apps.

Point and shoot right here right now.

Phone SHARE.

Sea change starts with a change of mindset.

On your phone TOUCH the QR below


Reduce your website

GO Greener, we are serious!

More info in Knowledge Base

We estimate adopting Maltix tech, compared to website hosting, will reduce your GREEN footprint by as much as 90% 

phone usage stats
phone usage stats


Through a collection of robust secure online client or prospect interactionsthat work in the background of your Business

We have future proofed small business on the phone with an unprecedented low investment.

Maltix is the worlds first subscription based QR phone-tech Co with a clear upgrade roadway for small business from QR basics to a top quality APP (Progressive Web APP) thru data compliance to recycling hard won data.

All iterations and changes are managed for you via Lares VA services within our Global Real person CHAT support service all within your subscription

Moving from Mouse to Touch

Website reporting systems confirm the trend that people are doing all their business on their phone.

The Mouse has gone down the rabbit hole

Trends eh?

Just listen to the logic.

Business is now intertwined into a social media rabbit hole, agree?

So moving small business from mouse to touch is a wise move when connecting the phone user to your business. 

Welcome to Maltix, our mission is to be the bridge between Entrepreneurs and SMEs, the business processes they need to run their businesses, and the tech available to make that happen.

We know what business systems you need in order to make networking, sales, prospecting, advertising, social media, and the rest, work for you and your business.

We also know what, state-of-the-art technology, including AI, CRM, PWAs, SFP’s, and more, is out there to deliver those systems and how to put them together to make them work for you.

Our mission is to make sure that you can use that tech to run your business without having to learn much about it, other than what buttons to push to get the job done. 

For those that don’t even have the time or inclination to do that, we provide a whole team of human Virtual Assistants to do the job for you, for a small fee, and available 24×7 free, to answer queries.

We know we can do this and provide it, in an easy to pay for, cost effective, monthly subscription, to suit the way small businesses work.

If this is how you would like to work, I or my team will be happy to talk you through it.

Maurice T Watts Director

Business owners are website and print deadline pain junkies

Debbie Bryan Taj Mahal

There is so much noise in this world isn’t there? especially if your in business, it’s sometimes impossible to prioritise a projects timescale.

The weeks turn into days and now it’s hours, and the people you have placed your reliance on are just glacial in their correspondence.

How can it possibly take so long to build a bloody website, why is it so incredibly complicated?

And the print, where are they? where is their communication and have they listened to a single word I have said?

Business owners are website and print deadline pain junkies

Maybe it’s a show maybe it’s an event perhaps a simple news article.

But you are out of time and you have to rely on adrenalin, its not healthy and it puts you into conflict with your supplier.

The website isn’t finished the print job isn’t finalised you haven’t got the time or the energy to do it, but you know it has to be done.

“How can I do a presentation or pitch a product or service without the backup I need ” ?

We have clients who come to us in this exact situation, its a common pinch point in a small business especially.

Debbie Bryan actually wasn’t in this situation, but the print was a bit last minute!

And because her life is so hectic, Debbie used a Maltix recommended Virtual Assistant ( VA) to get the information together overnight and submitted to production first thing in the morning.

The same VA will probably do all her future website updates, great value.

Touch click or scan


The case study

Debbie invested in a subscription package with Maltix last Friday.

We finalised her online stationery built the website, launched and tested it today just 3 days later. CLICK, touch or SCAN


She prints just prior to her EVENT TODAY on HMS BELFAST meeting 100 VIP’s tomorrow and 500 on the day after.

Print mock up front and back of business card.

Click or SCAN

No glacial time restrictions no tedious web developers and no design houses just a corner store printer required to finish things off.

Quantifying money saved , walks hand in hand with stress removed but because we are the worlds first phone tech subscription service that does all of this is super quick time, we reckon on significant financial savings as well.

An average client will save £200 to £400 on the print job and well over £2000 on the website.

And already clients like Debbie will be guaranteed a huge rate of adoption and uptake because of the immediacy of the in situ solution on the smartphone at a major EVENT.

Print mock up automated data collection flyer.

Every element of our solutions carry reporting systems, so you know exactly your bang for your bucks.

A completely refreshing new approach to solve bewildering problems with websites and print.

Let us see if your solution can be up and running in just 2 to 3 days.

SCAN here for a free holiday to the Maldives

That got your attention didn’t it?

How about : Enter this free £5000 holiday for two: SCAN HERE

But would you scan if it was just a picture and QR ? I doubt

QR without copy doth butter no parsnips as they say.

Adding the copy to a face is even more human isn’t it?

Hello my name is Kalinga

Imagine Kalinga giving you a run down of the holiday competition and after 20 seconds she asks you to CLICK HERE and fill in your details, I would wouldn’t you?

Kelinga is a professional ACTRESS avatar and she utters the words she is given in 80 accents and languages, her name could be Annabelle, whatever you choose.

Are you getting the picture?

QR is just a window and can be connected to a myriad of phone tech components.

Kelinga would be on the video platform connected to a “CLICK HERE” Smart Form Page

QR landing platforms
QR landing platforms

Dynamic QR is a subscription service from Maltix why is that ?

Much like a website, you own the QR URL and it is connected to landing pages built for the smartphone (Obvious really, you scan on a phone not a PC)

This means that all the components that connect to create a QR solution can be changed AFTER print.

So the look and feel of the QR can change as well, along with the call to action.

The landing page can also be changed after print and what it connects to and anything within it.

Smart Form Pages and their monetisation can be changed within the subscription service as well.

Connection to a CRM and all the training is also a subscription service.

Smart Form Page examples

QR landing page examples

Business cards are a brilliant option to start your online stationery revolution.

Click or Scan and click the call to action button to see how you can monetise your business card just like this one.

meet luna
meet Luna click or scan

Blog written by William Nicholls MD Maltix.co.uk

Click or scan

A conversation with Judith Germain

A conversation with Judith Germain from a bleak cold winters day in the UK.

I’m so blessed, absolutely amazing professional people who agree to a blog with me from the Marc Jarret WhatsApp groups.

The eloquence and succinctness of Judith’s business explanation blew me away, her elevator pitch would turn even Richard Branson’s head!


Not really a word, but getting a strong sense of the business leaders maverick mindset was key to an explanation of just how she germinates intelligent change.

An opportune piece of timing on my behalf, I changed the Google Meet back drop to a greenhouse full of plant pots for the call.

I know Judith had her wooly socks on because its minus 4 in the UK, but from the relative warmth and sunshine of Gozo, the greenhouse looked warm and fuzzy for our energetic call.

Judith is a prolific author, book publisher, magazine writer # 57 and podcaster #2 ( 300 episodes )

Was an international radio presenter for just over a year.

An HR Zone Leadership Columnist with expert opinion sought by radio, trade and national press.

Very impressive as is her website

The map is not the territory.

“If you start from a standpoint thats it’s not necessary what’s actually happening its easier to reverse engineer a newly thought through solution” there’s logic for you.

As she pointed out, each and every mavericks mind is unique and each of her podcasts manifest from different past conversations and scenarios.

My job is change mindset and change perception to rethink the processes.

I likened it to seeds in pots in the greenhouse behind me, every pot is a podcast or a magazine article, all sunning themselves ready for future harvesting all overseen by the mastery horticultural skills of this amazing lady.

Her library and arsenal of podcasts and magazine articles are published to be intermixed into bespoke solutions for future clients.

Green shoots of information and shared solutions.

Judith regularly works with leaders who are not fully respected by their peers *

Change the thinking alter the thoughts.

Very often senior leaders have an ill defined problem, they think that they know what the problem is, but very often they do not.” I’m not sure how to resolve this problem” is common in conversation.

Her clients have questions that require fresh linkages to innovate new solutions creating an ” OK lets think about it this way moment”

Her specialism is effective leadership influence that amplifies the maverick leaders skills and enhances emotional intelligence within their world of perfectly normal chaos.

Judith’s model is a living organism, conceived to make it simple and easy to remember in the ridiculously fast and frenetic world of the maverick leader.

She is a consultant, trainer and speaker focusing on 1) mentoring program and 2) an intensive program formulated with a bespoke scorecard based on real live life data as part of her offering.

‘How influential are you?’ scorecard at https://amplifyyourinfluence.scoreapp.com

This gives real-time results and allow her to get to the core connective tissue of mind change management and always with a focus on improvements her clients can pursue immediately.

A book title as exotic as a 60’s supergroup “The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders”

She delineated between the podcast knowledge sharing and the provocative history library.

Her regular magazine tackles the subtle use of intelligent language to create new business from powerful leaders and the focus is based not on pain, but on motivation.

Magazine link

The mavericks paradox

“It’s what they want to happen” Judith proclaimed.

A lot of business change is based on strategic thinking, unfortunately there is not a lot on offer out there for strategic thinking, so she’s created a number of models to enable strategic thinking as well as other leadership needs (eg culture change).

These kind of myopic multi task setting leaders dont react to their feet being held to the fire, even if limbs are sliced to the quick, it’s just a flesh wound in their daily battle at work.

They can literally burn to the ground and successfully carry on managing and directing.

So she is always focused on the best way to think about how to resolve the problem and discover new ways of thinking to create order inside the disordered mind of the whack a mole leader. Maverick Leaders tend to be more organised.

Judith is very proud and rightly so, her diligence really instills changes for her clients lateral thinking and strategic thinking with a real focus on emergent thinking.

Intelligent disobedience is a key part of the problem resolution for senior leaders.

Yeah you did read that right !

3 strong points I noticed talking with Judith.

Investigative thinker : Structured solutions creator: A Bold listener and helper

Finishing our fantastic conversation, Judith asked about my business.

Printing windows into future publications ?

It could be latest podcast or magazine, but also one-to-one interaction between her, and her readership live! something very new in the book industry to take on board.

We also spoke briefly about My Most Trusted and lead generation.

Talking to very senior people with problems is actually quite difficult and the idea on My Most Trusted may well be a channel for her to investigate so I referred her to Michelle Scott for future prospecting.

“Comfortably generate 1500 warm leads a year, just follow the system”

Michelle Scott

My Most Trusted Trainer
My Most Trusted Trainer

All ears

Judith was surprised by a couple of facts regarding potential QR in her future publications.

Firstly the technology of QR is not a website, it’s logically built for the in situ phone user.

Nobody scans a QR without a damn good reason.

Get the reason right, very often with a captivating one liner and call to action and all is possible.

Individual QR landing page solutions can be changed regularly AFTER print.

Armed with the basics Judith could connect pages in her books with her readership, woah

Subscription QR pro landing pages (some connected to smart form pages) always have a unique URL and click scan reporting system worldwide.

QR landing platforms
QR landing platforms

A few subscription QR platforms spring to mind, MP3 for podcasts, EVENTS & Feedback or Live CHAT and magazine all with GDPR automated data management

Great to meet you Judith, thank you for your time!

Blog written by William Nicholls MD Maltix online stationery

Got a problem ? Interested in using QR effectively? Lets talk, add my details to your phone.


Never mind the quality feel the width

A comedy programme from the 60’s but quite apt in the clash of data knowledge for 2023.

The stakes have never been higher for businesses to become data-driven as they battle against a perfect storm of challenges.

Customers have unprecedented product choices across geographies, regulations are increasing, competition is growing fiercer.

Never mind the quality feel the width

Applied effectively, data gives business the agility to succeed against all odds.

Data-driven small businesses have a secret advantage over neighbouring small business competition.

“Data valuation on the balance sheet will be worth a great deal of money when you consider the lifetime of the client”

Same sector competing business.

Scenarios help explain data success and data failure.

A question for you : which device is being targeted here ?

Lets compare 2 public houses by firstly looking at the basics for success.

The Nags Head and the Rose and Crown

Captivating one liners, copy and call to action ensure QR enablement.

Options with customers for repeat business.

Hand outs : “Book your table for 10 or more in January 2023 using this £50 voucher, SCAN now”

Phone Voucher: “Scan and share this QR Voucher for £50 off your January table booking”

QR social media link “Scan and share this QR Voucher for £50 off your January table booking”

QR social media link “Scan and share this EVENT QR to claim £50 off your January table booking”

Email: “Open this email for a £50 gift from the Nags Head”

SMS QR link “£50 gift from the Nags Head, claim today”

Daily APP notification: Nags Head Pizza takeaway deal of the day, order before midnight”

Never mind the quality feel the width

Routine QR data collection can be automated to a central management system for a secure and compliant system.

When you encourage past clients to submit their data, then they will return for repeat business again and again:

And this is completely irrespective of the business sector.

  • Food App event

Would you like some ideas for your sector?

Lets talk, write a blog or two and have some fun on the way.

Managing prospects at a show: A conversation.

Business cards from maltix

A conversation on WhatsApp

Hi Mike. If you wanted to impart information or collect specific information at a show In multiple ways, what message would be important for you to get across ?
I’m curious for your sector
That we are specialists in the franchise sector and work with franchisors as an outsource partner
Do you do any other shows or face to face outside of franchising ?
I attend the Business Show and the Asian Jewish Annual Show
If you could get more detail from a prospect’s potential needs, what questions would you ask ?
To both Franchisors and Franchisees Do you have any outstanding debts To Franchisors Do you need any of the following outsourced services Franchisee Audits Benchmarking Financial Analysis and Business Valuation
And what could you give them that would get their attention?
No Collection No Fee Debt Collection
Third Party Audit
Independent Valuations
Outsource services they do not do in house

So the bulk of a concise message could be handled with an elevator pitch
And their response data could be managed and calibrated for more information or maybe invite them to a learning event ?
Well it’s all on the website and this is what I say on the phone to prospects
I don’t envisage a learning event
An event was just a suggestion
Just saying
Prospects want to understand that we are professional
Let me put together a scenario for you
Let me know what you think.

It’s based on immediacy of information that fits easily onto a phone in situ.

“Once they leave the show, maybe it’s too late”

Get a smarter hook in place so you can weave your magic on the day
Imagine your business card, flyer, pull up
If we assume the number one device at any meeting is the phone, then the logic of comms should be phone based. The fastest way onto any phone is QR, it takes one second to load and its tech is 100% phone designed. Im going to send bits of logic without reinventing stuff that already works for clients, hopefully we can build a picture for you.

This is a vCard https://qrco.de/bdVDQv and is designed to be sent through the smartphone network
When you click on it, all of Michelle’s details are there without error
Ok great
Download to your phone please
she is now within your phone 😉
Done very good
You can also share her details
perfect, this turns your phone into her business card distribution
This saves the data

My Most Trusted Trainer
My Most Trusted Trainer

Come to that in a bit
on her business card it looks like above
What about follow up
Aha I’m coming to that
This type of QR also has a reporting system, so you will know exactly how many times its been scanned or clicked

My vCard has over 1300 scans in 4 months
I understand
So how is this better than a CRM like HubSpot ?

And how does that translate into work ?

I’m coming to that, but a CRM has to connect to data or it can be added via vCard directly into any CRM, but Maltix systems automate this with a handshake key.

Ok I have to go out now
I have explosive interest, but not from website or linked in,
Let’s set up a zoom
Anytime next week

[10:54, 30/12/2022] William Nicholls: Will do!

Sent more after Mike left the chat:
The next few bits are advanced solutions, but i’m pretty sure its going to be important for you.

serviced vcard
Serviced subscription vCard

Link to my vCard https://qrco.de/bcMZTi
I want you to imagine this on your business card, pull ups, flyers, stationery, billing, EVERYWHERE you print plus all your email signatures.

On subscription, you own it, its look and feel and all the information within. It can be changed at any time. This means you can print and never worry that stuff is out of date.
Now it gets more interesting.

Imagine the reverse of your Business card.

Here is where Actor Avatars and Videography do your pitch. Built specifically for social media and the smartphone. But it works anywhere. Again with a live link and reporting system.

An example or two

MMT training book now
MMT training book now


meet luna
Meet Luna


Luna does all my heavy lifting, she gets 200 scans a week all over the world
This is the print copy we recommend. QR only you will notice.

Using Michelle Elevator pitch as an example, lets look at the CALL to ACTION

My Most Trusted
My Most Trusted


On this example the QR call to action is different to the first example but the scan takes you to the same page.
The CTA action button says Book your training and that takes the prospect to a Secure Smart Form Page.

This one in fact https://maltix.wufoo.com/forms/referrals-and-warm-introductions/

Click and take a look

This page can take payment and take her calendly bookings.
It’s automated to her bank account and all the data is recorded inside her CRM using https://

AND its automatically segmented inside her CRM for newsletters using another integration Maltix recommended.
[10:58, 30/12/2022] William Nicholls: Meeting Booked

A conversation with Megan Johnson-Zucaro

I’ve been waiting so long to talk to Megan, what a conversation! Just prior to our call I had taken Dipsy and Flopsy for a walk around my village in T-shirt and shorts on Gozo, reflecting on my mothers explanation of the terrible weather in the UK and super scary heat in the US, China and the Med


I was excited to talk to Megan plus the fact that she lives in the glamorous Beverly Hills, home to Tom Sellick.

Beverley hills chunked me to a film that I haven’t seen for 30 years, Three men and a baby with Mr. Tom Selleck, {shot in Toronto I believe} I remember, Tom had quite an effect!

Megan Johnson-Zucaro a helper a lover a giver.

The first thing that struck me about Megan was her openness.

She revels in this natural share of her world, the word candidness was invented for the likes of Megan, she’s 100% direct with no fluff.

An American business woman whose knocks and experiences would likely never come through from a British interviewee, she told it straight between your eyes, I love that.

Just out of her 40’s this Minnesota country girl reminisced about how she became a fashion model at 13 and developed a burgeoning fascination with TV.

After university, she launched into a young career on the ABC news desk, editor, reporter and news anchor, it was here she began to discover the egos and alter egos of fellow reporters.

This critical time forged her career path in latter years, she fell in love with reporting live TV and a man.

Life moved along, still quite quite young married to a pilot that forced regular relocation, her three kids arrived one year after the other.

Career change

Megan decided to get into the mortgage and finance sector by becoming a planner she worked in a large office and inevitably there was a slowdown and the company was sold.

The repercussions of this forged a career change into Real Estate on Beverley hills.

At last stability arrived and for five years it fitted in really well with raising her kids, but the effects of 25 years of marriage brought Megan to a conclusion that her marriage was over.

New relationships bring change

Megan’s natural hunting ground is on stage, up front and she has a natural ability to suck up criticism, never get offended.

Not that I saw her body language because we had sound issues on the call, which necessitated Megan to hold her phone to her ear.

When I mentioned the importance of a physical business card and the theater of handing a card to someone for the first time, her body just quaked with agreement.

My suggestion was to put together an Elevator pitch on the reverse of her business cards via a dynamic QR within a new PhoneSite

That way we can make changes years from now, her business card will never go out of date.

L’Église écossaise, Kirk, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Catholic I didn’t ask

It’s not the religion, it’s the faith

Her Church her Gods plan and her ecclesiastic friends are core, its integral to her belief systems, charity, love, family, finance and that was the driving force, the impetus for her re engagement with the real love of her working life, her new production Co.

Her awesome visions are crystal clear.

She help people share their stories on TV, through events, books and hosting and speaking at other peoples Events

Talk to Megan about your Interviews your film production your podcasts, she’s great!

Every BLOG I conduct has three words I think are succinct with the interviewee, here goes, but I also have a fourth!

Adept , Adroit, Deft, Respected

Journalist-TV Podcast Virtual Host Producer Production Manager

BUSINESS CARD Soaring Summit Working with people LISTEN

Blog conducted and compiled by William Nicholls

PhoneSite’s from Maltix built on the day with vCard connected to QR on subscription for change £25 $25 €25

Elevator pitch example included

meet luna
Meet Luna

Print with impunity

A conversation with Michelle Scott.


Fast track My Most Trusted trainer and relationship builder extraordinaire.

Michelle Scott
Michelle Scott

You can feel experience in a conversation can’t you?

Michelle imparts infectious enthusiasm partnered with absolute belief that business on the smartphone has moved into a completely new era.

One of four kids growing up in South Africa her father worked in a goldmine and her mother had 32 boys aged 6 to 18 in her house at a large children’s home, she ran it with an iron fist.

Michelle’s inherent feistiness inherited from her mother, and the considered thought process of her father are admirable traits.

After schooling Michelle studied fashion design, and quickly realised she enjoyed the process side and the psychological side of people in business.

Feeling her need to grow and discover people in life she’s she switched jobs including spells as a switchboard operator and a bartender in a nightclub.

But it wasn’t until she started to be involved in the Florist industry and working closely with senior management she began to realise importance of relationship management.

It’s core to her thinking process core to her career growth and one particular woman poured emotional problems into her work which again helped her to learn how to work with senior management in other industries, including estate agents and landscaping.

So, with this experience and core confidence she reveled the interview process, and it took her exactly where she wanted to be, the rewards were good

The only thing that didn’t really work out was a short space of time working in a hotel, but apart from that she’s forged a career with huge administration skills, interpersonal skills and above all relationship building skills.

Getting married and moving to the coast.

Michelle loves Mossel Bay near the Klein Brak river bordering the Garden Route National park, a beautiful part of the world, she loves watching the whales in the mornings.

Earlier in the year she bumped into Scott Cundill of My Most Trusted and she just knew instinctively this was her vocation, she would say that My Most Trusted {MMT} has changed her life.


It’s a big role on the fast track training program and Michelle is fastidious.

The benefits

Michelle’s clients are looking to reduce their marketing costs and increasingly they are focusing on return on marketing investment. She is moving ahead of the trend for quality relationship building and warm lead generation.

Although my most trusted is a simple to operate proven system for creating warm leads, it requires time training yourself, her clients haven’t got the time and they want to quickly implement MMT succinctly and precisely.

She confidently exclaims that any business can generate 1500 warm leads a year PER LinkedIn account without a hint of selling.

Her fast track training program instills the habit of use.

Her quickly delivered training guarantees anybody using the My Most Trusted platform will absolutely fly.

Maltix Partner

Intrinsic to her belief that the smartphone has become the number one business tool, she’s also smart enough to see the adoption of small business problem solving using Dynamic QR landing pages.

Implementing professional in situ QR solutions has been a rapid learning curve for her and she’s very excited about getting these solutions into her business community.

Her leading question is “What keeps you up at night ?” we have a solution.

These QR are going on the side of her car !

Click or SCAN

My Most Trusted Trainer
My Most Trusted Trainer

VIDEO explainer for My Most Trusted

My Most Trusted
My Most Trusted

A conversation with Lis Hoyte BA (Hons) MSc. Author

Lis Hoyte
Lis Hoyte
Lis Hoyte CLICK to BUY her book

My first impressions of this wonderful woman are her very fast talking and visual skills.

Tucked away in a back bedroom for a bit of peace and quiet with a woolly hat on told me that it was quite a cold day in the UK today and she agreed.

A mother of three kids plus step kids, she launched into a whistle stop tour at breakneck speed that challenged my short hand skills, thats a first !

The self help tools for Coercive control in any relationship

Empowering men and women in controlling relationships.

Lis helps Women and Men to ‘Break Free’ from Coercive Controlling relationships.

Her belief system is chiseled from her own experience with a thoughts on realising your own ‘Power’ with less focus on the perpetrators actions which can ultimately hinder.

After experiencing this type of abuse for nearly 2 decades Lis wants to spread awareness of coercive control on different platforms in order to create new beginnings and build new models to support those experiencing this type of abuse. 

Her first book was called Break Free my journey, and she talked about her personal journey over the last 18 years and how this has helped her develop and precipitate change in peoples mindsets.

She spoke at length of abusive relationships that are put onto children from any gender and the damage that causes in parenting relationships.

This inspirational work is forging her new book focusing on children with tools and ideas to empower children on their transformational journey of change with disjointed parenting.

Lis spoke about co-parenting within coercive controlling adults, and a unhealthy propensity or obsession to turn children against the protective parent. Using children as pawns inside an already baffling relationship.

Super encouraging

What’s super encouraging is that the book stands a great chance of entering the national UK curriculum. Its being tested with three local schools for national quality assurance thereafter.

I asked questions about her views on the judiciary system and we both agreed that the system is divisive citing a recent story on Malta.

A woman was actually murdered last week by her abusive estranged husband.

Court cases and divisive lawyers rolling on for months or years, ineffective policing.

Stuck in the middle of all these problems are the children.

Lis asked this question, do social services fully understand coercive control and have they got the skills to recognise?

From experience, her opinion is they filter problems into layers within the fabric of social services and that that hinders effective process.

We agreed a resounding NO on the capability of courts to facilitate a healthy outcome for children.

Lis is very focused on self-help and she actually helps protective parents put together historical abuse information for court cases.

We share a vision of connecting her books to the readership through Dynamic QR codes, The smartphone is the key to this success.

We shared the wonderful idea that she can hold events one on one with her readership or run events with up to 100 potential people on any call for free using Google Meet organised on a new smart phone event platform built by Maltix, the first of its kind.

In order for Lis to be in better position to make this project fly she became a certificated speaker in May 2021.

3 things about Lis: Courageous: Emotionally intelligent: Quick !

Lis Hoyte
Lis Hoyte



A conversation with John  Ambra

VP sales TAWK The largest CHAT room on the planet

Business tech blog for small business from Maltix online stationery.

serviced vcard
Online stationery

In preparation for a google meet call next week to some contacts via Marc Jarret’s WhatsApp networking group, I thought an introductory BLOG would be useful.

Eight years ago, I decided to install a chat room into my WordPress maltix.co.uk website, I was recommended TAWK and have used it ever since without a hitch and also use the App.

A couple of years ago, a group of us banded together as Partners within the My Most Trusted programme through Scott Cundill.

We became a self help support group, the idea was we would learn much quicker collectively than individually.

As ringleader, I set up a SLACK system where we could share and manage vast quantities of email correspondence and documentation.

We began integrating technology we were using, especially Google Meet for up to 100 people for free, a brilliant tool and so easy to use to this day.

It was during this time that we began to realise there was a lot more to TAWK than met the eye, so I invited the very modest John Ambra into our sessions.

A conversation with John Ambra, nonchalance Aussie style

Lovely relaxed conversation with John this morning, the sales VP from Tawk the largest chat room on the planet.

John is an unassuming man with an interesting background in direct sales.

He started off as a door-to-door knife salesman and his party trick even today is to cut a five cent coin in half using the very same knife from 20 years ago.

That’s the value of selling something that’s worth $1200 I guess.

After university he set up a small business being a DJ and with his parents help put some money into the musical equipment, he then got more and more into direct sales.

The mindset of commission only

I’m with John, the best sales people in the world are commission only.

To be excellent earning through cold calling commission takes its toll.

You don’t hear of people talking about the benefits of commission only and the personal growth you need to experience to get really good at your job.

Jump forward to a 21 year old John starting his own sales company with some big US Brands.

After nine years and loads and loads of different types of products, boutiques etc over 120 people were on his team, commission only.

After 9 years running his own company, a good friend of his Rob began to talk about the next stages within his CHAT room creation called TAWK, on New Year’s Eve 2017 the stage was set.

Rob was looking to refocus on his company and needed somebody to take over sales within a couple of days over a percolated coffee, John and his brother committed to TAWK

In 2018 a big change came into John‘s life because he decided to shut down his sales company, that was tough for him, but he needed change.

John said it was really interesting going to work with people he had known since primary school, including their wives!

A bootstrap company with numbers that take your breath away.

Numbers trip of the tongue with John, nonchalantly announcing that the dashboard attracts 4000 new clients a day and they have got 7 million users.

Tawk controls 20% of the marketplace and they get regular offers for the sale of the company, it aint happening, the journey has a long way to go.

And the strapline hasn’t changed from day one “Forever FREE”

I asked how they make money, a bit cheeky maybe ? not at all replies John.

There are elements in place that make money.

Many business account managers employ TAWK chat operatives for a dollar an hour and then there’s the VA service to let you become more productive by freeing up time.

There’s also a White Label offering if you’re not familiar it allows you to brand other peoples technology within your own brand, a seamless provision of service.

Tawk has also added video screen share and very sophisticated CRM

2023 is a real big year for growth adding more tools and more value into into the system.

John confidently predicts that the integrated services of TAWK will become the biggest business operating system on the planet.

With 2.9 billion widget transactions a month on Tawk, you cannot possibly doubt that.

Next year this CHAT room moves into SMS and email ability to seamlessly interact all your channels in one place.

WhatsApp Facebook Instagram, website, App all in one place with more integration of in situ payments and in chat payments.

This is the exact same spirit of in situ smartphone business we keep on about.

There are more exciting announcements on the horizon moving towards crypto-based payments as well perfect for small business.

It’s easy to see business adopting TAWK as a one stop shop, one place to login into in the morning, everything you and your clients converse about all in one place.

3 Words about John: Gritty. Generous. Intune

CLICK or SCAN to view dates & register

This is the worlds first EVENT platform built for the Smartphone with secure CRM integration. RENT directly from Maltix

Add EVENT to the diaries you use and share via you phone.

Chat room coaching
Chat room coaching

A conversation with Debbie Bryan

Debbie Bryan Taj Mahal

Motor vehicles are very important, I bought mine from a lady who was leaving Gozo and was desperate for the sale.

I drunkenly negotiated down to 6000 euro, that was 10 years ago.

After all this time, I’m not convinced electric cars are the answer, maybe hybrid, I’m really not sure, and why change ? I can hardly get into 3rd gear on this tiny island.

I do have a fantasy car, yes the 30 year old MG RV8 supercar with a 3.9 litre Range Rover engine, but it’s a time for reality not fantasy, nothing worse than a silver haired man in an open top sports car.

10 years on, the French eh?

You can imagine the advertising for this Renault convertible of mine 10 years ago. It would’ve said wonderful things about the performance, comfort and economic ability.

But with 60,000 miles on the clock and the inevitable niggles of a older car, I don’t suppose Renault themselves would appreciate my advertising patter, conjured up whilst negotiating a heavy storm this morning.

Fairweather windscreen wipers

Fairweather windscreen wipers from your Renault dealer today!

It’s quite ridiculous that windscreen wipers perform beautifully when it’s dry but simply stop when it’s raining. Or indeed that the entire front section of the car has to be removed to replace a light bulb and indicator light, the French eh?

A conversation with Debbie Bryan

Debbie Bryan Taj Mahal
Debbie Bryan Taj Mahal


Had a wonderful call with Debbie Bryan today, international motivational speaker and personal coach.

Grounded in a past career with sales teams and busy gym hair salons it was a pleasure to talk to her and we will talk again soon with our common brogue of Somerset and Wiltshire.

We agree on so much and I always know, whatever, it’s gonna be an easy conversation, we both sing from the same hymn sheet on life and attitude to life.

Sore arse and stiff sand

We launched into talking about her charity trip to India.

A trip in trepidation for a lady in her mid fifties, the challenge of 360 km trip across India.

40 to 50 miles a day on the pushbike starts to get into your nether regions, broken roads, deep sand but never a broken spirit.

Debbie was inspired by friends who took a similar trip in Brazil a couple years ago and she’s already planning for a Vietnam Cambodia trip maybe next year.

Crash bang wallop

When you consider 12 years ago Debbie was involved in a terrible accident that nearly removed her ability to walk, raising £1500 for charity on a sponsored pushbike ride across India sounds unlikely.

But thats the spirit of the woman, self motivation and driven energy.

On her trip she was inspired by the people who came out of their houses and off their fields to touch her blonde hair and take selfies.

Despite the poverty everybody’s got a smile and a smart phone !

Target setting and talking to the trees.

On a trip like this their are the inevitable lows, and those lows can resonate to fellow cyclists.

So Debbie made wishes, she talked to the trees, get through this and something nice might appear, however unlikely!

“I wonder if I will get a glass of wine tonight” ” Maybe some ice cream” “Perhaps there will be porridge on the breakfast menu ” ” oooh chicken would be nice”

We spoke about what happens in life when you ask for things because nearly every occasion there was wine there was chicken there was ice cream.

There was even porridge waiting for her at her accommodation, and that made the stiff ride through the sand worthwhile.

Debbie is an an atomist a bit like me she believes in that, if you talk to the entities around you, you’ll get what you want in life.

I would say Debbie is resilient, a problem solver who believes in herself and the motivation of others.

BLOG written and posted by William Nicholls

Serviced QR specialist.

“Dont lose business to your competitors because you are invisible on the smartphone”

SCAN on your phone to see Blue circle to add to phone and White circle to share on social media.

If you are reading this blog on your phone then CLICK the image

serviced vcard
Serviced vCard

A conversation with Sarah  Grace Jackson

sarah grace jackson

It’s funny how things change as you get into 60s.

We used to have cats and dogs and now we have Gozitan lizards who live under electrical appliances and hunt for flies.

All named of course, although im not sure about Trixie bell.

Another strange thing about getting older is being coerced to go to bed with your wife at night at her time and then reluctantly being woken at 6 o’clock every morning for tea and talk.

It does give you a chance to discuss, I guess, and cogitate over GB news.

This mornings chat was based on the Rollo chocolate sweets scenario.

It’s nice to get these things out and aired.

This is now very clear in our relationship, I was told that she would give me her last Rollo BUT she wouldn’t give me her last toilet roll.

That was probably a Q that I need to go to Lidl shopping today, I had better be prepared.

A conversation with Sarah  Grace Jackson

sarah grace jackson
Sarah Grace Jackson

Sarah kindly agreed we should talk, it was as if we had known each other forever, a meandering journey of trust into the minefield and consequences of sexual and verbal abuse.

4 words: Brassy, Fearless, Punctual, Kinesthetic.

Sarah is a blend of tough cookie and sounding board, an ex professional nurse of multi disciplines and a woman who has been through the torture of abuse and torment herself which has precipitated fierce protectionism around her own loved ones, a very desirable trait.

Candid openness permeates throughout her Cumbrian accent and her professional observation intertwines with her advanced hypnotherapy capabilities.

The statistics are alarming, a third of ALL girls have experienced varying levels of sexual abuse nearly always with trusted family members or visitors. One in five boys the same!

We spoke about the parenting style that allows this to happen.

Sarah is a woman driven to help other women who carry the guilt, the disgust and the crushing undermining of self esteem.

She has a focus on the professional workaholic woman, juggling her life, obsessed with work and not addressing the route problem of deep ongoing and hidden phycological damage.

He stock phrase is” Your greatest challenge is your greatest opportunity” and her new self help book will explain where just to start.

We spoke about the idea of using professional editable QR within her book, to create the smartphone interaction busy women require to embark on their incredible journey of change.

I’m looking forward to help with the captivating one liner in the copy to get that QR scanned and the Call to action therein.

We also touched on the My Most Trusted programme on LinkedIn and the value of creating warm relationships with professional women who need help the most.

Sarah has the enviable ability to be sat right next to you on a Zoom call, for some of you, its time you spoke.

BLOG written and published by William Nicholls

meet luna
Meet Luna

A conversation with Allan Fine

Allan Fine

Talking with a Director at Bristol fruit market yesterday, he confided with me that there are huge stress cracks showing in a once relatively mature and stable marketplace.

Enough for him to tighten his credit controls to a level that he nor his father have ever considered before. {1965}

He knows the risk of breaking old trusted relationships, but he would rather other wholesalers took the risk than his own firm.

The cracks aren’t just with the wholesalers who get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to pick up the produce and distribute, the cracks are beginning to show with the main ( Big Lorry) wholesalers delivering to larger restaurant chains in and around the west country.

So fruit and veg was definitely on my mind watching the MasterChef cookery program on TV last night with Marcus Wareing.

The knock out stages are where a potential winning MasterChef are given a specific task, get it wrong you get kicked off the show.

They are they tasked to do very particular meal descriptions and they have all the ingredients in front of them.

Repeatedly they chose to neglect the ingredients.

Therefore they were removed from the competition.

A conversation with Allan Fine

I had a bit of a wake-up call the other day with a famous Linked In Lead Generation Expert who has obviously been on the pans and in the ovens of LinkedIn probably forever.

Looking at his 27,000 followers should have been a clue I guess.

And I quickly realised, within 5 minutes, that although I had all the ingredients displayed in front of me AND I knew the recipe, I had seriously neglected my “Linkedin menu”

So I urge you to talk to a lead wizard expert and the man from Calgary is just the chap.

Allan Fine Linkedin

Allan Fine
Allan Fine

Blog written by William Nicholls

MD Maltix.co.uk Online stationery and My Most Trusted advocate


meet luna


Trains the Trainer

A conversation with Dave Crane

dave crane

In the car this morning I was having a conversation with my wife talking about our experiences of looking after cattle and horses in very cold spells {like you do}

We shared the mutual physical problems of frozen water troughs.

My part of the conversation took me to Agriculture College in the early 80’s and the importance of clean water.

During this thought process, I remembered the very lecturer and I chunked immediately to how I made my decision to leave further education and not become a vet.

I was convinced that the lecturers were regurgitating information from their university notes from way back in the 50’s and 60’s.

This was the day I realised I was a futurist, a dreamer if you like.

Recently I realised that I wanted to BLOG about other peoples business and dreams as well as my own.

Moving ahead some 40 years

I’m a sociable kind of guy, COVID was not good socially, but I became more focused on social interaction and joining up rented technology to enable me to grow a business idea.

So my Ltd Co, got a tax code, got a VAT number.

My CRM became automated using Smart Form Pages and I segmented data for future newsletters and I integrated Xero for the dreaded Co accounts

But something was missing.

And my daily blogs, newsletters, website and networking pretty much failed to bring in business.

Everything I had taught myself and everything I had payed for just wasn’t working.

Three things have changed that.

Working with Scott Cundill on the My Most Trusted project right from the start.

Removing the Mentors who became my modern day University lecturers of old

Meeting Marc Jarret and my involvement in his WhatsApp networking groups


I meet new people, social people, disparate people who all have something quite incredible in common.

Their life and their business have become emancipated by the solitude of COVID

The common ground of WhatsApp and My Most Trusted is permeating into fresh business practice with new ways to share and create exciting business connections for mutual benefit.

On a call with Dave Crane last night

We met proper on a Vanquish WhatsApp group call last Friday.

I added him into My Most Trusted referral circle, we arranged a Google Meet call.

We shared our business concepts and dreams.

Dave spoke of a new virtual Country of Digital Nomads and the power they possess for work change and support

The most important part of the call ?

Creating business dialogue to work and make business together.

Mutual symbiosis respect and introductions.


William Nicholls Blogger and networker

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serviced vcard
Serviced vCard

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Maltix PhoneSite
Maltix PhoneSite

40% of all Estate Agents are going out of business

going out of business

Especially the ones that know that this probably cannot happen.

Just like policemen, estate agents seem so young these days dont they?

Older estate agents, almost certainly in their 60’s know what’s coming, it’s in their waters.

There is no shortage of property thats a farce, in fact its a ruse invented by ebullient estate agents and mortgage brokers.

The reality is that the housing market is driven by avarice and cheap money alongside the removal of the Gold standard back in 1970.

The public used to hoard precious metals, now they hoard DEBT.

It’s got to the point whereby folk in their 70s with a mortgage PAYED OFF cannot afford to retire.

We now have UK National Debt running at close to 3 trillion. Just to explain that NOT in estate agents terms, debt is not an investment.

If each pound was the size of a grain of sand, 3 full Olympic sized swimming pools filled with sand would represent £3 trillion, get the picture?

Even the basics of basic mathematics covers the reality of “to the power of”

property investment is over
property investment is over

The party is over for decades.

So how do some estate agents survive ?

Number one : Drop the website, its not suited to the smartphone.

Number two: Get off the high street, you cannot afford it.

Number three. Embrace social networking on the phone.

Number four. Quickly learn how to manage your data properly for SMS, CHAT and WhatsApp.

Finally: Get you online stationery in order, we are going back to the 1970’s in a whole new HOLISTIC way, that starts with your business cards.

SCAN or CLICK to stay in business.

Maltix Master QR
Meet Luna

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics” is a phrase describing the persuasive power of statistics to bolster weak arguments.

40% of all Estate Agents are going out of business SCAN OR CLICK

CHARITY or are you hosting a fund raiser ?

Are you a CHARITY or are you hosting a fund raiser ?

We are offering up to 5 CHARITIES a FREE QR code connected to a Smart Form Page that automatically collects all participants SCAN DATA and sends information to a designated email address.

SUPER COOL Just like this !

St Lukes charity
St Lukes charity

CONNECTED TO THIS- SCAN QR to see how fast it loads on a smartphone.

APPLY for your Charity HERE

First name: Last name: Email: Note:

Losing my Queen

My Queen

An article about modern marketing.

Losing my Queen and mentor is similar to losing my Grandmother, albeit 50 years later.

My grandmother was a large property owner, her advice still resonates.

” If you do what you have always done your going to get what you always got! ”

Unlike 50 years ago property is the modern version of GOLD and diamond investment.

My grandmother also said.

” You never own a house, it owns you” how true!

Trends come and go but modern marketing is too complex for any single mind, talking to an estate agent yesterday really brought that home to me.

So how about some advice from my Mother:

“Let the baby walk” very often used in situations whereby people in the family are trying to control another or are overbearing with their views or over supportive when experience has to be learned.

Marketing is intimately connected to the sales cycle.

The reward for doing a good job is more work, no marketing required

The referral comes first and last, but you have to trust the process and you have to ask for the referral.

So if an Estate Agent was to put trust in their referral process ( and my goodness they really should )

Why on earth do they not put the simple phone technology in place to achieve that ?


The link is actually a dynamic QR link and because QR can also be scanned, the business card (called a vCard) is the absolutely perfect vehicle for the referral.

No marketing required, no expensive website campaign, in fact nothing more than trust in your clients to spread the word for you.

Have you taken the QR link? Sure it works on a PC

When you SCAN or take the link on a smartphone, thats when the magic of referral begins.

Click every link on the business card, especially “Download vCard” and “Share this page”

The simplest of solutions and not just for Estate Agents:

Online stationery CLICK HERE.

FREE QUOTES immediate turnaround simple administration required.

Small business case study implementing QR

case study

Small business people are very often so busy with “stuff” they haven’t got time to think outside the box.

It’s true that business people are too busy working IN their business to make simple decisions ON their business.

And the problems that keep business folk up at night are very often staff related, time related or money related.

A CASE STUDY from MALTIX online stationery for the Hotel industry.

Live QR links to demonstrate.

The Downturn PROBLEM:

If we take a hit in this coming recession what can I implement now to change that?

How can I create value and collect client data at the same time?

How can I create a loyalty programme though existing guests?

How can I cut labour costs but keep the same level of service ?

How can I discover genuine feedback from my Guests ?


Collect client data for future promotions whilst being fully GDPR compliant.

Give something to get something.

Offer a service to collect the data.

QR code in the Hotel room, on flyers and common areas.

Loads on the guests phone in one second.

QR branding

The yellow button link is the QR scan link as well (easier to explain when you are on a PC)

This is a Smart Form Page in action connected to QR landing page.

Click for Duty manager on the landing page

DATA then collected and automated to Front desk CRM and Duty Managers phone for response.

Various Hotel QR solutions that achieve the same objective.


Smart Form Page & SHOP
Smart Form Page
Food APP solution
Choose and change questions

What’s keeping you up at night? send the problem we will come up with a QR solution.

admin@maltix.co.uk or CHAT now.

Small business stationery more effective on the phone.

small business questionnaire

Eight to ten times more effectiveness is achievable, small business stationery more effective on the phone.

Here are some simple ideas for incorporating advanced QR solutions into everyday print design.

Interactive online stationery is going through a revolution inside the print and design alliance.

Collectively we ask questions to discover small business problems:

We then resolve problems using Smart QR connected to smartphone friendly solutions,

All wrapped up inside traditional print solutions.

Small business stationery more effective on the phone within business cards, flyers and posters.

This will open your eyes – SCAN to see

Take a short survey for your future solutions

The reward for doing a great job is more work


Problem solving is key to that reward

Problem solving only comes from asking the right questions

And asking those questions can only come from knowledge or leveraging expertise from elsewhere

So imagine how tough this could be for a print designer

Now simultaneously imagine advanced QR solutions within new generation print design

QR solutions connected to beautiful design connected to problem solving technology

OMG its a staggeringly under developed opportunity for print design

SUBMIT and we will be in contact

Myopic marketing risks you losing your job.

I was talking to a marketing director today who is under pressure with budget results.

He feels that the board is looking to cut costs, but that knife can have consequences.

Lead question:

He agreed with me that management has a responsibility to decide who goes up and down the career ladder.

Now for the open question:

And that a successful marketing director decides on which wall to place that ladder ?

That stopped him in his tracks, we had a tumbleweed moment.


The board are looking at his results and he now realised what they meant.

So we eventually agreed to look at the problem from the other end of the telescope, firstly eying some simple website traffic results.

The phone traffic is now above 60% and the trend is accelerating.

In other words 60% of the marketing spend is probably misappropriated, why?

Questions to resolve:

If we were to place the marketing ladder on an additional wall to specifically market to the smartphone, would that make a difference ?

Which two products are specifically built for the demands of the smartphone user? I asked

This is where the problems lay – myopic marketing strategy.


Websites are built to be navigated on a large screen.


QR are built to be scanned & shared on social media especially with vouchers and coupons.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are built to volunteer information requested through notifications, What’s APP and SMS.


Tomorrow we re write the marketing budget and the knife is sharp.

Myopic marketing risks you losing your job,

Chewing gum money

chewing gum money

In 1969 I started my walk to school past Chamberlains shop at the top of West street Axbridge in Somerset.

On the wall was a chewing gum vending machine which took an old penny, I loved spearmint, I can still see the silver foil and it’s serrated edges.

By 1971, we had gone decimal, the coins all changed and the vending machine and the shop itself just disappeared.

Without realising it, the change that was coming in the 1970’s would unstitch me as an adult in the 1980’s.

By 1990, money became very expensive, that’s a funny thing to say these days, or is it?

Inflation stretches our income.

Inflation is an indication of the velocity of money, that means how many times the same bit of currency is exchanged for good or services in a given period.

The given period will be much much longer than your Government tell you.

But in this glutenous mix of financial woe, there is another monster at work, an obsequious financial rapist called debt deflation.

This ensures we spend a bigger percentage of our disposable income on meeting debt repayments.

Only delusional optimism can argue the affects of this within the UK property market.

And for the first time since the 1920’s the wax and wain of inflation and deflation will send us into a financial washing machine, probably for the rest of our lives.

So how can small business survive this new financial landscape?

chewing gum money
chewing gum money

I think the old adage that cash is king will not manifest in this storyline, and that’s because the smartphone has smashed our everyday financial pot, it’s now the benchmark for future business survival.

Which models should small business adopt?

To use the word obsequious twice in one article is the key, not an easy word to grasp or explain. Much like the inability to repay debt:

“How can it be that I cannot afford it when once I could ?”

We will be forced to gravitate to subscription because paying on the never never will become impossible to manage.

Chewing gum money is upon us and the customer needs a way to manage lots of micro payments inside their money management.

Stripe & PayPal to the rescue ?

Despite the complaints of slow money transfer and the exploitative 5% charge, they actually have quite incredible back office structure.

It allows small business to re imagine every aspect of their business into the new subscription based economy.

Vouchers and coupons.

Linked to the subscription model is the perfect new entry point for new business, the discount voucher.

But not a piece of paper version, a smartphone version with awesome (hate that word) options for your business:

– Per cent off
– Amount off
– Duration:
– Once
– Multi-Month
– Forever
– ID (Code)
– Max redemptions
– Redeem by

Smartphone access points for subscription ?

You have one second: It’s not the phone, it’s the user, “In situ and fast

The Coupon or Voucher is connected to a serviced QR that has it’s own URL for social media and physically printed QR to scan.

Copy the Coupon or Voucher code and apply at the checkout in your shop:

Gin Voucher
Gin Voucher LIVE LINK

Oil and water do not mix online

Things come along in life, it takes a while sometimes for it to be obvious.

The move from vinyl to tape then CD to streaming is a good example.

Who would have thought that the most used word in the world in 2022 would be Alexa!

But here we are at a crossroads, one that’s mis understood but happens to be a very safe bridge to cross.

This statement is an obvious thing to say: “Every Smartphone is connected to one human being”

The phone is the number one trusted device, it’s NEVER out of earshot and phone users now expect to conduct their LIFE on that device.

Big business knows that, their colossal budgets have allowed them to leap frog small business with downloadable APP’s.

But along came another one of those changes:

Google invented the Progressive Web APP (PWA)

A PWA is a hosted product, this APP doesn’t have to be built.

It appears as a website on a PC and an APP on a phone, very duplicitous!

As we nudge towards 70% of commerce being conducted on the phone, the statistics should be enough to make any small business jump into an APP and desert their beloved website.

But thats not the case because the APP builders of old used NATIVE APP technology.

Associated with APP creation are sky high production and hosting prices, eye watering in fact.

You are also told that you need APP stores to distribute the APP alongside similarly eye watering “charges”

How can I visualise a PWA?

coca cola soda can
Oil and water do not mix online
Think of a PWA as a can of coke, in fact it could be any product, what it looks like, your brand, thats integral to the hosted product, you choose.

Now imagine a ton of ‘throw switches’ on the outside of the coke can, think of a telephone exchange from an old film, all those ladies on a switchboard.

Those PWA switches are governed by your hosting package.

The throw switches enabled on your PWA gives the phone user the opportunity to decide which ‘throw switches’ to allow onto THEIR phone.

You might want to read that again!

Unlike a website that pushes all information and you have to search for it, a PWA volunteers future information that the phone user requests.

That’s revolutionary.


A Café owner or a Hairdresser use their PWA to fill quieter times: The APP gives the options of deal times via free notifications and the phone user asks for those notifications because they like coupon deals.

A publican wants to sell beer on offer to get better wholesale rates, the PWA volunteers free notifications for early bird beer deals and the phone user selects and accepts those notifications. They can choose their favourite beer thats on offer using redeemable phone vouchers.

Need I say more?

A line in the sand, all change and perfect for small business.

Some startling facts:

GET your head around this!

The PWA costs as little as £200 to launch:

Depending on the “throw switches” required in your business, hosting can be as little as £40 per month.

No APP store required to distribute.

The PWA distributes on it’s own merits via a short URL directly and on social media.

NO download required. Touch it and you’ve got it technology.

No Webmaster required.

Ongoing hosting and marketing advice built into hosting.

Up and running within 24 hours!

Estate Agents new holistic journey on the smartphone EVENT

Maltix Eventbrite

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July 19th midday BST on Google MEET

Maltix Eventbrite
A CHAT supported EVENT


An introduction from our main sponsor Scott Cundill and how to redeem your £50 discount for future training.

An overview of the importance of new holistic solutions from William Nicholls Founder of Maltix.

The dramatic reasons from Google that explain why Estate Agents need to take a more holistic approach with the post 1980 generation on their smartphones.

Why these two types of dynamic QR landing pages make the website link redundant.

And why its so important to copy the majority of prospects on their smartphone by Scanning. If you are in the habit of scanning it opens up a whole new world in just one second.

Barbers geo code QR
Barbers geo code QR
Property of the week
Property of the week

Why two sided business cards are a great way to start.

Smart business card
Smart business reverse

Why outsourced dynamic QR needs a service agreement for business cards, posters, flyers and for sale boards.

How to redeem your £50 discount:

How super fast Dynamic QR works on social media.

Connecting valuation tools, direct agent appointments and mortgage calculators to Dynamic QR landing pages for optimum speed and clarity on the smartphone.

An explanation of professional video from a global expert Daniel Brauer.

How to make professional property video on your Agents phone in the field for £14 per month.

How to seriously ramp up the quality of QR connected video presentations with property walk through Actor Avatars.

William finishing the EVENT off with future information share on property videos produced, live reporting systems, geo code reporting, moving the same QR concept into flyers and posters, social media monitoring and lots of shared advice on the art of QR placement through a secure shared environment called SLACK.

The deal today

Maltix Eventbrite
A CHAT supported EVENT

July 19th 12 noon BST on Google MEET

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sponsors we love

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Sponsors Maltix interactive online stationery

Maltix Eventbrite
A CHAT supported EVENT

July 19th 12 noon BST on Google MEET

Reigniting the human connection inside your business.

An introduction to the My Most Trusted network.

In the beginning there was the referral, then the black days of hard selling.

Then spam, social media and messages left right and centre.

Learn how to reignite the human connections inside your business.

Enough to make you scream

Reigniting the human connection inside your business.

Watch this short video on building your credible relationships and become relevant with 150 people from your Linked in connections in a very short period of time.

We train you to follow a proven system that you and your staff can adopt for just 10 mins a day 3 days a week.

2 minute video

Boots the chemist happy for a £3 sale

Turn your clients phone into a payment gateway, perfect for the market stall situation!

Boots are selling a £3 product within their TV advertising

They are using Dynamic QR with a generic call to action

Boots the chemist
Boots the chemist

Small business dont need a fancy TV campaign, the adoption of professionally produced dynamic QR can be much more inventive than BOOTS the chemist.

If you are thinking about getting more involved with the resurgence of QR on the smartphone, think “in situ”

And simply linking to a website is just one of many ideas you might like to adopt.

A Boots the Chemist comparison for small business.

This example turns your clients phone into a payment gateway, perfect for the market stall situation!

This QR is a smart form shop connected to a Barclays bank account through stripe.

The re order call to action is on every piece of packaging especially the gin bottle itself.

Gin reorder

This QR is for the in situ stall marketing.

The QR is all over the stall and backdrop

gin shop
gin shop

Monthly subscription Christmas club

Melodramatic gin Christmas club
Melodramatic gin Christmas club

Talk to QR design expert

William Nicholls
William Nicholls LIVE CHAT

Give yourself a chance

Give yourself a chance

Certain areas of business you cannot afford to be flippant or dismissive.

Whilst walking through a huge Mall recently I observed continued flippancy when it comes to connecting to the most powerful device ever invented, the smartphone.

Surely it’s the most important way of collecting client data ?

And the number one way to do that is dynamic QR with a clear reason for the Smartphone user to engage ?

Easy to be critical about anything, when you are a so called expert, but to witness wanton ineptness makes me angry.

I recently made some suggestions to a major global Estate Agent brand about similar observations only to be asked politely to take my ‘polite’ observations down.

I obliged, but why create two penny brochure advertising a property for £1.3 million with such terrible mistakes?

Spelling was fine, property was beautiful, the QR was an unmitigated disaster.

Give yourself a chance

Taking QR seriously begins with talking to people who understand the products capabilities.

It isn’t just tech, it isn’t just print , It’s a hybrid that requires a clearly executed strategy.

QR is a product specifically designed for the phone

We are going to invite you to some future EVENTS ( On your PC probably )

Before hand, can we get your creative juices flowing.

Reach for your phone, open the camera and point.

Nothing you see within these QR solutions has anything to do with a PC or WordPress websites!

It has everything to do with smartphones in the field, in situ and trusted by the user.

Source of QR: A flyer in the Hotel room

Thru Progressive Web App’s and Smart form pages

The data is transmitted 100% securely using https

Source of QR: A flyer in the waiting room

vitamin suite
vitamin suite

Source of QR: A fully serviced business card with vCard on front.

Hotelier press release
Hotelier press release

Source of QR: Pan company serviced business cards

Flyers and window posters that change regularly.


Source of QR: RSVP wedding invitations

wedding rsvp
wedding rsvp

Source of QR: Every GIN bottle. Packaging and a market stall QR display

gin shop
gin shop

Some QR Call to Action ideas for your business.

QR call to action ideas
QR call to action ideas

Failing small business trapped in the slow lane

blocked in by trucks

Massive growth towards the smartphone is crushing the very life out of your business.

In the very 5 seconds you think your business should get noticed, you are being dropped like a stone.

We are all on a busy road boxed in by big wagons, it’s uncomfortable and you cannot wait for the open road again, this is just like your website!

Look at the picture above, which car is yours?

Look again and you can see an alternative, an empty railway.

The Landscape for small business using the internet effectively is being driven down by blinkered thinking, yet simple value solutions are finally here, especially with online stationery.

Failing small business trapped in the slow lane

Dynamic QR

Ingenious in situ point and shoot solutions.

Loads in one second on the very device everybody carries.

Obvious isn’t it?

The challenge is that print companies simply do not understand the technology, it’s not their core skill.

And webmasters cannot implement the technology without the skills of a print and copy designer, it’s not their core skill.

Do you feel that you are missing out on the smartphone revolution?

Are you frustrated that you are not getting enough customers and don’t deliver a world class service?

Request a free demonstration and see for yourself how our services can engage your customers.

They’ll be able to learn about you, interact with your business and order products and services, whilst holding their smartphone – the single device that is always with them.

The vast majority of Maltix clients come to us in confusion and exasperation because their online stationery is, well, a constant disappointment.

Talk to an expert, click CHAT, leave a message we will get back to you.

William Nicholls

Founder and MD Maltix LTD

A WFH opportunity

Worried about the cash squeeze ? If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

macbook pro on brown wooden table

It’s obviously going to get a lot lot worse, inflation is brutal and the cost of money puts us all at real risk.

What can you do? You haven’t the time for two jobs, you dont want to work unsocial hours and dealing with another boss is out of the question plus travel is far too expensive.



Working From Home is very tempting, you pay for your internet anyway, you have a phone and a PC, a quiet work space.

Connect that to a relentless stream of people coming to you for small print design jobs.

This gives you all the potential for small projects to become very big projects with exceptional revenue.

We dont think there is anything even remotely similar to this opportunity in the marketplace. If there is we would love to hear about it.

The time to invest in your future career happiness is now.

work from home
work from home

How about you invest in yourself for real change in a completely unique WFH business model with quite holistic aspirations!

An ongoing training and support platform sharing years of experience and knowledge:

Look at the Maltix Licence opportunity, choose you hours and your own leads.

Create a strategy that works for you and you family.

Estimated earning potential £5 to £50k, it depends on the effort you put into your leads and your application of the ongoing training you receive.

You work with a 100% open and transparent platform shared with other Licensees.

Interact securely with experienced Maltix production partners.

Use an optional APP based dedicated UK telephone number.

Use a professional Maltix email system and advanced CHAT platform for incoming leads.

A similar platform to manage your clients and Maltix production for your clients.

A Client management system that keeps you super organised and efficient.

Connected to a modern accounts package to keep you on track.

A world leading lead generation platform and a cutting edge Maltix EVENTS platform within Linkedin targeting specific areas of business.

Imagine small business and Jo public relentlessly asking you for help with their print needs but with a very very modern twist.

We think the future is phone – take a look around the maltix.co.uk website


How to learn more and kick off your application for the Maltix WFH Licence.

There is an initial four stage application process and approved successful candidates enter a 3 stage interview process.

We are very thorough, we award this Licence to people who share our aspirations and dreams.

We look forward to meeting you.


Why your website is a disaster on the phone

PWA deal today

The majority of website business traffic is conducted on the phone, yet most websites are a complete disaster.

It’s got nothing to do with internet speed !

The average Millennial born after 1980 will drop your website like a stone if it doesn’t load in less that 2 seconds.

If your a bit nerdy, go Google “why is my website so slow on the smartphone”

The Millennial actively looks for QR and the New Progressive Web APP in combination.

Almost for sure your fancy website is a terrible disappointment, yet you keep paying out a fortune for your “web team” or put incredible effort into your own website that continues to under perform.

Use your own website as an example:


Find out the speed of your website, prepare yourself to be really upset.

Are you on a PC ? Now load this webpage on your phone.

Millennials predominantly dont use PCs !

Do the same test with a QR live link DEMO

Do the test again with a Progressive Web APP DEMO ( No APP store required! )

A website on the PC an APP on the phone

Perplexed ? you should be.

Talk with the people who believe that the website is over

Long live the website

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

Ask Mr Benn for a QR journey in your business

Maybe you remember Mr Benn ?

Mr Benn, a man wearing a black suit and bowler hat, leaves his house at 52 Festive Road, London, and visits a fancy-dress costume shop where he is invited by the moustachioed, fez-wearing shopkeeper to try on a particular outfit.

He leaves the shop through a magic door at the back of the changing room and enters a world appropriate to his costume, where he has an adventure.

The magic door is waiting for you and your business, the journey is only limited by your imagination.

A cartoon character of 50 years ago has a modern affinity with the QR code invented over 30 years ago.

The magic door is a Dynamic QR code and takes your business on a magical journey through print and media.

Talk to a trained Maltix partner today and take the first step into re imagining your marketing journey.

Hold Mr Benn’s hand because this holistic marketing journey is fun and perfect for your customers phone.

Where would you like to go today?

Book a call

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

The Hoteliers problem with old tech

The grand LOGO

It’s not so much the tech its the Hoteliers mindset that needs rebooting.

old telephone

The Hoteliers problem with old tech

In conversation with Will Nicholls MD Maltix partner programme.

Interviewer Jamie Townsend, Hotel press

Press release:

I sat in the lounge area of a famous Hotel on Malta, obviously too early for a reluctant conversation with somebody who replaced the Managing Director to talk to me last minute.

Nuts really, they organised a chat with me based on improving Hotel communications.

The laughable part about this was the youth I was “talking to” was a techie, he had a marvellous understanding of their website and all that jazz.

But when we spoke about connecting to the Hotel Guest phone, a glaze malaise spread across his face along with finger fidgets and a need to escape the conversation by any means.

He did continue to say that we are working on that.

How ? I enquired.

He smiled, ” We have put all out menus on the in room TV system”

Wow I exclaimed, how well is that going ?

Very well he replied.

I then asked how the guest ordered, he said “I really dont know, I guess they phone the front desk for room service”

Thank you for your time, I replied, I guess you are busy.

No he replied, Im off today, we are gaming today.

And I kid you not, in that very minute of departure, he placed an order for 6 breakfasts on the McDonald APP for delivery.

It was my turn to glaze over and hold my hands up in the air momentarily.

Here it is Mr Hotel Director, your guests trust their own phone.

So why doesn’t the Hotel use a food APP to deliver food to their guests?

After all, thats room service isn’t it?

Why on earth would you put food menus onto the telly, defaulting probably, that really ticks people off!

Then you expect them to pick up a telephone thats dates back to 1975 and place an order?

What world are you on, I thought to myself.

And yet the solution for this Hotel remains in the ether

It’s not so much the tech its the Hoteliers mindset that needs rebooting.

All part of life’s journey I guess, I’m sure my next appointment will be more fruitful.

Mind MAP
Will Nicholls in ” conversation “
William Nicholls
William Nicholls

Hotel Guests trust their own phone.

Hotel reception

“The skill and precision this Co has brought to our Hotel Guest room offering is changing the very fabric of our communications”

Paula Newton THF

” We simply had to wean ourselves off booking.com we couldn’t afford it “

Derek Laynes

Post House Hotels

“Hotel Guests put trust in us on their phone, thats creating much stronger long term business”

Petra Dochavic

Treswyth Accommodation

” Honestly, the data from our Hotel Guests smartphone is changing our marketing forever”

Tupenny inn

Debbie Vant

Book a call with the experts in QR hospitality

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

Out of control Hotel variable costs caused by archaic internal communications.

room service

With Brexit, Covid and now an escalating war, the bloated Hotel industry has to find new ways to cut variable costs balancing that with service whilst simultaneously improving the margins from their brave Guests who decide to travel.

They say “If you do what you always did, your going to get what you always got”

And because most Hotels rely on solid state communications, and are still using room telephone systems developed in the 1970s, that disservice to the modern traveller is their Achilles heal.

Thankfully, another very old, but dramatically improved technology is coming to the rescue by enabling the Guest smartphone during their Hotel room stay.

It’s great value to install for the Hotel, doesn’t require an expensive tech team to manage it and works in tandem with archaic COMM’s systems.

This is a symbiotic solution that has been staring Hoteliers in the face who have become way too reliant on the youth of internet only based systems.

A great way to double check if you understand this problem is to turn off your PC for a week and you just try to run your life on the Smartphone !

When the penny finally drops, you are now deeply imbedded in the world of the Millennial and Gen Z travelling generation.

So Mr and Mrs Hotelier, now you realise that your Guests do not carry a PC around with them, get your Smartphone out of your pocket and SCAN this DEMO Hotel room QR.

Imagine the landing page is on your own website alongside the digital and paper leaflets.

Under each leaflet there is an order button, when you order you are taken to a Smart Form Page.

This could be payment enabled, or it can simply alert your central CRM, Front Desk, Duty Manager, Kitchen or wherever you want the order request to go!

Dont be shy, your Guests wont be when they are hungry or thirsty, actually go ahead and make an order to watch the magic begin.

If you would like to actually see the demo working inside you own Hotel, send an email or two and the DEMO will do everything you ask for 24 hours.

Room service
Room service please

Thirsty to learn a bit more ? Click the image below

Drinks please
Drinks please

DEMO HOTEL Room Service

Connecting hotel guests
Demo Hotel landing page

This is a Demo page, designed to be a Hotel website landing page or just a dedicated landing page for changes to the food and beverages offering through Hotel flyers connected to the “Room Service ” QR

The print design can be outsourced through Maltix on subscription or it can be kept in house.

Subscription QR and Smart Form pages can be changed within 24 hours for Hotel campaigns without the need to re create or even reprint the QR.

This is a serviced agreement, although in house tech teams can be trained to operate the system on our white label platforms.

Scan this QR and you will see it connects to a professional branded landing page.

When the Hotel guest places an order by clicking ROOM SERVICE this DEMO landing page appears.

From there on, any Flyer image that is clicked immediately connects to the Smart Form order page.

This way, the Guest only has to Scan the QR once to access the order page.

On submission the request goes immediately to the relevant departments for a Room call or Guest Smartphone call.

A reassurance email is automatically sent to the Guest.

This service can also be SMS enabled.

Internal Hotel contact information can also be sent at this point.

All client data is handled with full https:// security and the data can be automatically added to a Hotel CRM for future newsletter segmentation.

Room service

Hotel branding here

Welcome to the Grand Hotel :

Click on the images below to order.

Room service will confirm your requirements immediately.

Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order room drinks

The Grand Hotel front desk contact information

A live UK Estate Agent QR Example


The very latest GEO enabled QR attached to a dedicated property template.

This is an example of “super enabled QR reporting” for leading Estate Agents to monitor in the field.

Perfect for property signage, newspaper advertising, social media distribution, property brochures, showroom, business cards etc

Property agent QR
SCAN then Click YES GO AHEAD use my current location and watch the MAGIC load in under 2 seconds.

Can I have a free demo like this one please:

FREE QR demo
Click on the house

QR websites are not the same.

Outsourced QR expertise for Estate Agents

By 2019, 55.5 million people in the UK aged 16 to 64 were smartphone users.

90% of phones now have QR code capability.

Driven by Covid, the vast majority are experienced QR scanners

The new touchless society.

The QR revolution is now entering core systems and compliments website investment.

The research is based on a simple trust that the prospect is highly likely to engage with smart QR when given the opportunity.

Estate Agents and Realtors.

QR typically loads in under 2 seconds.

Pro smart QR offers many smartphone friendly templates.

This QR loads directly to a optimised property template.

PC LINK click here but on the Smartphone its different.

Scan it to understand it !

QR for the Smartphone.

This is a live property for sale to SCAN

Video & GEO enabled Location services is ON

The future is outsourced Subscription QR.

Property Agents continually neglect the needs of the Smartphone user.

Estate Agent/ realtor QR advice

And risk being vulnerable to early adopters.

Subscription QR is a paper based Tech solution with a focus on adopting QR in the Property market

Pick up your Smart phone ( People dont carry PC’s around with them !)

You can print this off and Scan with a Smartphone, hand it out to your colleagues, fax it !

You can also Scan off your PC , you can also use QR smart links, a bit like a short website link, but this is a Smartphone first document.

Created by Toyota in 1994, once the QR code is scanned it will then take you to a specific address.

It’s astonishing what a QR code can be connected to !

Tick the boxes and email to yourself

QR code uptake has increased exponentially with 70% of all Smartphone users expecting QR in their daily routine.

They know from experience that the QR code always leads to Smartphone friendly information.

The Smart QR industry specifically adopt smartphone friendly widgets and content.

For example, a smartphone enabled PDF, obvious isn’t it ?

Certain industries have embraced QR but the property industry remains way behind the curve and almost certainly vulnerable to early adopters.

Somehow the Estate Agent / Realtor industry harks back to the tradition of the appointment with an Agent and neglect the needs of the smartphone user.

Maybe there is an inherent lack of detail within the industry ?

Gone are the days where the detail can be discarded because the smartphone user has upended the sales cycle.

By the time your average Millennial make an appointment, their research is already done !

And woe betide the Agent / Realtor who fails in the detail on a property instruction or introduction, especially during the stress of a pandemic.

The other startling problem in the Property industry, is that there is usually a fundamental issue with the technology employed by Estate Agents and Realtors.

The typical technology would be infinitely more successful used in tandem with QR.

Millennials avoid websites like the plague, they are impossible to navigate at speed and load slowly in comparison to a PWA or QR code.

(The burger bar navigation on A Progressive Web APP is so simple on the smart phone )

The presumption that a database driven website, with glossy images created on a large PC connected to a high speed internet connection somehow works on the small Smartphone device with a satellite connection is a mistake.

It’s as if Agents and Realtors are held to ransom by their in house ‘tech experts’ who in turn have a deep self interest in staying on the payroll.

The future trends are all pointing in one direction and thats outsourced subscription cloud solutions.

Adopting QR in the Property Market.

1. How to Use A QR Code:  always have a call to action.

2. Include The URL: Try to include the URL (web address) on the marketing material as not everybody will want to use the QR code e.g. if you are putting the code on a set of particulars then include the URL for the property on your website. This is so much easier using a QR URL like this https://archers-3bed/finchley

3. Help Test & Measure: With QR codes you can track how many people have scanned the code. Therefore allowing you to know how many people have scanned from a recent leaflet drop. This is how you test and measure marketing.

Campaign request Scan statistics

4. Where Should The Code Take The User To: Think twice about linking to your homepage.

Select a Subscription QR Company that provide a dedicated social media landing page or Property template for the individual property.

5. Size Matters: Only use high definition print QR codes that read within on second. Spend effort and thought on QR placement. Listen to the collective advice and best practice of an outsourced Expert.

6. Increase Website Traffic: QR code should face inwards and outwards on window displays, be at a scannable height and well illuminated with no sheen or plastic reflective covering. QR in the right position will be scanned day and night 24/7

7. QR Codes must link to Property Detail: ( Precise and standardised Property details )

This Property Detail template has the option of GEO locator. This example is switched ON.

Using outsourced Professional subscription QR and Agent or Realtor knows exactly where the QR was scanned.

3 bed rental detail
3 bed rental detail template

This Template is great for Property of the Week open space large QR showcase

Scan for photo and video
Scan for photo and video

8. Where Should Your Agency Use QR Codes: on all particulars, window cards, lists, leaflet drops, business cards & brochures, hoardings, vehicles and For sale boards as the main feature, Place Agent V Card QR in the property window if possible.

9. Every property in every sector within the Agent/ Realtors portfolio should have a professional VIDEO and the secret to this is to source a templated property Video APP

Momenzo Access
Momenzo Access for Agents / Realtors

10. Outsourced professionals monitor the the Code 24/7:  They never assume the code always works and have automated procedures that flag any QR link problem

11. Why Subscription QR is so important. An outsourced cloud based service. Every QR within your subscription you own for the Subscription period.

Any QR code can be changed after print

Any QR can be redesigned with a different call to action or role at any time its all part of the 24 hour service.

Sell a property, no problem, we will change everything in readiness for the next property.

Spot a typo, it will be changed immediately.

12: Using QR to automate your clients requirements.

Allow clients to book viewings directly into your Agents calendars, connect particular Agents to particular properties.

Use you subscription QR for Smart V CARDS

Example V card

You have my attention, lets discuss with an Expert

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

Websites suck on the Smartphone

print with impunity

But can dramatically increase in tandem with Smart QR landing pages.

The average Smartphone user’s download patience has reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in the last 18 months.

Will Nicholls 2 days ago·5 min read MALTIX newswire

Will Nicholls

Discovering trends through Industry research and development.

A Smartphone enabled document.

Independent and newswire publication update November 2021

Research and precis conducted by:



Research dissertation UWE Bristol Dr Phillipa Coles

Some discovery facts related to the Estate Agent / Realtor , and E-commerce industry UK, South Africa, US, Australia and NZ

The average Smartphone user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone 7 days a week, equating to 50 days a year of their lives.

It’s easily the #1 place to go to visit the internet.

The average person picks up their phone 58 times a day or around 22,000 times a year!

70% of sessions on a Smartphone are less than 2 mins.

25% are between 2 and 10 mins.

5% are more than 10 mins.

The average Smartphone users’ download patience has reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in the last 18 months.

The average website takes 10 to 23 seconds to load on a Smartphone.

The average APP has a load time of 2.75 seconds.

The average QR code download from click is 1 second.

Branding continuity continues to be regular problem between websites and APPs

Developers are still behind with industry brand guidelines advice.

In a major survey it transpires that Smartphone users are increasingly focused on APP options but particularly the immediacy of QR scan codes.

QR codes offer a “Right Here Right Now” approach

The Millenial and Gen Z generation continue the strong trend to avoid websites in preference to APP and QR.

Smartphone respondents repeat their preference for a Google like search experience within APPs.

With a minimum of 10% business growth projected every year.

Smartphone users actively look to turn on and turn off notification options for their preferred content engagement.

With a strong preference to search using the familiar “burger bar” APP navigation.

Advanced APP analytics confirm these trends with individual APP operators.

Smartphone users increasingly use APPs for their specific information research such as mortgage calculators or geo maps.

And a dramatic trend towards future notification requests.

All the reports highlight the severe shortcoming of websites to personalise targeted content to the Smartphone.

Smartphone users tend to avoid word documents, excel documents and PDF in their scrolling habits.

But via fixed position Smartphone QR codes, proprietors are now able to change the link or documentation associated with the QR call to action.

They are slightly more likely to engage with a live google document but prefer the instant update content within an APP or the point and get what they need immediately from a QR scan.

This QR trend is igniting a revolution and a reversal to print marketing techniques, particularly public spaces inside or outside.

The Smartphone user demands through QR are expanding, particularly video, appointment booking, discount vouchers, geo location and pay now functionality.

QR can connect directly to payment platforms such as PayPal or Stripe via Smart form pages and indirectly to e-commerce check out.

Dynamic QR continues to experience huge growth with a focus on touchless interaction but also specific information interaction.

Users still avoid downloading APPs onto their Smartphone desktop unless it’s a progressive web app or PWA which has up to 300 times less Smartphone memory depletion.

The “do and delete” App culture of Smartphone users is still very prevalent because of continued Smartphone memory issues.

The extrapolated information within the Estate Agency / Realtor and Retail sector.

“Connecting professionally to the Smartphone user for more Completions and more E-commerce sales”

The growth of instant gratification appears high on the Smartphone users agenda.

The route to instantaneous information has been calculated within QR scan reporting systems.

The “Call to Action” is increasingly getting more diverse and sophisticated, many bespoke to particular campaigns.

The pandemic drives contactless information more and more to QR codes for a myriad of instant solutions.

Reports prove that dynamic QR connected to instant updates is a more trusted conduit for Smartphone property information than websites.

Smart brochures and printed leaflets are seen increasingly as a trusted and rapid information point using smart QR, in part reversing the trend for paperless communications.

Although QR codes also have a live link capability for social media sharing.

QR scan reporting systems bear little relevance to high street opening times, suggesting highly visual QR uptake in multiple locations on a 24/7 basis

Including window dressing inside and out.

Vehicles, VCards, commercial hoardings, QR video alongside photos, for sale boards, bespoke brochures and leaflets.

Increasingly, high quality QR printed and framed for strategic alliances and affiliations gains momentum.

We hope you find this Medium.com and Newswire article of interest.

Research contributors: Maltix Fliplet UWE Bristol

Research Precis Compiler

Will Nicholls

The Maltix goal is to solve the problems of senior Business people using a portfolio of smartphone friendly digital solutions. WILL NICHOLLS FOLLOWS

Research Doc SCAN

Maltix QR scan DEMO

Undisclosed client


93045 Unique

Medium Add info

Print Run 10,000

Campaign Start Sep 27, 2021

Campaign End Add info

Sep 06, 2021 — Oct 14, 2021 Month



AndroidOS38.55%iOS32.65%Windows13.71%OS X11.61%Linux0.33%ChromeOS0.21%Ubuntu0.02%WindowsPhoneOS0.02%BlackBerryOS0.01%JavaOS0%SymbianOS0%


1United States475617.93%2Denmark365513.78%3Brazil19777.46%4Indonesia10363.91%5Mexico10323.89%6India10133.82%7Germany9193.47%8Spain6802.56%9Viet Nam5512.08%10Italy5372.03%


1Hørsholm359713.56%2Ashburn6262.36%3Newark6012.27%4Jakarta5892.22%5São Paulo3741.41%6Madrid2530.95%7Frankfurt am Main2460.93%8Hanoi2420.91%9Mountain View2180.82%

Small business continues to take great risk with GDPR

In time and risk it’s exactly the same as not wearing a seatbelt

Tripping up

A subject request could come in at any time following the introduction of the GDPR and from any direction.

An employee could ask for a copy of all the personal data you hold on them – and remember this could include all images you have of them as well as documents and records.

A former customer could ask you to delete all personal data you have collected on them.

A supplier could ask you to correct the misspelling of their name.

Would you be able to confidently deal with and respond to the request within the 30 day period required by the GDPR?

MMM I thought so

A data breach can be as simple as emailing the wrong person, leaving a document on the train and losing a phone or more complex, like falling for a phishing email or being subject to hacking.

With only 72 hours to report a serious breach to the regulator, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), one person and one person only is in control.

All it takes is for one disgruntled former employee or customer or even a neighbour or competitor to raise questions about your compliance and complain to the regulator.

It doesn’t take five minutes for anyone to check whether you have a GDPR compliant privacy notice on your website or whether you have paid your data controller fee to the ICO.

But even if you have those outward facing steps in place, would your approach to GDPR compliance withstand a probe by the regulator?

Could your business survive the financial and reputational impacts of a data breach or compliance failure?

Maltix Partners have a simple proven solution and we are internally trained on implementing that.

It’s NOT expensive

And it’s https//: from start to finish.

And it’s contactless.

And you are 100% in control

One user name one log in one person responsible.

happy gdpr
clunk click every trip

25% of business travel removed forever

Business Hotel

The younger generation dont need to press the flesh and sit-down like the over 50’s generation.

Travel for business is in permanent freefall, and the 9 to 5 mentality a thing of the past.

Business Hotels are publicly stating a 40% downturn with no sign of recovery.

In fact major contributors to this topic expect zero recovery- EVER

Business Hotels and office rental space have a massive dilemma, one I’m not sure has an answer.

William Nicholls
William Nicholls

My team has become a “mobile institution” because we do not travel at all

Sharing information and documentation has become so easy and the growth of CRM usage or business management systems like Slack is the new normal, in a way that seemed impossible just 2 years ago.

The consequences of zero travel

And information distribution to my team has become a “mobile institution” and I am observing emails being opened in the middle of the night, Slack comments early doors and documents being abandoned mid read.

On calls, I have asked key staff for there thoughts on a particular memorandum, knowing full well they hadn’t read the detail.

Volume of documentation is a real problem

The other more serious problem is the sheer volume of information share in the new mobile institution we work in.

And I’m not one for the detail of reporting systems, but its become increasingly obvious that key workers work on the move and that means they work on their Smartphone.

Mobile docs
Mobile Docs and QR

And thats where the problems arise.

Merrily creating documents in PDF or word on my PC without understanding the importance of creating that document in a Smartphone format wasn’t easy to grasp.

I slowly realised my staff and partners weren’t abandoning the document at all, they simply couldn’t read it !

The documents were un-navigable, huge or tiny on the screen, lumpy, slow to download and not fit for purpose.

The other challenge is because of the nature of rapid change inside our systems a document can quickly become out of date or invalid.

The answer was intrinsically a paper based solution.

Discovering Google Drive was the first part of the internal document revolution

This means that the Document/ Spreadsheet is live and can be changed and updated just like a web page or an APP.

Anybody who has access to the document sees the latest version.

So even after the document is posted in Slack or sent out on email, any iterations made are immediate.

That was a revelation, but only part of the solution.

It’s a self fulfilling philosophy.

Because if the document essentially always stays the same then if it was attached to an editable QR (that always stays the same), its the perfect conduit for a Smartphone enabled document thats scannable from the Smartphone.

If you think about it, a Smart QR code landing page only works on a Smart device doesn’t it?

So a PDF has to be Smartphone friendly on a system like that.

It’s a self fulfilling philosophy

Deciding on the Master QR control panel was easy and guess what?

A small Print job.

I printed it in high quality format and posted it to my team ! remember the Post office ?

A set reminder on email and SMS to scan the 5 QR for the latest document updates.

Each QR has a call to action pertinent to our organisation.

I have a clutch of Smart QR connected to a clutch of landing pages that deliver the Smatrphone information in the right format.

Interestingly, each QR also has a live link, much like a website link for anybody who’s on a PC etc it appears as a normal document.

Our very first Smart Company brochure is on the table now, Im looking for contributors.

But I envision Smart subscription QR taking centre stage again.

William Nicholls MD Maltix

With E-commerce in our Garden Centre we missed a trick.

Garden centre interview
Tam Duran
Tam Duran Chamber of Commerce advisor in conversation with PJ Quigley MD Newlands.

Precis 18th September 2021

in conversation with PJ Quigley, we underestimated how many of our customers are looking for the trip out, spending money is consequential to the experience.

Listening to a face mask conversation at the check out I heard :

“We cannot take a holiday this year, but at least we can get out of the house and go to the countryside”

With E-commerce in our Garden Centre we missed a trick.

We are a group, we buy together, we share resources and we grow together, and the serious downturn in business we experienced was expected but still a shock.

The repercussions manifested in many ways, staff issues, plant care issues and procurement problems.

One area we knew was future proofed, was our ecommerce website and delivery service.

Future proofing our business was a considerable investment and consistent growth has justified that investment.

We really expected the online store to pick up some of the slack, with a few peaks and troughs, the traffic reports were encouraging but the actual sales didn’t even begin to compensate for poor physical visitor numbers.

The internet project.

in 2019, the decision was made to out source the project with experienced people who really made an effort to understand our business model.

We have a wonderful online store, well thought out, fast, full of engaging photos and information and associated cross selling ideas.

But underlining that project, we felt a strong mismatch with our physical offering and the internet offering, we just couldn’t put our finger on it.

We considered re routing staff to become personal shoppers, a walking tour of the Garden centre with direct purchasing on the website using our staffs own phones.

We trialled that, but the combination of the weather, a booking system that actually worked, client engagement and staff shortages made the project an abject failure.

Sometime the obvious isn’t so obvious

Once a month we have staff and management meetings, this Monday morning was particularly wet and quiet, we decided to meet in the restaurant area.

We had been toying with QR codes to order food, and we had been trialling it for table orders within our predominantly self service restaurant.

The girls told us it simply wasn’t working properly, orders couldn’t be actioned in a timely manner, the menus and the table QR codes didn’t work and they didn’t even come to their PC in the kitchen they went to the checkouts.

What had we missed? why was this such a problem when even the local pub seemed to have a system that worked ?

That very evening I went to Newlands Golf Club and spoke to the Manager there about their experience of QR.

He rolled his eyes and said they had abandoned the entire concept because the QR was always out of date and very often didn’t work at all.

Dispirited, I was browsing the shop store looking at golfing paraphernalia, and a sharply printed QR club was winking at me from a set of Golf clubs that cost nearly as much as my car!

I scanned it on my 4 year old Smartphone and a wee website appeared in the blink of an eye that exactly fitted my smartphone and then connected to a one minute video.

This video was crafted to show the benefits of their manufacturing process, and a professional golfer on the tee, 3 days ago at Championship Wentworth !

What really surprised me was that I could actually purchase these golf clubs immediately through Pay pal.

We were missing a trick, this was the opposite to the way our QR codes worked.

If this QR code was printed, how on earth was the Video so recent?

The answer was to source a professional Smart QR company who produced Smartphone enabled baby websites with optional video and ecommerce built in.

These baby websites are branded and have unique characteristics for all sorts of campaigns.

But more importantly subscribe to a subscription service that allowed us to change the information on the QR after it has been printed.

Much like our ecommerce website the hierarchy had already been thought through, we knew that bit, it wasn’t too difficult to think about permanent weather proofed QR for every section.

It actually wasn’t too difficult to roll the QR codes out to all our centres, if it worked at Newlands it would work exactly the same elsewhere.

Using the flexibility of the baby website templates allows ongoing campaigns with real time reporting.

Two very popular campaigns at the moment are feedback ( situated on the back of doors in the toilets ) Questions on food, sanitation, parking and Christmas.

The second on the restaurant tables €5 voucher for your point of view relates to ‘how can we improve our QR for you ?

What we hadn’t even begun to understand was the importance of QR connected to our customers smartphone on site!

We phased the project, but used different staff to the website, it was more administrative, so we actioned that with a reporting system so I could see progress.

What I didn’t know, was that the Company we use has a reporting system.

It tells us real time how many scans we are getting and from which department, interestingly it’s usually associated with new season product, for example now we are moving into winter bedding and the call to action for QR says ” Scan here for Deal of the Day”

We can change it whenever we need to, but its highly effective for driving promotional sales on site in a way the website simply does not.

We now have a QR in the restaurant that changes almost daily for specials and food deals depending on the weather forecast.

We are so excited by the progress we are making, we are considering joining the ecommerce store to the QR codes on site, add to virtual basket and add to real basket real time.

I will share in February with my next guest invitation

PJ Quigley. MD Newlands Garden Centres

Smartphone for business stats.

And the information lag to implement change is costing business a fortune.

And the information lag to implement change is costing business a fortune.

Read the short report, it will take your breath away.

Research conducted by:



Research dissertation UWE Bristol Dr Phillipa Coles

Some discovery facts:

The average Smartphone user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone 7 days a week.

Many more startling facts within research paper:

Latest Smartphone for business research paper
Latest Smartphone for business research paper

If only we had thought deeper about our print campaign

Our failure sent $ 12750 plus GST completely down the drain

Newswire article Baltimore Chamber of Commerce September 2021

Dan Monaghan Baltimore Port comms

Dan Monaghan talking to the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce in their first Breakfast meeting in nearly two years.

I wanted to share my experience about a safety campaign that was thrust upon me by the Port Authorities.

Quite a complex document was issued and the committee wanted a simple message to

“To nail to the wall”

If only I had thought deeper about my print campaign

I’m sharing a mistake I oversaw

We commissioned our normal print designer, worked hard on the message and printed a hundred branded posters in full color weather proof gloss.

It took nearly 2 weeks to get them all in place.

Stating the obvious

We completely forgot QR codes.

And when it was pointed out to me by a safety officer, my head sunk.

The really complicated information issued by the Port Authorities each has a video explainer, there in plain sight on the original document issued to the committee.

15 in fact.

What was missing in our calibration of the print job was our own dedicated QR that we can then link to any information we need to get out there in the future.

And with all the regular changes and rules etc we could actually simply update the QR code back office in the same way we update our website and intranet.

My message of the day guys, get you own dedicated and hosted Smart QR code, get it linked to a simple platform where everything else can be found and shared.

That way you future proof all your print campaigns and avoid unnecessary costs.

Stating the obvious wasn’t so obvious 6 months ago.

Dan Monaghan Baltimore Port comms Newswire September 2021

ESTATE AGENTS on the new Digital High Street

estate agent

Smart 24/7 QR functionality for the new Digital High Street.

Imagine 50 Smart QR codes each with a call to action connecting to every Property on your books !

ESTATE AGENTS on the new Digital High Street

Action equals opportunity.

How does an Estate Agent assess their needs ?

One simple question:

How many live sales, lettings, rentals and commercial properties have you right here right now?

30 / 50 more?

There is you answer.

Imagine 50 QR codes connected to 50 branded baby webpages that connect to Videos and much more besides.

Like a property video

Book a viewing now

Book an open day appointment

GEO / Postcode

Agent V Card here

Here are some Smartphone enabled Examples.

Scan on your Smartphone

Property Video
LINK if on PC

We highly recommend this Momenzo template Video APP for Estate Agents in the field

Go to amazon and get yourself a Gimbel or two, check out You tube for great advice on how to use it.

Discounted Maltix deal is £12.50 per month per user. TAP THE WATCH


We also create stunning branded Estate Agent videos like this one.

And then connect them to Smartphone enabled and branded baby web pages like these.

Baby web pages are fully editable through our subscription services.

Sold the house ? KEEP the code, change the House ! 24 hour turnaround guarantee.

Change of staff ? KEEP the code, change the call to action and change the details.

Print QR codes with complete confidence, forever.

Estate Agent Smart QR
Live Link Properties of the Week

Or like this

Live Link a message from Ryan

Got a new perspective?

Do you grasp how important the “Smartphone-first” approach has become?

If Smartphone first business rings a bell with you book a call HERE

Book a training EVENT HERE

Subscription rates and order direct HERE

Over 50 touchpoints in most completions.

broken customer service
Broken customer service has to stop

And why Estate Agents simply cannot keep up with he demands of the Smartphone user.

In the high-stakes world of home buying and selling, understanding the path to a purchase is both an art and a science.

Our analysis shows that the average home buyer requires 52 touchpoints, spanning from initial research to contact with an Estate Agent to actual purchase.

What were our top findings?
There’s an average of 52 touchpoints from first inquiry (like a smart form submission, chat room query ) to completion.

The Metrics.

If one sales agent sells two homes per month, that’s 24 buyers per year x 52 touch points = 1,248 touch points a sales person has to manage in a year.

And that doesn’t include all of the other inquiries and contracts that cancel.

Average time from first inquiry to close was six months for primary residence and 15 months for secondary homes.

80% of Clients submit a smart form to start their enquiries, mostly off their Smartphone.

Drip email and newsletter campaigns can increase traffic by as much as 5%

But our research suggests a Progressive Web APP with no download required will increase enquiry traffic by as much as 20% using a combination of free notifications and SMS

Over 50 touchpoints in most completions.

How did you determine the amount of touchpoints in a single home buying transaction?

What are the top most crucial touchpoints? MIND MAP

Progressive Web APP notification advocacy
Online and QR based smart form submission
Email, CHAT and TEXT
QR based appointment booking
Bespoke Smart Brochure interaction EXAMPLE
Video interaction via Smart brochure and window QR

How can Estate Agents make the most of each touch point?
Speed is critical.

The probability of reaching an online lead goes down the longer you wait with a follow-up email, call or chat reply.

The Millennials insist on absolute immediacy on their Smartphone and the killer is that whatever platform they touched, they expect you to have a record!

Your Smart Brochure, Smart form pages, Company email, telephone calls and texts, QR links, Chat room, and Progressive Web APP have to be joined into teams within a CRM

The rule for the Smartphone user now is a maximum of 10 minutes on any medium, or they drop you like a stone.

Get it right and Smartphone advocacy on social media goes through the roof.

Within the first 10 minutes of inquiry — 98% chance of reaching them

Contact 4 hours later — 95% chance of reaching them

Contact 8 hours later — 92% chance of reaching them

Contact 12 hours later –80% chance of reaching them

Contact 24 hours later — 60% chance of reaching them

Contact 48 hours later — 5% chance of reaching them

This is why it’s critical that sales people get immediate notifications about hot leads and that follow up is relevant and automated.

Depending on the stage of where the buyer is in the purchase cycle, personalisation is important.

Estate Agent Touch Point MIND MAP

Link to Smart brochure functionality

Mary-Ann-Dougherty Board Mentor Maltix. The Millennials demands are extreme.

I struggle with my paperless office

Jasmine Woodward
Jasmine Woodward
Jasmine Woodward

I decided to start writing a lot more about my life, my job and my office.

I’m a 32 year old medical secretary from Long beach New York, originally from London England, married to a baker and our household is awake at 4 am every morning!

I finish at 5 pm, so quite a long day, but my husband is home by 2 pm.

Our time apart is a good time for me to write, so here goes

Becoming a medical administrative assistant was a challenging position with significant responsibilities, but my degree leant itself to this kind of job and the salary is excellent.

Although my job isn’t medical or overly patient-facing it doesn’t mean it isn’t one that requires a significant amount of dedication!

The responsibilities of being a medical administrator are rewarded with above average pay, and there is a reason for that!

I have identified some touchpoints I would like to share and I wonder how many other people have similar problems in their office environment ?

Dealing With Difficult Personalities

Communicating with patients very often means dealing with scared, confused, and angry people and the Consultants and doctors themselves can be very demanding in their own right!

A Heavy Workload because of a lack of joined up thinking !

Running a healthcare facility comes with a lot of paperwork and there is my gripe, thats the nub, that’s the rub, this is my complaint.

In a world of wireless internet and smartphones, I fail to understand why its all so complex and why the Printer still seems to be the shrine.

It’s like the kitchen space in a house where everybody congregates next to the coffee machine.

I have inherited a mish mash of paper written doctors notes, a central management system that was commissioned in 2004, files galore and paper doesn’t talk to computers !

It’s not joined up and feels cobbled together rather than strategically compiled.

Why is this a problem when ostensibly, we allegedly have a paperless office.

There seems to be a trust problem, as if “if its not written down it might be lost” culture

The paperwork is an important part of my job to keep the gears turning behind the scenes, enabling everyone else to do their job professionally.

But my day is impeded by file chasing and haulage !

Dealing With a Lack of Physical Activity 

As with most clerical roles, working medical administrative assistant is mostly a desk job.

While there is nothing wrong with working at a desk, most of us do it, being entirely desk-bound can have a negative effect on your health.

If you’re proactive enough to fit in the right kind of exercise to stave off the problems associated with office work, thats ok, I run almost every day, the park is beautiful, that bit I have overcome.

I am the Go-To Problem Solver

A constant never ending stream of requests and telephone calls with zero automation !

Clients cannot book into a central diary and the booking system still relies heavily on incoming telephone, very often into a disorganised Consultants diary shared with a private diary, its a constant problem with return calls and new arrangements .

With all this Covid kerfuffle I noticed such reliance on QR codes.

Quite clever I thought, so if its good enough for Government Departments its good enough for my office.

And here we are.

I identified about 10 areas I could implement QR codes, independently of the office metrics, and it has worked !

It has worked because my workload is much more manageable.

Here is what I achieved:

On my desk and around the clinic

A Brochure with QR linking to a dedicated booking email.

QR on the wall head height and large for:

Parking ticket redemption

Clinic map

Covid rules



Emergency ( on brochure as well )

Map geo code

Opening times


Payment ( links to website)

Clerical ( 10 codes )

Advisory ( 20 codes linked to you tube mainly )

Thank you for listening, maybe we will eventually go paperless, but for now using paper to connect to the Smartphone has been an outstanding success for managing my time !

Jasmine Woodward Newswire article August 2021

The Compelling benefits of a Progressive Web APP

Customer benefits of the PWA
PWA Smartphone benefits
PWA Smartphone benefits

1. Low Development Costs.

For the first time a modern APP is affordable for small business.

A simple user interface and reporting system.

PWAs do not require different versions for various devices.

Significantly reduced build time.

Dramatically lower investment.

Acts as an APP and a Website in one application.

Two entry levels:

Less than 200 users £499 plus hosting

Up to 900 users £999 plus hosting and support

2. App-Like Look and Feel

Smartphone users prefer apps to browsers as applications.

The Millennials actively look to do A to Z business on a PWA

Operates offline which clients adore.

A familiar simple navigation interface shared with all PWA’s

An advanced user experience, combining the look and feel of mobile applications and the best of website performance.

Search engines index them, which is why systems such as Google or Bing can find PWA pages so easily.

The pages of these applications found on the internet will dramatically increase the number of page views.

Driving down variable costs in small business.

Pushing down marketing costs.

3. Fast Installation

Users just download an app, quickly and directly to their devices.

Do not need to go to the App Store or Google Play.

Significantly reduces user abandonment.

Once downloaded, they can access it via a desktop icon.

No required installation, users can easily access the PWA via a URL.

Very high share ability, referral and advocacy on local social media.

Tiny memory requirements on the Smartphone.

4. Better Performance

PWAs cache and serve text, images and other content in a specific and efficient manner.

Ultra fast operation with impeccable performance every time.

Adopting Smartphone first technology will improve retention and customer loyalty.

5. Platform and Device

PWAs work everywhere.

A single app can satisfy the needs of various consumers and provide a uniform user experience on different endpoints.

Customers can switch between their devices for a continuous experience.

Because users can access an app that has the same settings and data on another device.

They adapt instantly to various screen sizes and Smartphone users love that.

6. No Updating Issues

PWAs have a specific functionality that allows them to update automatically, without notifying users and bothering them with permission requests.

These apps update themselves every time when users visit them.

Small business owners have full control of the information and content at all times.

7. Seamless Offline Operation

Operate offline.

PWAs much more convenient than websites, which require a proper internet connection.

Built-in service workers cache, progressive web apps features and information update automatically.

This eliminates the necessity to download it and allows users to access it without an internet connection.

8. Notifications to manage your business.

Deals, awards, vouchers, discounts, book now rewards, call to action

Fill quiet times, promote new lines, latest property, financial offers, customer benefits.

Use the in built hosting tools for a variety of really cool Smartphone oriented information.

Look to build trust and above all Advocacy on local social media.

The Compelling benefits of a Progressive Web APP

All of the above are compelling reasons to adopt Smartphone first PWA technology.

App share
The power of clients sharing your notifications on social media.

The most compelling reason to future proof your business with this simpler technology ?

Your Millennial customers expect it of you !

The first of October an Estate Agents problem ?

Bread and butter business
white architectural baroque building

Or their clients problem ?

Thank you Right move UK for the Calculator

£421 billion ( Yep, you got it , thats £421,000,000,000 ) plan to tax rising house prices to pay for the Coronavirus crisis

The first of October an Estate Agents problem ?

Seriously though, apart from the customer paying a hefty tax on an asset that may well go down in price over the next few years.

Do you see this as a problem with Government taxation?

Or is mortgage amortisation going to flatten things out and remove the issue?

Talking to Agents in more than one country helps a lot.

Continents rather than just Countries !

Lots of different problems and worries, but one common denominator

Distributing snippets of quality information on a regular basis is going to be very important for building trust and future sales.

And the ability to communicate on all sorts of platforms but retain the touch points of the eventual sale is becoming critical in this disparate world.

I guess you are sending newsletters and publishing on the website etc

But is that going to be enough in the new digital high street ?

The preferred communication channels for the smartphone generation are changing at lighting speed.

And your website probably doesn’t get a look in

It’s a much broader brushstroke than that to future proof communications in the world of property sales.

We get the problem, we understand and the statistics compound that.

68% increase of mobile traffic.

15-fold improvement of load and installation.

25-times reduced use of device storage.

52% average conversion increase.

78% average session increase.

137% engagement increase.

But taking the right action from a Property market Directors or owners perspective requires a bit of joined up thinking.

And its not particularly expensive, its more organisational but with the right tools.

Will Nicholls newswire Maltix.co.uk

Estate Agents fail their clients by not optimising the Smartphone sales journey.

Because of old practices, Estate Agents ”still operate in an organisational Cul de sac”

Tam Duran
Tam Duran, Maltix board advisor in conversation with Will Nicholls Founder of Maltix Smartphone solutions.

Newswire, Medium Daily Digest and general property press. August 2021

Touchpoints are neglected and broken in many businesses, but particularly the property market.

Advocacy and the referral are now at the beginning of the sales cycle.

The sales cycle has been completely up-ended by the Millennials.

Mortgage moments of opportunity occur much earlier in the
process than they used to.

Ref: Maltix March 2021

They used to be at the end !

Activity based marketing has shifted to the relevant activity.

Invariably that’s on the Smartphone !

Estate Agents fail their clients by not optimising the Smartphone sales journey.

“Today’s cross-touchpoint experiences are broken“ Will Temple explains:

Because of old practices, estate agents ”still operate in an organisational Cul de sac”

Will Temple
Will Temple thought leader and coach.

They generate enough revenue to neglect their future proofing, but this can turn in a instant.

Ref: Maltix

And thats a huge problem for management that’s generally too young to make good judgment on future proofing their business.

Consumers aged 20 to 45 The Millennials.

New rules:

“They trust advocacy on social media, explore their wants on a website, but buy and engage on an APP”

And thats the problem, most Estate Agents think that using the website and the telephone is satisfying their customers needs ……………….it cannot !

Executives must shift their approach to ” identifying
high-value cross-touchpoint tasks – and then design those
touchpoints to support those tasks…”

“Brands must focus on optimising the
journey, not each individual touchpoints”

Think A to Z business, think APP in APP solutions.

All the touchpoints related to the detail, e. g, financial documents, bank statements, mortgage quotes and their decision should be chronologically incremental.

And evenly spaced in the time frame.

Say 10 weeks to sale, then 10 bitesize increments is good.

Perfect for the logic of Progressive Web APP.

Perfect for the two way communication methodology of a Progressive Web APP.

The Millennial is heavily into the one stop smartphone shop.

In both vehicle lending and mortgage lending, the
moments of opportunity occur much earlier in the
process than they used to.

By the time the savvy Millennial are in contact with an Estate Agent they are much closer to fulfilment than most Agents realise.

It can be said, that the Estate Agents role is completely changing and the variable costs of the traditional model are changing obsequiously and inexplicably.

Changing enough to affect Fixed cost models as well!

“Every loan purchase is a journey for the borrower”

It’s critical to map that journey and understand when the
moments of opportunity occur.

Then your financial institution can open timely dialogue about product choices.

Understand you percentages:

Over 80% of the completion journey focuses on the geographical area to purchase and physically looking at the property.

The Millennials put huge trust on quality videos, they have a brilliant skill set of spatial awareness, absent in the pre Smartphone generation.

A property without a top quality video is tantamount to neglect as far as the Smartphone generation are concerned.

Meeting with an estate agent is easily abandoned when they have access to video.

And the preferred method is looking up that pro-video via QR code

The clues of A to Z needs of the Millennial are already obvious, they already and painfully have a disjointed 65% internet journey with plenty of reasons to abandon the process.

Ask your team to conduct all their business on a Smartphone for a month, ban big screens and PC’s

Then you will begin to see the problems you are presiding over inside your business.

Talk to a Partner today.

APP operational within 3 months.

Why most Property Agents risk falling behind their competition.

property sold
Coffee break Wednesday Midday BST 30 mins. Register below.

A coffee break webinar for the Estate agent industry.

Why most Property Agents risk falling behind their competition.

The stats and the compelling questions from the street.

68% increase of mobile traffic.

15-fold improvement of load and installation speed.

25-times reduced use of device storage.

52% average conversion increase.

78% average session increase.

137% engagement increase.

This is how your competition is making more quality appointments and selling much more property.

The new Progressive Web APP (PWA) functionality for Property Agents in combination with QR and Bespoke property Video templates.

A 30 minute coffee break webinar.

The questions on this infomercial were compiled outside an Estate Agents in Glasgow

Register below

Need a bit more before you Register ?

Time to pay the Piper

daily time on smartphone

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”

A modern idiom from AD 1284

The famous Grimm Brothers legend, the Children of Hamelin.

And one of Robert Browning’s best-known poems, The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The Piper was hired by Hamelin to rid the town of its plague of rats.

Trailing after the hypnotic notes of the rat-catcher’s magical flute, the rodents politely filed through the city gates to their presumed doom.

They weren’t the only ones lured by his music, though.

When the town refused to pay the Piper for his service, the saviour turned into a more satanic seducer and came for Hamelin’s children.

Entranced by the notes of his flute, the transfixed boys and girls followed the Piper out of town and simply vanished.

Time to pay the Piper

I guess the 1960’s version of this was the terrifying child catcher in the Chitty Chitty bang bang film.

An 11th Century story invoked into a Hollywood film.

I’m sure our children are more secure these days, but not necessarily the house that they live in!

But here we are again in the land of never never.

Never worrying about our borrowing and never being concerned about paying it back.

But the Banks are on their pipes, their pointy hat and shoes are coming into every street near you.

As an example Wells Fargo announced this week that they now only lend on secured debt !

The bank is shutting down all existing personal lines of credit, just like that!

The property market is already showing signs of disaster ahead even without the eviction ban coming to an end, US side.

This financial experiment on liquidity is playing out in a grotesque manner.

It’s utterly imperative that business future proof right here right now.

The very business technology that brings fixed and variable costs down in a deflationary cycle is accelerating like the SS Enterprise at warp speed.

The competition can simply sweep you away in the slightest downturn.

The figures your competition are enjoying.

  1. 68% increase of mobile traffic.
  2. 15-fold improvement of load and installation speed.
  3. 25-times reduced use of device storage.
  4. 52% average conversion increase.
  5. 78% average session increase.
  6. 137% engagement increase.

My digital diet is making me fat

digital diet

A weighty article from Will Nicholls, Founder of Maltix: Newswire 04-08-2021

An over weight business can carry many words.

Fat, Obese. Corpulent, Stout, Fleshy, Podgy, Paunchy, Portly and Plump !

thyme to good use
Thyme to good use

But it’s the Digital diet Obesity obsession that doesn’t have a word to describe it, thats the most illuminating.

This Digital Diet eats up your time and engulfs your waistline for a truly “Well upholstered ” small business nightmare.

The Diet to avoid here is the Business Website.

A thankless never ending task of updates and inclusions and a thousand ways to waist ( pun) countless hours of your life without any real sign of a return on time investment.

And thats just half of the pain.

Arguably the bigger waist ( sorry ) of time and effort with zero reward is marketing the website.

A futile pointless demeaning and fantastically complicated Digital Diet to avoid.

So how can a small business lose the weight FAST !

My digital diet is making me fat

An over weight business can carry many words.

Not a Diet FAD

Change your mindset in 24 hours.

Adopt the Smartphone professionally and leave the PC behind !

The Millennials have !

Get off the Digital Diet, leave time for more pleasurable exercise.

It’s what Social Media was built for.

Business people forget to look up.

look up

It could be costing your future.

A newswire article published 02 08 2021

Deborah Grant Communication advisor and business development coach in conversation with Will Nicholls.
Deborah Grant

Deborah Grant Communication advisor and business development coach in conversation with Will Nicholls.

Modern business is all consuming, and the journey is just like walking, we tend to navigate our business looking down at our feet.

A natural human response in any situation is avoiding obstacles and not tripping up !

Deborah asks some really important questions, especially on her one on one coaching workshops.

She asked me for my vision for my business and I looked up to see the story ahead.

STOP she says, hold that, what else do you see ?

Then silence, that went on for ages.

Deborah asked me to look up even higher so it cranked my neck.

Now do you see she enquired ?

Yes I said, I’m in the clouds looking down, surveying my business.

Do you see things differently now she enquired ?

Business people forget to look up.

It could be costing your future.

The majority of small business people are too busy working in their business to work on their business.

This is especially true in times of pain and stressful workload, and I guess most small business has been through hell and back in the last 2 years.

And in the industry of business tech, past investments are so redundant it’s time to drop them.

Drop them like the burden of carrying heavy water.

App share
Lighting change for small business.

Look up you guys, do this today!

Deborah says take a short high energy walk.

Stand outside and crank your head as far back as comfortable, as your eyes join the clouds in the sky, then look down at your feet and then straight ahead.

The tunnel vision of business ownership will open up like night and day, its like opening the huge doors of a barn to let the sunlight illuminate your future.

The journey you have been on for a very long time is akin to carrying water through the desert.

It’s very heavy its extremely hot, its debilitating.

But looking up you will see an aquafer or a viaduct and your river of change that allows you to stop carrying that heavy water and begin looking straight ahead with clarity and purpose.

Deborah whispers to me.

The water is already on your journey, put trust in that.

A newswire article published 02 08 2021

How I sold £5 million worth of new contracts in a bar !

Tam Duran

Why the Millennials would never buy a contract like this today.

Tam Duran trend adviser and coach on the new digital high street.

Tam Duran board adviser Maltix
Tam Duran ( a towering influence on digital migration for small business )

Maybe I’m an opportunist, perhaps it was luck.

My visions and dreams manifested in just one day.

I was back packing in south Africa 20 years ago and stayed at a timeshare reserve in Kruger park, on a cheap travel deal.

The restaurant was awful and the beer limited, but nonetheless, after a gruelling 18 holes on the golf course I was ready to drink and sleep.

I wasn’t playing, I was picking up stray balls for a pittance.

The guy I was working with that day came from the township, he told me he was so poor they couldn’t afford the mortar between the blocks in his house.

I though he was joking, but one day I saw him carrying bags of carrots from the mall to peoples cars for one rand ( 50 c in those days )

When I visited a couple of days later, I had to step over the electrical cables in the mud that supplied their intermittent electricity.

But he was sharp, he listened and he listened and smiled a lot.

He shared with me that the South Efrican Eccent people with the beards were unhappy with their timeshare at the park.

He said it was a secret, and I had to listen, so I did.

After a whole day of banter, it emerged that the timeshare contracts that the wealthy folk from Johannesburg had signed up to were onerous.

He had taken a crumpled contract from a bin after a heated and angry debate from the sales office which was next to the clubhouse.

Truthfully, he couldn’t read it, but he knew the big guy on the golf course that day was super angry, and he was a lawyer !

I listened and I read, I read it so many times, oh my word.

But buried in the contract was an interminable termination date, in fact it was in perpetuity, which means no end date. I had to look that up!

In addition, on a page un associated with the the contract page, the owners of the park can legitimately add 6% every year to the ‘maintenance charges’ of the property.

At school, I learned about compound interest, my master, Mr Harding, kept on and on about the importance of the rules of compound interest.

It just pieced together in my mind, this contract was designed to collect compound interest forever !

That’s why the Lawyer guy was ready to commit murder, he hadn’t read the contract but instead became obsessed with the dream property on the Golf course.

After extensive negotiations with the Developer, I explained that the value of contracts was in the change of the contract.

It took 3 years to talk to nearly every contract owner, usually in the bar area on the complex.

We charged more than the original value contract, by and large , the additional benefits in the contract outweighed the extra investment.

How I sold £5 million worth of new contracts in a bar !

In conversation with the “wired magazine” Tam Duran talked ‘off piste ‘ about the savviness of the Millennial generation using the smartphone as their life tool.

He has identified a massive shift into the trust of strangers on social media.

He claims that it would be infinitely more difficult to sell a contract like this in the first place.

The first sniff of an problem would be shared and re-shared, or as Tam highlights, made more searchable and more searchable.

Why business has to be developed on the technology that the millennial yearns.

Tam Duran spoke of generational digital divide and the consequences that invoke digital inequality.

Put another way, the Millennial’s have developed an in-built ability to rapidly close any knowledge gap.

They are comfortably self sufficient leading their lives on the internet.

Millennials actively dismiss tech platforms in less than a second.

And they actively and rapidly dismiss tech platforms that fail to deliver their considerable needs in a blink of an eye.

The vast majority of Websites are included in that dismissal.

The DO and DELETE culture of APP usage with the Millennial

The Millennial crave for the simplicity and responsiveness of an APP

An not just any APP, they hate downloading APP’s that impinge on their precious Smartphone memory.

They also search and work on the APP that can be shared on their social media.

And they know that if its an APP from the APP store they probably cannot do that.

It feels like a fabulous opportunity for small business with vision because the production and hosting costs of this new technology are so dramatically lowered.


And before too long the GEN Z generation spending power will impact the digital high street in many shattering ways.

Look out business people, adopt or die.

Tam Duran trend adviser and coach in the new digital high street

Tam Duran a Maltix board member and support partner.

Newswire article 31-07-2021

5 star Hotels are getting burned

Kevin Edwards

Deliveroo deliver on the short comings of Hotel Directorships !

Where hotels are going wrong in implementing technology

Kevin Edwards, business development director at Alliants says properties should better use the tech available by Kevin Edwards Reprint on newswire July 18, 2021

The Middle East has become the primary destination for obtainable luxury when it comes to the hotel sector globally.

The continuous development of hotels continues to drive the bar higher in terms of facilities, amenities, and technology.

However, with the pandemic hitting, the expected impact on top-line spending isn’t necessarily keeping pace.

When we look at the demographic and segment changes in hotel occupants over the last two years, have the hotel operators hit the mark when it comes to savvy technology investment to drive revenue?

For the 12 months prior to Covid, hoteliers had a sharp focus on key technology areas such as revenue management, and with Expo 2020 it made sense.

How can you optimise your inventory for the period of the event? Room nights, meetings, and events were the core revenue generators.

The guest drivers changed overnight and people wanted home comforts.

In-room TV streaming, room service ordering online, electronic keys, and contactless check-in and out.

And if they couldn’t get it from the property they would do one of two things:

  1. Stay elsewhere
  2. Use third parties to facilitate their needs

The first option became a clear opportunity as rates plummeted and with them access to properties with little demand and low occupancy.

The second option is a more complicated issue best explained by a recent real-life stay.

How hotels are failing to use technology

I arrived in typically efficient Middle Eastern style through the airport to a five-star business hotel with 800 rooms split between residences and hotel rooms.

I approached the front desk where service was diligent and warm as they checked me in and cut two keys.

Upon arriving at my room I noted that it had been cleaned to the brand new Covid cleaning standards, but there was no mention at the front desk of the mobile key that could have enabled me to ditch the plastic cards.

Having worked closely with this hotel, I am aware that the owner has invested significantly in mobile key technology (circa US$1m+) but there was no communication before my stay alerting me of the ability to utilise this innovation.

Nor was it mentioned on arrival. The experience wasn’t bad, it just missed the chance to be something better.

As I am now stuck in my room for 24 hours while I await my PCR test result, I am further disappointed by the fact that whilst there is a QR code to get to room service it is just a menu which means I have to pick up the telephone to place an order and hope that I can accurately convey what I require.

Alternatively, I could just follow what everyone else seems to be doing and order from Talabat or Deliveroo and do it all on my device.

Food ordered, work completed for the day, time to catch up on another box set on Netflix… Or not as I cannot stream a thing so it looks like I’m going to have to concentrate on that five-inch screen a little longer.

Technology is here to stay

Putting this all in perspective, Covid has probably simplified the guest journey.

However, it has now enabled a significant revenue opportunity in ancillary spend which many are missing out on due to technology adoption.

In my opinion, the operators have focussed on the whizzbang of technology rather than focus on the business case.

Meanwhile, the Talabat and Deliveroo drivers mount up in the hotel reception giving the hotel guests more triggers to order from them.

The Age of Cheap is Over


The bill for unaffordable business methodology is overdue.

Mary-Ann-Dougherty Maltix Partner.

Think this through for a minute, and yes Im shouting at you.

As prices continue to fall the value of your money goes up….. correct ?

Technology is incredibly disruptive and causing deflation.

Technology that used to cost millions to build can now be rented for pennies.

App share
App share technology

The smart phone is literally replacing the high street.

Since Covid, technology is doubly accelerating this trend.

The value of our money is going up because prices are going down…… now do your agree?

Government panic is accelerating the reaction to the point that money printing is at the point of by passing banks all together because banks are failing to lend.

Call it furlough, call it helicopter money, our Chancellors are not sleeping properly.

And in a deflationary cycle, obsequious debt deflation inhibits and prohibits the ability to pay off historical debt. It’s literally impossible.

Most people do not understand the difference between a million and a trillion, its time you looked at the 12 zeros in a trillion.

The bill for unaffordable business methodology is overdue.

Two party politics has produced an unprecedented dichotomy for the electorate.
Do we vote for socialism for the rich or socialism for the poor?

Both political divides sit on a system that historically relies on inflation to pay off historical debt.

Covid is forcing us into a scarcity mindset, the abundance mindset is long gone.

The Age of Cheap is Over

But stocks and property are our salvation right ?

Without 220 Trillion of printed money being printed what would the value of your UK property actually be?

Would your stocks actually have increased?

Inflation matches our picture memory.

The notion of deflation goes against our education.

It also flies in the face of everything in our fiscal life, even if we are 90 years of age.

The bill for unaffordable business methodology is overdue.

Questioning the economic picture from the inside is impossible.

It’s like trying to invent a new colour..

Government is preventing a free trade fiscal economy

The clues are all around.

Cash is out of favour.

PROOF: They even stop you on your travels if you carry too much !

Are you a business owner?

The opportunity for business to adapt quickly is only hindered by FEAR.

The tools to adapt to the new digital high street, to conduct A to Z business , remove Fixed costs and survive are in the palm of your hand.

You just have to grasp it before the wind blows it away.

I cannot shout any louder, talk to a partner today.

Mary-Ann-Dougherty Maltix Partner.

The Biggest Problems Recruiters Face.

worried future3

They cannot get off the hamster wheel because they keep repeating the same mistakes.

Executive recruitment Hallam Mosely MBA
Occupational psychologist.
Executive recruitment Hallam Mosely MBA
Occupational psychologist.

It’s time to be candid about the challenges facing recruiters.

The Biggest Problems Recruiters Face.

They cannot get off the hamster wheel because they keep repeating the same mistakes.

1. There’s too much noise in the market and its difficult to get the candidates attention 

Building a brand is very expensive.

Employee referral programmes tread water.

Advocacy on social media inhibited.

2. Great candidates usually field multiple offers

Bad interviews lose the best people.

Poor smartphone immediacy discourages candidates.

3. There’s a shortage of skilled talent

Like minded and like educated people stay in touch.

Their advocacy is actually hindered with most recruiters technology.

4. Testing candidates skills is tricky.

No automation available to candidate or internal processes.

No skill sets proof available on smartphone interview process.

5. Hiring managers are far too picky.

Poor collaboration, especially in technical requirements.

Zero quality feedback from manager to recruiter.

Poor smartphone immediacy.

6. Recruiters poor technical knowledge required to answer candidates questions.

Poor technical specs provided by hiring managers

Manual slow information transfer.

Candidate immediately smell an incompetence rat and trust their own resources instead.

7. There aren’t enough hours in the day 

Poor data and time management.

Poor APP in APP implementation.

Non existent APP integration.

Poor smartphone immediacy.

Hallams final thoughts:

Common problems can lead to creative solutions.

Recruiting can be challenging.

Without a sophisticated sharing community, recruiters face a real up hill battle with the smartphone generation.

Learning from the experiences of others in your field, you’ll see that you’re far from alone in any of the challenges that you’re facing !

And since someone has almost certainly experienced the same problem before, its good to share your problems, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Newswire 20 / 07 2021

It seems to me that a website is too big for a fancy phone these days.

Tanya James
Tanya James moved away from a website and third party flower sales companies
Tanya James florist

For 10 years I worked for a very famous long established Florist in West London.

I became an all rounder, administration is really important, but it also gave me access to business information that I just accepted was the cost of doing business.

That was until I decided to set up my own business !

We had our own London based website, but the vast majority of orders came from a very well known third party order company.

Their annual costs and commission cost were quite frankly eye watering.

After being layed off during Covid, I decided to open my own Florist shop near my parents home in Telford, Shropshire.

There is a lot to consider setting up a new small business, the physicality’s were exhausting.

And further down the list of things to do, I became perplexed about the cost of an internet presence without using a third party ordering company.

Weighing up the advantages I had almost made the decision to sign up.

It seems to me that a website is too big for a fancy phone these days.

I was swayed by so many “truths” out there.

For example “fewer than 1% of Google searchers get as far as the 2nd page” and “25% of people click on the first result “

But it was my Dad who made a basic suggestion over his birthday Sunday lunch.

I had ordered a birthday card from an APP called Thortful the day before, it all began to click into place.

Dad said “it seems to me that a website is too big for a fancy phone these days “

My lightbulb moment had arrived, what if I bought an APP ?

And just when I thought I had embarked on a journey I could afford, all was smashed when the first 3 quotes came in from random APP development companies.

But there was a video I came across on you tube that changed everything.

It explained that I didn’t need to use the Apple store, there is a new type of APP, cheap to produce and host.

Perfect for small business.

It appeared as a website on a PC and an APP on a smartphone !

I wanted to use local social media effectively and go contactless as much as possible.

I also wanted to offer personal touches using QR codes on the bouquet such as music, personal messages, promotions.

Its endless and I feel confident customers who do business with me on their smartphone will spread the word.

Just like Thortful, I can now use SMS promotions, send out notifications, set up subscriptions, take payments, all the stuff I wanted to achieve but didn’t know how.

A Medium Daily Digest article published on newswire 19 07 2021

Property Agents are behind the curve.

Will Temple

As the market slows, many probably wont survive.

Thought leadership article

Valuable insight is still a top way to reach and connect with customers, partners, and other industry influencers.

Will Temple works in many sectors, but recently the problems inside the Property market industry are much more focused on the needs and expectations of the Smartphone user.

Will Temple
Thought leader

A Thought Leader is an individual or firm ascribed the quality of ‘Thought leadership’.

Thought leadership is influencing a narrative by understanding what needs to be done

Real Advice to Share

No one rises to the top without a few war stories and major lessons learned.

In this age of mentorship and yearn for professional development, people want to be able to understand how you got there and what you learned along the way.

There are no shortcuts, but writing gives you the opportunity to spread your message to a larger audience.

Driven to Help Your Audience Solve Real Problems

A common misconception of thought leadership is that it’s a soapbox and an ego boost for one person.

And while one’s expertise and wisdom is incredibly valuable, the rules of engagement are changing at tremendous speed.

Learning More From Your Peers and Pioneers

The best leaders admit when they don’t know everything, and the growing challenge is making decisions on future proofing,

It’s not down to the techie in the office anymore, its a much broader brushstroke.

Interviews with others in your industry—learning their founder story, mistakes they’ve made along the way, and the best advice they’ve received—is interesting and inspiring.

Although eventual solutions for our clients may well be complex, that is an irrelevance with the majority of my clients.

Reaching out on a telephone call is usual, movers and shakers have no time for phaff, they have problems on their mind that need to be solved, putting trust in the solution comes from putting their trust in me.

The questions I ask come from hard earned industry knowledge, they focus on identifying the problems and resolving the issue.

The majority of my calls result in decisions being made on the day, it like a weight is lifted off my clients shoulders.

Will Temple newswire article July 2021

Hotels moving away from analogue to clients smartphone services.

Hotelier Middle East

Hotelier Middle East NEWSWIRE article 12-07-2021

QR room codes connected to Hotel CRM

In 1988, the Louvre Pyramid was completed in Paris, adding 95 tonnes of steel and 105 tonnes of aluminium, stacked 70 feet in the air, to the grounds of the Louvre Museum.

At the time, people hated it, saying its modern, tech-filled and stripped back design had no place on the grounds of a 200-year old palace.

Now, however, the Louvre Pyramid has become an iconic sight and a physical representation of Paris’ past and future coming together.

Why are we telling you all this? Well, the hospitality industry is at a similar juncture right now.

A traditionally analogue industry, hospitality has gradually introduced more and more technology. Some say it enriches the human side of things and others fear the personal touch will be lost.

As anyone who has stayed in a well thought-out hotel will tell you, it’s about far more than just somewhere to stay for the night.

A visit to a hotel should be an experience from start to finish.

From the doorman tipping his hat to guests as they swing open the grand doors, to the shimmer of the mahogany desk as people check-in, or the appealing clunk of the door as a room key registers.

These are little details which by themselves may go unnoticed, but once combined, create something beyond the sum of its parts.

What would a hotel be then if that doorman was replaced by motion sensor system;

If the check-in process was done in advance via an APP, and if the room door swung open after recognising the guest’s face as they approached it?

A personal touch

The equilibrium of maintaining the personal touch but using technology for convenience, efficiency and, most importantly in 2021, health and safety, is something Marko Zirdum, general manager at Bishop Design by Paul Bishop, has been thinking about.

The design firm is one of the most forward-thinking in the region and has worked on some of the most striking hospitality projects in recent times, including SLS Dubai in Business Bay.

Bishop design
SLS Dubai by Bishop Design

Zirdum says: “Hotels are aspiring to find that perfect balance across both guest-facing and operational technology.

“For instance, there is a need to operate with fewer people and this comes at a cost of personal interface.

From an operations point of view, this reduction in staff is certainly more evident in light of the pandemic.

Personal interface is lost as we transgress into the future, especially when referencing such notions as moving away from traditional check-in experiences.

However, this certainly wasn’t caused by the pandemic, rather just a result of natural advancements.”

Bruno Pessoa, director of design and technology services MEA at Minor Hotels, has a different outlook.

He believes hotel technology can only increase a property’s personal touch.

Human interaction

Where does all of this leave the traditional, human concierge? Cleatus George, chief concierge at W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island isn’t worried about being replaced by robots.

He says: “A concierge is important.

You are an advisor, a counsellor and a guest’s best friend.

You are the one-stop person when a guest needs help.

The most important thing is that the guest puts their faith in you.

Even more now, when technology has made information available at one’s fingertips, the tourist is overwhelmed with the amount of data online, opinions and options.

“Human beings seek personal recommendations based on subjectivity and emotion. Concierges are the ones to provide it.

We use knowledge, as well as our own experience to show our expertise to the guest while adding a personal touch.

“While it is a great tool for the concierge, technology will never be able to replace personal service and emotional bonds.

I always like to think that a service professional should go on a partial emotional journey with the guest, just enough so that the guest feels empathy but not so far as to be intrusive.”

Cleatus George
Cleatus George

Guests are the priority

For Accor, the role of technology of hotels is two-fold:

To maximise comfort for the guest and to smooth operations. Tariq Valani, senior VP IT, India, MEA and Turkey, says: “From a design perspective, guest-facing technology is the new priority on their Smartphone.

Per Hotel its very good value and runs independently in the cloud

This meant that offerings such as WiFi, interactive television, guest room telephones and other solutions were always given importance over the rest.

Following the pandemic, there has been a shift to ensure that solutions put in place make our guests feel safe and have an “at home” experience.

“While we move through this pandemic, it has been clear that the guest’s voice and needs have played a much bigger part in driving the technology strategy.

Where guests were not interested to use certain technologies in the past, this has changed dramatically.

“We are seeing a rise in comfort levels when it comes to online payments, using APPs for various purposes like opening door locks, switching on lights, opening curtains and scanning of new generation QR codes to access services in their room and in open spaces.”

Room QR on beautiful wall signage can directly connect to staff departments within the Hotel and the Hotel CRM

QR can also connect to pay here enabled smart form pages

This is revolutionary for pay for use or purchases facilities within the Hotel or future promotions.

Interestingly, the professional QR code system we adopted allows us to change the destination of the QR code without reprinting.

More importantly, new Generation APPs, dont have to be downloaded from the APP store and are super light on customers smart phone memory.

We are building a database for future APP notifications and direct SMS for valued clients.

Tariq Valani
Tariq Valani

Changing spaces

How will people interact with the physical hotel space in the future? With automation being rolled out as quickly as possible in some new properties, designer Justin Wells, founder of Wells International, fears hospitality could be losing its tactile nature.

He says: “The philosophy of my business is around the theatrics and pageantry of hospitality.

I consider the way spaces perform, their illumination, the movement and change of shapes under the guise of theatrics.

And this is a trend being picked up by the global operators within the lifestyle brands.”

Justin Wells
Justin Wells

Having led designs for the striking W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island in a previous role, his approach to design is self-evident.

He adds: “Humans are very haptic, we love the feel and touch of things.

We can see luxury by its plushness and its detail, and at times, you really just want to feel it. In a world where everything is hard and easy to clean, visually it feels like a lessened experience.

I fear that diminishes the experience of the guest.”

Yas island
Garage at W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island

Hotels’ hesitance

When it comes to owners and operators actually installing new pieces of technology, Wells says their is far too much resistance at the moment.

He explains: “You look at it through two different pairs of eyes. One pair is the owner/operators, and the other is designers.

For the owners and operators, technology is a cost and investment.

“We’re not at the beginning of the pandemic but we’re certainly not at the end”

Since we’re in the middle, owners and operators are really questioning what is needed.

If an operator has 10,000 hotels and then has to tell each owner to invest in certain technologies, the magnitude of that investment is so much.

It’s a difficult conversion to have, so economically, hotels are being cautious with what they implement.
Therefore, we’re only seeing what’s purposeful rather than what’s flashy.

Some people want to take a leap, but others are watching things unfold.”

Awakening the senses

Diane Thorsen, design director at Gensler thinks that while touchless technology will mean the tactile experience decreases, it doesn’t mean guests can’t be immersed into experiences.

Diane Thorsen Gensler
Diane Thorsen

She says: “We experience spaces using all of our senses. All of them are really key, touch is only one of five.

“That being said, Gensler was recently challenged to design something that used sight and sound instead.

Typically hospitality designers focus on the tactile aspect, but we thought we could create a space where you could hear birds singing, smell bespoke room fragrances, and create your own experiences with taste, even.

“The sounds are artificial, but the way we captured those sounds in nature was natural and the audio has been beautifully done. It’s about innovation.”

Thorsen believes hotel design is going back to its basics.

She adds: “We’ve crafted a new niche whereby we can tell our owners we can create experiences that activate senses in an experiential way.

Sure spaces are becoming simpler, but in its place, spaces have been going back to their roots, and that’s beautiful

A Company Directors cart before the horse

It’s a well known fact that Company Directors skills are visionary and conceptual, with a notorious blind spot when it comes to too much detail, especially technology.

An article in conversation with Maltix Consultancy Partners who specialise in digital transformation.

And thats reinforced more and more by a junior asking for clearance on tech projects which the Director has absolutely no idea what it’s for.

It’s as if other departments do their thinking for them.

“I have people who do that, go talk to Nigel he does that”

With an open mind, Directors are fully equipped to force downward change, but feel that they lack the ability or the knowledge to talk “savvy tech”

Worse still they assume that technology marketing is automated in all their processes.

It can be, and there is a whole new emerging technology connected to payment systems, especially subscription based business models.

They readily sign off the expenditure for SEO and Google this that and the other but neglect the knowledge and experience from their past.

Companies with savvy boards easily outperform their competition.

Marketing is not the Horse, marketing is the cart.

Marketing people have nice comfortable salaries to protect, they see their job as complex and safe, and that might be true.

But if the Marketing people do not fully understand that the sales cycle is connected to the marketing model, then it’s a Company Directors job to rap the knuckles and ask some serious questions.

It’s too easy isn’t it?

Pay out a bunch of cash and people miraculously come to your website from Google.

But the metrics and KPI’s are a bewildering moving target and the Company Director can find it nearly impossible to evaluate what the marketing budget is actually achieving.

A Company Directors cart before the horse

It’s time to focus on the horse.

Marketing is not the Horse, marketing is the cart.

Prioritising the focus back onto the horse has a profound affect with the smartphone generation.

The Millennial’s and increasingly the Gen Z Smartphone generation have up-ended the sales cycle.

WHY WHY WHY 3 words that end in Y

They require immediacy and APP simplicity and the reward is advocacy


By the time they source you product or service, they are only looking for 3 things.

APP based A to Z business

Fulfilment of their order

The opportunity to be a social media advocate

Now you have a simple KPI inside your business.

An article in conversation with Maltix Consultancy Partners who specialise in digital transformation.

One month in tech is like a year

Marc Lambert pioneer using a Maltix built PWA

Marc Lambert online shoe and sportswear retailer Newswire July 06 2021

I inherited a business through my mother in law, a retail shop with 22 staff and a consistent $900,000 turnover

The business had lost profitability year on year for 7 years straight.

I could see the symptoms but didn’t understand the cause.

I very nearly spurned the opportunity all together, the hours were crazy and the back office systems chaotic.

The business was just about breaking even on a very modest Directors salary.

I had actually inherited a gobble monster inside a vicious spiral of upward costs.

By chance I came across some videos on you tube under “Break even analysis “

A light bulb went off in my head, my garden was full of weeds and the pruning was going to be brutal, I needed help and fast.

My first port of call was The Maryland Chamber of Commerce in Annapolis.

I met a highly regarded Consultant in the harbor, where we sat and talked for 2 hours.

The culmination of thought had one simple answer, we had to digitise as much as possible, as soon as possible.

We had to reduce the moving parts of the business, generate more business and lower variable costs.

That was phase one and we completed that in 6 months.

What happened in reality was floor to ceiling change, so much in fact, the main shop front asset was sold and fixed costs almost completely removed.

One month in tech is like a year.

It felt like I was destroying 27 years of business knowledge.

In fact the telephone system which cost $16,000 in 2011 was the first casualty.

APP based telephony was key when Covid broke, we needed our home workers to act on order deliveries and I had to manage that through a CRM and billing platform connected to their own smartphones.

The e-commerce part of the site we kept, we removed the website and replaced it with an APP.

These decisions fundamentally changed us from being a bricks and mortar retailer to a full online retailer selling and distributing to our target sportswear audience.

My staff were amazing and turned garages and workshops into storage and distribution.

We now operate with 7 staff, all on higher salaries. Our turnover is rapidly climbing and we hope to overtake the 2019 turnover within 2 years.

We now ship coast to coast and our reputation is growing on social media.

My advice to anybody contemplating the digitizing of their business:

You have to trust your clients, it’s what they want, it’s where they do business, it’s on their Smart phone.

Marc Lambert online shoe and sportswear retailer Newswire July 06 2021

Delusional Directors waste money on marketing


And worse still, they corrupt their brand by not fertilising the referral by leveraging social media advocacy on their clients Smartphone.

An article published in the business press and Newswire July 02-2021

Will Nicholls MD. Maltix Partner programme.

Solving the problems of senior Business people using a portfolio of smartphone friendly digital solutions.

Will Nicholls MD the Maltix partnership
Joined up technology creates Smartphone advocacy

Gen Z Doesn’t Care

The under-18s have moved on:

Tik Tok. Snap. Maybe IG.

They want end-to-end encryption, they don’t want to be tracked, they’re afraid of online bullying and hate speech, and they don’t like ads.

Millennials Are Ready to Ditch

Using technology with more intention and purpose is a burgeoning undercurrent industry.

These Blockbusters are route and cause changers for the Smartphone generation.

 The Social Dilemma  The ShallowsIrresistibleHooked, or Digital Minimalism.

Millennials install Newsfeed Eradicator to kill their scrolling addiction, then they’ll install uBlockOrigin and Ghostery to block all ads and tracking.

Delusional Directors waste money on marketing

Millions of ultra-conservatives are ditching Facebook for a new social media platform that respects their right to be deluded.

They are Jumping ship in colossal numbers to the “Free Speech Social Network.”Parler

What’s Left Won’t Be Worth Keeping

The Gen Zers ditch, the Millennials ditch, the far-left ditches, the far-right ditches, and what remains?

Non-political sixty-somethings who like cat pictures and dancing dog videos, plus a few trolls with too much time on their hands.

75 % of all business will be conducted over the Smartphone within the next 60 months.

Gen Z
Gen Z

Directors who move from marketing their Website to genuine APP advocacy will reap the rewards on any platform!

Change will be very good news for marketers, entrepreneurs, social media users, and the public at large.

  • For marketers, more platforms give more marketing options, more niche specificity, and Progressive Web APP’s for A to Z Smartphone business and genuine customer service.
  • For entrepreneurs, there’s the opportunity to build bona fide, elegant, innovative Facebook challengers for the first time in a decade. As individualist-consumerist society grows, expect to see a proliferation of niche-specific sites in the years ahead.
  • For social media users, expect ad revenue sharing… just like Medium and Rewards from your own data !

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Will Nicholls MD. Maltix Partner programme.

Solving the problems of senior Business people using a portfolio of smartphone friendly digital solutions.

4 Industries That Will Disappear Before the Year 2030

Levi Borba

They employ a quarter of the workforce, but in less than 10 years these jobs will be history.

Levi Borba Newswire June 2021

Future events are uncertain, and detailed information about times to come is impossible. But we can use current trends, technological innovation, and reliable information to predict likely scenarios.

During most of my career, this is what I did while working for global airlines.

It worked fine — most of the time we were right.

Predictions saved considerable money for these companies.

Saving money. In that lives the biggest benefit of futuristic reflections. Predictions are useful when we are planning our next investment or career choice.

The billionaire Bill Gates wrote a book called The Road Ahead twenty-six years ago.

There he predicts the impact of the Personal Computer revolution.

Many of these predictions materialised.

In the same book, there is also a phrase that stands true to this time.

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.

Considering the technological, socio-economical, and environmental changes of the next years, here is the list of 4industries that likely will disappear (or become niche) before 2030.


This form of marketing will fade due to automation, and also because it is often annoying and intrusive.

In 2017, the Guardian published an article predicting which jobs would disappear. Telemarketing had a 99% chance to be fully automated in 15 years.

Nearly 70% of B2B buyers go online to search for business solutions instead of waiting for a call. Today, if you call up a prospect with an offer, the chances of making a sale are less than 5%.

The majority will hang up the phone.

There are still over 8 thousand telemarketing companies in the USA, but the effectiveness of most of them is questionable.

Besides, their business is changing from offering products to services like credit collection.

Therefore, instead of a telemarketing operator interrupting your dinner to offer you a new credit card, soon we will only receive a call if we forget to pay for the credit card company.

Staffed retail

As with telemarketing, staffed retail will also fade because of increasing automation.

Take a look at the picture of any supermarket 10 years ago and compare it with the same place right now.

Chances are that the number of self-checkouts at least doubled, reducing the need for human cashiers.

As a result, it’s been estimated that the self-serve kiosk industry will be worth $34 billion (£27.5bn) by 2023.

While the demise of the cashier is not a secret (it is one of the 4 professions that will disappear in the near future), other retail-associated jobs are at risk, like sellers or cleaners.

Places like the automated stores from Amazon Go will be everywhere.

In fact, Amazon themselves declared they plan to expand from the current 30 non-staffed stores to over 3000.

This plan, coming from a company that earned $300 million just by developing a button, looks plausible.

Customers who have the Amazon Go app just need to enter the store, grab whatever they want and walk out with the items. Later, their account is charged.

Of course, few retail sectors will remain staffed. While people do not need help to buy their groceries, niche industries like luxury stores will opt for the personal touch of sales assistants.

Staffed banking

A few months ago, I asked all my friends in our chat group when was the last time they visited a physical bank.

Of the 8 respondents (yes, not an enormous sample size, I know), only one answered less than 1 month.

On average, the last time they stepped into a bank was 3 to 4 months ago.

Ask yourself the same question.

Ask your friends and family too.

There are exceptional cases still requiring the physical presence in a bank agency, like a few businesses or people who are not tech-savvy enough, but they are becoming a diminutive minority.

Finance leaders warned that those in customer service, middle and back-office roles likely will lose their places to computers soon. 

IHS Markit estimates that 1.3 million bank workers in the United States will be affected, and 500,000 in the United Kingdom.

A report from GP Bullhound revealed that 91% of people prefer to use an APP than go into a branch.

That includes me and most of my social circle.

Unless you feel some peculiar pleasure by waiting in lines (I will not judge), I bet you prefer to make bank payments remotely instead of driving to the local branch.

Travel Agencies

Of all the sectors in this article, if there is one that I bet will disappear not before 2030, but even before 2025, are travel agencies.

Or at least the ordinary travel agency.

Besides all the data (see more below), I base this guess on my observation as a Hotelier.

Only 4 years ago we still had a considerable share of our guests coming from travel agents. Today they are rare.

Most people make their reservations using portals like Booking.com, Hostelworld.com, Airbnb.com.

Others book direct, using the resources from Google Hotels or TripAdvisor.

Even elders do that now.

But imminent change is on their horizon as well, Winding TREE innovations will completely remove commission based portals, they simply will not be able to compete.

In 2017, a report from Local Data Company (LDC) revealed that 700 brick-and-mortar travel agencies closed up shop in the UK alone.

The research found that the biggest reason is the competition from OTAs (online travel agencies)and short-term rental companies such as Airbnb.

A few travel agencies will survive, mostly in niches like extreme-sports adventure travel or group holidays for pensioners.

Or to travel out of the earth, like the nascent but booming industry of space tourism.

For that, you will need a travel agency since there are no rooms at the International Space Station available at Airbnb !

App stores are almost certainly on the verge of redundancy.

” The vast majority of small business do not yet operate an APP. “

New generation APP’s are a hosted product under the control of the small business owner.

They are cheap to manufacture, replacing websites and massively move the focus away from search engines to natural distribution on smartphone social media.

New generation APP’s do not require a distribution hub.

A prediction: App stores are almost certainly on the verge of redundancy.

Footnote Interview : Will Nicholls Director of The Maltix partnership.

A millennial talks about dinosaurs.

App is where its at
Alecia Bibione, App is where its at
Alecia Bibione, App is where its at

Here’s a story for you regarding PWA’s as compared to dinosaur web sites. 

A newswire article originally published by Intimita.

Italian language, glossy women’s magazine that covers the very latest in fashion, family, health and celebrity news.

Millennials are predicted to control over 75% of Smartphone business within 60 months and the vast majority of small business have absolutely no idea what’s coming.

A millennial talks about dinosaurs.

Alecia Bibione wrote:

I have/had a scooter that I used to use as a run-about.

It stood for a year during the Covid-19 pandemic and I decided to sell it.

It was at a scooter spare-parts dealer to be sold.

There was some interest from the walk-in trade, but no sale.

So yesterday, I brought it home, took some photo’s and advertised it on Facebook’s Market Place and also on Gumtree (the dinosaur).

I placed these ads around 2pm.

Within 15 minutes I started receiving messages on Messenger around 10 came in.

Two hours later it was sold, paid for, paperwork done and delivered to the new owner.

At 10pm last night while watching Andy Murray battle it out against Nikoloz Basilashvili which he won eventually, I checked my ad on Gumtree, one reply!

Progressive Web APP’s are the only way to go. 

PWA’s are where its at !

A subscription newswire article originally published by Intimita.

Italian language, glossy women’s magazine that covers the very latest in fashion, family, health and celebrity news.

Failure of digital transformation haunts me.

Medical clinic
Paula Maynard
Paula Maynard, BA in medical administration with her assistants Sheri Holding and Emma Star

Failure of digital transformation haunts me.

Interviewed by a leading medical journal June 2021 newswire article

Moving from the public sector to the private sector was a big move for me in 2019

Working at a senior level within the NHS was rewarding but frustrating.

My dream was always to simplify, my dream turned into a never ending nightmare of failure.

Without pointing the finger at anybody in particular, the skill within the method was absent.

The NHS winner is still a paper based system, distributed by an army of messengers.

The Managers Digital dilemma

So when the Partners in the Medical Practice asked me to be more involved with digital transformation, I was full of apprehension and trepidation.

As I eased in to the project, I spoke to my husband who is a work flow graphic designer for a London Borough and he asked some strange questions which led to a realisation.

He asked to see my office, he wanted to look at the age of the equipment and the signage within the building.

He promised me a report, which came inside a pretty box and all that was inside was his Smart phone and a brochure.

Let me help he said.

A huge part of his programme for the borough was based on QR and what that QR is connected to, especially around the pandemic.

For me he printed a list of options QR can be joined up to, it was as long as your arm.

He explained that all the complexities of QR print and the Departments responsible were in one shared place called SLACK, and that was the clue, it was on his Smartphone.

“Everybody carries a Smartphone these days, the vast majority are QR enabled”

The mock brochure he made had 6 example dummy QR codes

They can be changed even after they have been printed!

Each had a call to action within the code.

Join WI-FI here

Reserve appointments here

Map location here

Free QR reader here

Pay for a consultation here

Front desk information

Going digital CAN be paper based !

Its full circle, the Partners like the idea as a start point

The idea of a brochure that connects to the clients smartphone resonated.

QR codes will also be used as a wall collage, designed by my husband of course!

Education videos, information videos and cartoon style info-commercials for specialist services within the practice.

This time my digital transformation fills me with confidence, and the reality is I was wrong all along.

Going digital CAN be paper based !

Paula Maynard, BA.

Interviewed by a leading medical journal June 2021 newswire article

Guerrilla tactics to control costs inside my own business.

David Kalowski
David Kalowski
David Kalowski CEO Gadget -OPS-Michigan

David is a veteran of change, Director and the board of three US Companies.

My focus is the balance sheet, thats my main job. I am responsible for my share holders, the board and I dislike uncomfortable conversations with my senior, the Chairman.

The battleground for business is a constantly shifting threat.

Smaller agile business operate without the infrastructure costs of an established Company.

Guerrilla tactics to control costs inside my own business.

It’s the mindset of the Company to continue do what’s worked in the past, and from my experience of completing an MBA, far too much of what I was taught seemed out of date, even when I was learning to qualify.

So I have been taking a more radical approach by introducing external, fleet of foot, marketing tactics and technology, using a kind of Gorilla tactic to make changes to my existing staff assumptions.

I’m interested in the consequences of that external change.

It’s an uncomfortable personal growth for some but a necessary survival technique for their future.

I am sure I’m onto something !

We are seeing hybrid sales and unexpected new markets emerge, especially when we move away from the main stay of Google marketing into the more fluid world of Progressive Web APP distribution and a focus on immediacy of service and dispatch.

I say to any Director or CEO, its time for an old phrase of the 90’s to re-emerge. JFDI.

David Kalowski CEO Gadget -OPS-Michigan Newswire 23/06/2021

Solution provider for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce

We had to let go of the stuff that used to be important.

Tom Rice
Tom Rice Chief Executive chemical cleaning distribution Co West Midlands

This is a cathartic exercise, baring my business troubles from the last 2 years to my local small business community.

I wanted to share the pain but also encourage change in business operations for their survival.

We are a 40 year old industrial cleaning company distributing across the UK with a turn over of over £18 million.

The Company moto above the main entrance door to our premises hasn’t change since my late father created the company back in 1979

“If you do what you always done your gunna get what you always got”

And with the stratospheric growth of the younger faster generation, desperate to do business with us, we knew we were so behind the curve it was embarrassing.

We had lost over 20% of our contracts in 9 months.

Top heavy with administration, dated computers running spread sheets and word documents all cobbled together inside a telephone system we none of us had ever figured out.

You have to let go of the stuff that used to be important but no longer is.

So embarrassing in fact, the bust up inside our family business has been excruciating but unfortunately necessary.

Each department has been power washed, scrubbed with a nailbrush and desanitised !

Every Monday for 2 months I held “Starter, bumper, shaker, mover, let go day today, cat amongst the pigeons, out with the old in with the new, repaint, rethink and push the envelope of change” days.

The changes are astonishing but logical.

And all consequential, just part of the journey of change.

The staff age group that took to the challenge are dramatically more dynamic.

We moved to our own App based ordering system for clients.

No more paper invoicing, in fact no paper anything!

No telephones in the office, all replaced with an APP based system.

Adopted a Cloud based management system we calibrated ourselves in just 2 days!

The only thing that is recognisable from the brand of old is the brochure and even that is completely Smartphone enabled !

Tom Rice is guest speaker for online Events associated with the FSB and this article is distributed by Newswire. June 21 2021


20,000 small businesses could fold in West Midlands

Automating a charity

Deafness charity

A conversation with William Nicholls MD Maltix App and QR brochure company.

What Is the National Association of the Deaf? The NAD is a non-profit organization that works to protect and promote the civil, human, and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing people.

Over 400 members.

The charity wants to update their brochure, a perfect time to introduce automation, particularly banking, subscription and education.

They regularly host lectures, seminars, exhibitions and courses alongside social and fund raising work.

Automating a charity to control administration costs.

As a non profit organisation they are open minded, and like the idea of switching from a static website to a dynamic APP, well suited to their Smartphone subscribers.

Firstly, the brochure can be designed to directly connect to the Smartphone using smart QR codes.

It’s important not to duplicate future printing costs, this can be achieved with new generation Smart QR.

Will Nicholls impressed:

Want to change an infomercial, an educational video, subscription charges after print ?

No problem, all changes made are part of the service !

Maltix build or create every aspect of the choices available on the self help link below.

Secondly the NAD want to place QR with a call to action within their building and on social media.

Example of a call to action

12 month subscription
Example using a clear QR code connected to banking via a smart form page

That’s a two-pronged attack says Will Nicholls.

Firstly strategically framed and branded QR can connect from within the building.

( Advice on QR size and positioning part of the service )

Secondly, connecting QR to their new Charity APP enables their subscribers and family to distribute directly within their Social media channels.

“That couldn’t happen with old APPS, they have to be downloaded from the APP store”

Websites are not suited to social media distribution.

All has changed with the Maltix Progressive Web APP (PWA)

In a Committee meeting all the options of what can be achieved were listed.

In fact, Maltix Partners use a smart form page as an aid in consultation, William was more than happy to share.

A little knowledge is everything, let your imagination explore the possibilities.

So many ideas!

Take a look!

Go ahead, tick the boxes, CLICK SUBMIT the email goes to your in box for future reference.

Self help prompt, what can I connect QR to in my business or organisation ?

Book a call

Remove the Hotel switchboard for customer service.

Hussain Sajwani

Damac General Manager – operations Ali Sajwani believes hotels will continue to embrace new technologies by HME Maltix Newswire June 16, 2021

Ali Sajwani Damac
Damac General Manager – operations Ali Sajwani

When I think of hotels, I don’t automatically view them as technology-driven businesses nor incubators of innovation.

But, if we examine how hotels operate, the amount of technology involved is remarkable.

What is truly remarkable is that Hotels increasingly rely on cloud based actions directly off the Hotel customers Smart phone.

Property management systems for example, are complex software programmes that facilitate the entire guest experience from check-in to check out.

Artificial intelligence take PMS to a whole new level.

Smart hotels might look pretty much the same as regular hotels, but they operate in a completely different way.

The importance of connectivity

Like smart homes or buildings, futuristic smart hotels aim to connect devices and appliances to each other and the internet.

This is where the internet comes into play — even ordinary devices can now send and receive data, which makes them ‘smart’.

The internet of things is accelerating smart growth.

Even where multiple devices communicate with each other, they can still be managed by a single user from a remote point, smartphone or tablet.

Some appliances can locate and decipher information from the internet, allowing them to respond independently or intelligently to user instructions, for example, lights, curtains, and sound systems.

The possibilities are seemingly endless and accelerating.

Who doesn’t want to stay in a hotel room with automated check-in, intuitive temperature and lighting controls, entertainment-on-demand from your own streaming video or music accounts, and other highly personalised experiences, all enabled by these emerging technologies?

Why hotels should bother

I believe there are excellent reasons why major Hotel brands are waking up to change.

Technology can improve the guest experience.

It makes hotels less labour intensive and more efficient, which ultimately saves money.

Remove the Hotel switchboard for customer service.

Technology improves the guest experience

  • Guests don’t need to physically check-in, registration can be completed via any smartphone
  • Voice recognition can control in-room features such as TV, lights, curtains and A/C
  • Switchboard are over
  • Multi-language robotic concierge services available 24/7
  • Automated room service menus improve delivery time and reduce human error
  • QR APP enablement using quality wall mounted smart QR codes with a call to action ( Room service for example )
  • QR direct to over 25 possibilities within our portfolio ( so far)
Damac room QR example.

Technology makes hotels more cost-efficient

  • Less security needed with facial recognition systems in place
  • Computerised check-in/out means less front-office staff.
  • No need for lift operators or baggage porters as these tasks can be automated
  • Smart cleaning devices reduce the number of housekeeping staff
  • Reduced requirement for room service.
  • APP based food delivery using new generation Hotel bespoke delivery APP
  • Smart A/C modules and lights lower energy demand and utility bills

Because leisure resorts have a more relaxed atmosphere than bustling city hotels, automation could be perceived as a novelty rather than a necessity.

However, this perception is changing at break neck speed.

At the other end of the scale, I can imagine certain hotel brands becoming synonymous with a fully automated service offering, appealing to, or creating demand for, a certain type of guest and priced accordingly.

Smart technology is undoubtedly not a passing phase; it is a trend that is here to stay. It will increase in the years to come with the notion of personal service taking on a whole new meaning.

New technologies by HME Maltix Newswire June 16, 2021

How the luxury Hotel sector has changed.

luxury Hotel

How the luxury sector has changed since the pandemic

Fiona Noble, chief growth officer at concierge service Quintessentially, shares the latest trends in luxury travel Hotelier Staff June 9, 2021 Maltix Newswire

How the luxury sector has changed since the pandemic
How the luxury sector has changed since the pandemic

There’s no disputing that the pandemic severely disrupted the luxury sector. The luxury market in the Gulf alone declined 17 per cent in 2020 to $7.4 billion,  with countries impacted by varying degrees, based on factors such as volume of foreign tourism.

In the Middle East, a break from the usual physical experiences that were an integral part of consumers’ daily life meant a revisit of priorities. During lockdown, the idea of what luxury consumers want and put emphasis on shifted and continues to evolve.

At Quintessentially in the Middle East, we witnessed an immediate focus among our members on self-development.

Lockdown was a catalyst for online experiences, from learning languages and musical instruments, mastering Pilates and meditation, and enjoying digital lessons from leading authors, artists and educators.

Privatised and curated experiences also trended highly, and continue to do so, as members consumed everything from exclusive film screenings and at-home spas to cookery masterclasses.

Quintessentially will continue to curate a robust suite of bespoke experiences for our members, both online and in person, allowing them to immerse themselves in their passions and burgeoning interests, especially off their Smartphone.

How the luxury Hotel sector has changed.

Gifting has increased, as members look to spend time – and money – on presents and experiences for their family to celebrate milestones.

Jewellery purchases spiked –  the only luxury category to achieve value growth in 2020 – and Chaumet, for instance, reportedly enjoyed booming sales.

There has also been a shift regarding sustainability and the environmental impact of the brands consumers wish to invest in.

From sourcing rare pearls from Paris, tracking down a hand- rafted Yves Saint Laurent handbag or antique Patek Philippe watch, or even designing a miniature zoo of customised, life-sized stuffed toy animals, the demand for luxury – albeit more meaningful – continues to flourish.

Travel is now front of mind and members are keen to not only tend to their businesses abroad, but also discover their own respective regions.

Behaviour regarding last-minute bookings among our members hasn’t shifted and has become even more prevalent in the recovery phase as they look to us to provide them with expert advice and guidance, mitigating uncertainty.

Unexpected results:

With advanced room QR code services connecting to a plethora of ideas all managed from our individual Hotel APP has gained in popularity, noticeably as repeat business.

Cross fertilising marketing from Room QR to Hotel APP and Room delivery APP is ongoing with unexpected results.

We had never thought the data from a Room upgrade, for example, would benefit the booking of wedding parties or Room service off the APP data could be channelled to business bookings.

QR room gifting has been especially successful, substantial orders right off the clients Smartphone.

Automating smart forms into the Hotel CRM has enabled us to better track client habits, one high end guest recently returned the favour of extra flowers in the room for flowers delivered to the front desk!

Domestic travel in the Middle East, along with the Seychelles, will remain popular for some time and is why Quintessentially curated multi-faceted, immersive breaks in partnership with Marriott, embracing the very best each region has to offer.

Answering luxury consumers renewed sense of discovery and desire for personalised experiences, guests can enjoy Doha’s renowned art scene, sample world-class culinary experiences in Dubai, explore the marine eco-system in Abu Dhabi’s mangroves and learn about Bedouin life, or discover the beautiful archipelago islands off the coast of East Africa, and much more.

Although global outbound travel from the Middle East is still impacted by restrictions, there has been increase of enquiries and bookings to Greece, US and France. In response to European market demand, Etihad is now flying to Malaga, Santorini and Mykonos.

As Saudi Arabia opens its doors to international tourism, we also anticipate destinations like Alula in the north west – steeped in Nabatean heritage and culture to appeal to that desire for transformative and adventure travel.

Overall, there is much to be optimistic about as the luxury market in the Middle East looks set to make a healthy rebound, with tourism playing a crucial role coupled with the region’s high local purchasing power and luxury brands willing to enhance their digital presence and offer bespoke products and individualised service and experiences through the clients Smartphone.

Luxury takes a back seat as affordable hotel brands.


Luxury takes a back seat as affordable hotel brands boast bigger pipelines in the Middle East.

The Hotelier article today.

There are more than 500 hotels on the way in the region, mostly from Hilton, Marriott or Accor

08 Jun 2021

Middle east

There’s an impressive 534 hotel projects currently under construction in the Middle East, totalling 153,225 rooms.

That is according to Lodging Econometrics’ latest Construction Pipeline Trend Report, which revealed which destinations have the most hotels on the way.

And 48 percent of the projects in the pipeline in the Middle East belong to three companies:

Hilton with 93 projects and 25,200 rooms, followed by Accor with 89 projects having 25,882 rooms. Next is Marriott International with 75 projects and 22,160 rooms.

Luxury takes a back seat as affordable hotel brands.

The leading brands in the pipeline for these companies are Hilton’s DoubleTree with 27 projects and 6,083 rooms.

Hilton Garden Inn with 20 projects and 6,566 rooms;

Accor’s Ibis brands with 12 projects and 4,274 rooms and Movenpick with 12 projects accounting for 3,153 rooms;

Marriott Courtyard with 15 projects/3,432 rooms.

Residence Inn with nine projects and 1,196 rooms.

Unsurprisingly, Dubai in the UAE takes the top spot with 115 projects and 32,596 rooms on the way.

On a country-wide level, Saudi Arabia leads the way with 185 projects and 66,898 keys; followed by the UAE with 154 projects and 42,327 rooms.

Egypt with 61 projects and 14,912 keys.

Qatar with 57 projects and 14,047 rooms;

Oman with 32 projects and 6,474 rooms.

Capital cities Riyadh and Doha hold the most projects behind Dubai,.

KSA city having 54 projects and 11,070 rooms.

Qatari city having 50 projects and 12,017 rooms.

The Hotelier article today.

I’ll never go back to the Gym again


Sharon Terlep | Photographs by Desiree Rios for The Wall Street Journal 2021 subscription newswire.

One fitness club franchisee plans to open a dozen new locations, while a national chain is selling digital memberships.

A Pilates studio in Houston is requiring masks; a family-run gym in Indianapolis isn’t.

America’s gyms are reopening to a markedly changed fitness world as coronavirus pandemic restrictions lift.

Each business and its customers must decide how to navigate new workout habits and conflicting demands around Covid-19 safety protocols.

Some people won’t exercise in a face covering; others will only frequent a gym with a mask mandate.

Still others purchased pricey fitness machines for their homes and have spent months taking virtual classes.

“Many of our members have developed habits in a significant way, routines they never had before Covid,” said Jeff Zwiefel, chief operating officer of Life Time Inc.

I’ll never go back to the Gym again

The fitness center chain, with 150 U.S. locations, now offers a $15 monthly digital membership, where people can work out to streaming classes.

Gyms, from boutique studios to sprawling fitness centers, have been among the industries hardest hit by the public-health crisis, as concerns about people spreading the coronavirus during group exercise led to mandated shutdowns and member exoduses.

A cleaning station for gym members at a Life Time health club in West Harrison, N.Y.

The pandemic’s toll has been profound:

Nearly half of the 3 million jobs in U.S. health clubs disappeared last year along with more than half of the industry’s revenue.

Legions of independent gyms and studios have closed, crippled by state-mandated shutdowns.

Several corporate chains, including 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide Inc. and Gold’s Gym International Inc., filed for bankruptcy protection and reorganized or closed.

Those that survived are catering to a customer base now more accustomed to exercising at home and better equipped to do so.

As gyms faltered, business boomed for companies like Peloton Interactive Inc. and Nautilus Inc. that provide streaming classes and workout equipment.

Demand has been so high for Peloton exercise bikes and treadmills that customers have waited weeks for deliveries.

“I know there’s chatter of, ‘We are a stay-at-home stock, and we get back to normal and Peloton dies or whatever,’ ” John Foley, Peloton co-founder and chief executive, told investors in February.

“We obviously are taking the other side of that. Every year in the U.S., there’s been 5 million treadmills sold. So it’s not like working out at home was a Covid thing. It has always been a thing.

It’s just the products have been dopey and not connected.”

How might the coronavirus pandemic transform the fitness industry? To find out, WSJ spoke with the CEO of Planet Fitness, an independent gym owner, and an industry analyst to learn about what we can expect for the future of fitness. (Video from 9/11//20)

Gym owners and industry experts say the fitness landscape is likely forever changed by the pandemic.

When the Covid-19 risk passes, they say, the business of fitness will increasingly become a mashup of bricks-and-mortar and online virtual offerings, much like the coronavirus-hastened evolution of retail, office work and education.

“At-home will become a part of the fitness ecosystem, it’s going to have an outsized platform,” said BMO analyst Simeon Siegel. “But for the vast majority of people, the fitness industry will still revolve around bricks-and-mortar.

Heading into the pandemic, the U.S. had roughly 40,000 health clubs generating $35 billion in annual revenue, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sports club Association.

At the end of 2020, the industry has lost $20.4 billion in revenue, while about 6,400 clubs—17% of the total—closed permanently.

A recent survey by consulting firm McKinsey & Co. found that 68% of those who started using an online fitness program during the pandemic said they planned to continue for the long term.

The survey of 2,024 adults was conducted Nov. 9-13, 2020.

Crunch fighting back with smartphone based APP marketing and QR technology.

Geoff Dyer, owner of more than two dozen Crunch Fitness franchises in Georgia and Florida, said Covid-19 won’t change Americans’ gym habits for the long term.

A Crunch membership, starting at $9.95 a month, is cheaper than many online subscriptions.

Mr. Dyer said his membership is almost at the same level it was before the pandemic. He said he is opening another dozen locations in the next year, including four that will replace now-shut 24 Hour Fitness clubs.

Crunch offers streaming workouts, but they aren’t popular, he said, but we are working on new ideas, especially dedicated APPs that dont have to be downloaded from the APP store.

Crunch have adapted advanced QR technology, connecting bespoke work outs with low levels of Gym equipment to live streams and video.

Notifications off the APP constantly remind clients whats available.

Dyer is also adding SMS to the portfolio, for the more up market clients who like a personal connection.

“It’s hard to replace the excitement of a live class, and there’s a huge barrier to entry if you’ve got to pay $2,500 to get that bike,” he said, referring to Peloton, which sells bikes starting at $1,895.

Amid Covid-19, he said, “we realized people were desperate to get back to the gym.”

Exercise bikes are spaced out to maintain social distancing at a Life Time health club in West Harrison, N.Y.

All but one state—South Dakota—shut down gyms last spring as the pandemic took hold, and others have fully or partially closed gyms for varying durations.

By last month, California, the only state remaining with a blanket order keeping gyms closed, started allowing facilities to reopen with various restrictions.

Gyms allowed to open in many cases face restrictions that range from cost-prohibitive for businesses to off-putting for some members, including capacity limits as low at 10%, outdoor-only classes and mask mandates.

Ardizzone & Nalley Gym in Indianapolis shut down for about 10 weeks in the spring and has been open since, and doesn’t require members to wear masks.

The gym, opened 42 years ago by owner Tony Ardizzone, has a big base of elderly members, including many who say they won’t return until they are vaccinated.

“The older people are more fearful and more cautious and vulnerable, and young people are less so,” he said.

Other customers were so eager to be in the gym even at the height of the pandemic, he said, that he had to confiscate keys they were using to get in despite the gym being closed.

In Texas, as soon as Gov. Greg Abbott announced in early March that the state would allow all businesses to fully reopen and lift its mask mandate, many customers of Houston-based Citizen Pilates called and messaged founder Jess Hughes asking her to keep rules requiring masks in class and maintain 6 feet of space between machines, she said.

Sharon Terlep | Photographs by Desiree Rios for The Wall Street Journal 2021 subscription newswire.

Hotel Directors unwittingly give their data away.


A reactionary article published in the Hotelier magazine Dubai and released on newswire.

The Hotelier: June article:

Speaking at The F&B stakeholder Hotel Show Dubai 2021, a Balkan restaurant boss said that “discounts should be a tool to reward loyal customers, not to attract new ones”.

“It time for restaurants in Dubai to end their reliance on discount APP’s, such as The Entertainer, to get customers through the door”

That’s certainly the opinion of 21 Grams owner Stasha Toncev

Reaction: “We took an opposite view to articles like this”

Hazeem Nadim Director of a prestigious Dubai boutique destination states that Hotels that use third party APPS are giving their data away instead of keeping it to market internally themselves.

If they do not own and operate the APP themselves, there is an illusion that past clients will simply move on to the next discounted outlet.

That was his conclusion after time spent time with a new marketing manager after their previous manager left when Covid struck.

Sandeep Patel is a recent graduate and marketing manager from the Indian institute of Technology, Delhi.

Hotel Directors unwittingly give their data away.

His forward learning graduation programme focused on rental cloud technology to enable their clients Smartphone.

Hazeem Nadim
Hazeem Nadim Boutique Hotel Dubai

With visitor numbers down 60 %, Hazeem was curious how they could use a new generation Progressive Web APP in combination with QR codes within the hotel to generate future business on social media.

Sandeep Patel focused on the combination of a hosted room service Food delivery APP in combination with advanced QR marketing ideas.

The QR codes all have a clear call to action and are distributed in every room and open space.

Hazeem Nadim and Sandeep Patel are encouraging their past and present customers to distribute their promotions on social media.

Some of the ideas developed so far.

Future discounts on multiple stays.
Inviting friends rewards.

Hen or stag nights
Vouchers to book a table for larger parties.
Wedding deals.
Book a birthday present.
Meet the manager drink at the bar.
Book another night with a free bottle of bubbly.

Quiet mid week booking success!

Special offer during the week stay for 3 nights pay for 2

Vast amounts of automated data into the Hotel CRM allow us to get even more creative with cross marketing.

It’s a new beginning, we are excited to explore new marketing techniques.

Hazeem Nadim Boutique Hotel Director, Dubai.

A subscription newswire article:

Developers make lousy hoteliers.

Hotel rooms
unhappy daughters
Unhappy teenagers in hotels

Johan and Gertrude Heinkel:

Euro newswire article.

5 star Hotel fails to satisfy my family.

Trust me, an unrepeatable disaster created by appalling room design with equipment obviously designed years ago.

Having been cooped up with my family for a very long time, I decided to book a family hotel room in quite a highly reputable 5 star Hotel.

My wife and I have 3 teenage girls.

They all have smart watches, smart phones I Pads and headsets.

We also have 2 IPTV boxes when we travel.

Hotels are notorious for terrible TV programming, so we usually bypass their system.

This ( so called ) 5 star Hotel didn’t even have TVs with HDMI input !!!

Developers make lousy hoteliers.

Thank goodness the girls brought their own hair equipment, the Hotel dryers were akin to a butterfly flapping its wings.

And lets look at the maths for charge points shall we ?

5 i watches, 5 i pads, 5 i phones, 5 headsets, 2 book readers, 2 hair tongs, 2 hairdryers, 2 IPTV boxes, 1 internet box, 2 battery back ups.

Just run the maths on that shall we ? At least 30 appliances essential in the modern family and just 8 ( 2 hidden ) electrical sockets.

The wireless speed test we ran was border line ineffectual.

Thank goodness we took our own portable satellite connection from home.

As for food ordering !

The girls booked food delivery off their phones, the idea of sitting and eating the Hotel offering filled them with horror.

My wife was right.

We should have gone Air b&b saved a thousand euros and enjoyed a holiday without inept staff who didn’t understand a word we said.

This Hotel was obviously designed and built for the Developer.

As sure as hell it wasn’t built for a modern family holiday.

Johan and Gertrude Heinkel:

Euro newswire article.

The competition has stolen your staff.

Hotel Directors

Hotel Directors listen up.

Amazon and Supermarkets have stolen half your staff.

The few you have left are stuck doing annoying admin and jobs they didn’t sign up for.

Will Nicholls
William Nicholls Director Maltix.

Thought Leader: William Nicholls

The competition has stolen your staff.

Technology isn’t here to replace human interaction.

The Hotel industry is in a recruitment crisis.

Covid hasn’t just cut guest numbers, it’s sent staff packing back to their countries… where they’ve stayed.

And they are not coming back.

Added to the nightmare is the local supermarkets and online retailers like Boohoo, Amazon and top supermarkets are paying better wages than hospitality.

Hotel staff are spending time multi-tasking, doing manual administration and tasks not originally in their job description.

And not focusing on their area of expertise or looking after the guest experience, which doesn’t always allow for an engaged workforce.

The only solution to this dilemma is using technology that powers your guest experience from beginning to end.

You can’t avoid it any longer – you need to make better and more efficient use of technology that will save your staff from doing time-consuming jobs and manual tasks,

Here are pain points that we hear time and again.

Will occupancy return to 2019 levels?

Does it matter?

You need to be at the top of your game regardless.

Staycations are booming at the moment, but are they going to be consistent?

The travel industry is going to change as international travel opens up and occupancy rates are bound to improve.

  • Have you ensured your technology will future-proof your business?
QR resurgence
QR Smartphone resurgence ( Dummy )
  • Technology has changed hospitality forever.

    The hospitality industry has relied on manual processes and staff to operate hotels and restaurants. Progressive Web APP’s (PWA) are designed specifically for the Smartphone user.

Does your hotel still rely on these manual processes ? you’re behind the curve.

Technology such as contactless check-in, APP food-ordering , Room service and bookings are now the norm, and will be expected by a large portion of your target market, ON THEIR SMARTPHONE.

  • A number of hotels have technology at their fingertips they aren’t making the most of. Having an integrated CRM system, for example, can be a powerful tool to use your guests data to market to them using upselling and cross-selling campaigns, using SMS and APP notifications allied to digital loyalty cards.

  • The technology available for your hotel can change the way you speak to your customers, and generate more revenue for you.
Room service
Room service off your clients phone
  • New normal and Covid readiness

    Covid has changed the face of the hospitality industry forever.
  • Guests are more concerned about safety than they have been before, and you need to make sure your hotel is as safe and reassuring for nervous guests as possible.

  • Using contactless technology, for example, will reduce the points of human-to-human contact, putting your guests at ease.
  • It also focuses on business flow, logic and touch points for happier customers within your Hotel.
CRM connected to APP
CRM connected to APP
  • The online experience is not about googled websites !

    According to our research, 55% of millennials research their holiday destinations on Facebook or Instagram.

  • You need to ensure that your online platforms (APP and social media presence) are accessible and enticing, and will draw your target market’s attention to choosing your hotel for their stay.
Social media share
Shareable discounts and promotions

  • APP in APP tools are essential for clients sharing your deals, vouchers, promotions and loyalty card naturally on social media.
Point your camera to QR
Instantly connect paper to Smart phone
  • Adopting social media as your natural APP distribution ledger is dramatically different to the tactics of SEO and Google search

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/wnicholls
Email: admin@maltix.co.uk

Book a Zoom call. Directors only please.

My Realtor brokerage was strangled by my Agents.

Summer Hopkins
Summer Hopkins realtor.
changes in my industry.
Mrs Summer Hopkins

Summer Hopkins is a Registered Realtor from Mississauga Toronto.

She was asked to write an article for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce after addressing the needs of fellow Realtors online.

This article was consequently published on subscription Newswire.

“If we do what we always done, were going to get what we always got”

That was the opening conclusion in a pretty damming report of MY business !

I was in tears and angry for 2 days and two nights.

We firstly identified 5 problems in the business using a smart consultancy service registered with the certified management of consultants (CMC) 

My mindset had to change and it started when I sacked my marketing manager.

He simply refused to change our quite expensive strategy.

That was really tough, he had worked for me for 8 years.

Problems identified by the certified management consultancy.

Intermittent inventory levels.

Online competition.

Not addressing the needs of a Smartphone user.

High marketing budgets.

Poor database management.

My Realtor brokerage was strangled by my Agents.

The changes are very much work in progress, to be honest it was a struggle to transform old practices in our office alongside communications.

The first task was going paperless. Removing the printer was a massive change.

It’s as if a cooker had been wrenched out of our kitchen!

The next big change was putting our entire database into a CRM.

That took a long time to literally handball all history, names, telephone numbers, emails and addresses into one cloud system and then joining to an accountancy package.

We opted for Xero.

The training for Agents to use the CRM resulted in a couple more casualties I’m afraid.

But we are getting there, the changes are being managed by younger team members who have rapidly risen through the ranks.

The speed they get stuff done is mesmerising, its as if all the time they spend on social media is just an extension of what they achieve at work!

Very impressive.

Our inventory levels have grown by 16% in 8 months and the marketing budget has dropped significantly.

Our attention to detail with client Smartphone communications pays dividends through natural online marketing.

I’m pleased and happy to share.

The next phase is quite revolutionary, we are copying trends from other markets.

Listen out for an update in a few months time.

Summer Hopkins is a registered realtor, business woman and writer.

Our in house food APP trebled repeat Hotel business.

Chris Cintron
Chris Cintron Hotelier

Chris Cintron. Hotelier New York.

Hotelier, evangelist and publicist.

It’s been a tough 18 months but we had time to think and do some Hotel upgrades that needed getting on top of.

That’s done now along with a new booking system and food order system.

The bit we nearly missed was a food delivery app. I resented the charges of Uber eat and the like and researched the idea of a food delivery app.

Initially I was so desperate to keep my kitchens rolling and retain some good people, I was only thinking delivery within a few blocks to give the staff work.

That went fine, we continued with 2 delivery companies initially and put our app details inside the delivery packaging using a QR code.

We toyed with the words but ended up with “next time order here for a free beer “

Something we were not expecting began to emerge.

We hesitantly opened the Hotel with closed restaurants on special deals, we put the app QR code in the rooms for room delivery only.

So not only did we get orders from downtown, we also got orders from our own Hotel rooms.

By chance the app we opted for doesn’t have to be downloaded from the app store and once it has been used once we can send out notifications.

I was talking to the Chef team about the surprise we were experiencing, and Doodle, the pastry chef said ” Lets put our signature dessert dishes on the app”

In the next breath he said ” Cornhusk Meringue and a thang for Ma’am”

What he meant was, promote special room rates alongside the food.

With over 800 orders off the app we can now send regular notifications through the app right onto the clients phone.

Yeah, although we were not monitoring repeat business as well as we should, now we can see it and its working !

 London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful.

Chris Cintron. Hotelier New York.

Hotelier, evangelist and publicist.

Food delivery APP’s guarantee a loss making restaurant.

Chef fighting back

“With delivery sales as much as 70-80% of restaurant sales, the delivery companies are now taking 18-30% of restaurant revenues”

Deliveroo, Hub Grub, Uber Eats and the like enjoy huge growth on the back of restaurants who are trapped by the problems inside their business.

With an open mind, restaurants re- imagine a picture perfect secure future, illuminating real growth and profits for 2022

Open your eyes and watch your business grow with the happy faces of your customers repeat business.

Do these words resonate with you ?

“Food delivery companies offer good value because they do all our marketing” WRONG !

“Allowing food delivery companies open access to client data is cool with me” WRONG !!

” A food delivery app doesn’t work inside a restaurant ” WRONG !!!

” Ghost kitchens can’t steal my business, people trust our brand ” WRONG !!!!

” Hotels cannot use their own food delivery app inside their Hotel ” NUTS !

Introducing the restaurant Progressive Web APP ( PWA ) for Restaurants, Hotels and Ghost kitchens.

why pay 30%
Opting in to a 2.9 % delivery charge

Restaurants client data is theirs, it has incredible value.

Tune in to the sound of your till ringing, reach out and grasp your future with your own APP.

“Not taking responsibility of your own app is the equivalent of handing your restaurant booking diary, names and telephone numbers to your competition ”

Consider this, for the price of a modest piece of kitchen equipment, restaurants can take control of their future dreams and profits !

Delivery companies charge restaurants a minimum of 25-30% for their standard service of placing an order, picking it up and delivering it.

Ref: The Guardian.

Have you heard of this simple truth ?

Every delivery sale is a money-losing proposition for restaurants being forced to pay 25-30% to the delivery companies.

Ring a bell ?

Depending on “marketing and promotion” options, restaurants can pay even higher fees.

None pay lower.

When delivery sales were 5-10% of sales:

Delivery fees took 2-3% of total restaurant revenue.

With delivery sales at 70-80% of restaurant sales, the delivery companies are now taking 18-30% of restaurant revenues.

Given restaurants dependence on the delivery companies, governments examine the predatory pricing practices of the delivery companies.

Have you heard of restaurants being hood winked into signing contracts ?

Restaurants sign contracts with the delivery companies to become part of their platforms.

But the contracts all include a provision:

This allows restaurants to end the contract anytime they choose. Ref: Seattle times

When delivery-fee caps are imposed.

Restaurants can legally end their existing contracts and sign new ones at reduced commission fees.

Food delivery APP’s guarantee a loss making restaurant.

But Restaurants are fighting back for a sustainable APP delivery business.
Chef Leigh Say, Nosh Stalgia Restaurant Delivery app, England.

Sound familiar ? ” Over 80 delivery’s a week, averaging £22 per head.

“On a good week we took £7k and after food delivery costs , we never broke even “

“We now envisage clear and solid app delivery profitability & growth”

Looking forward to 2022

Restaurants fight back to see a sustainable APP delivery business of their own.

New cookie cutter Progressive Web APP (PWA) technology has burst onto the scene.

It’s relatively cheap and has all the tools for the individual restaurant or kitchen to manage their own APP delivery business.

The ongoing savings are revealing for the long term survival and success of any restaurant.

For the price of a modest piece of kitchen equipment, restaurants take control of their future dreams and profits.

View the benefits at a glance:

Stop handing your client data to another’s business model.

Retain your own client data for YOUR own balance sheet.

USE the delivery companies to establish your future marketing. ( Talk to a partner today )

Enjoy a new dawn of multiple subscription QR codes with ongoing expert advice.

Take control of quality delivery using your own staff.

Become all ears to the power of multiple repeat business.

Envisage new profits with your own restaurant food delivery PWA that has a 2.9 % card payment fee using Apple Pay.

Focus on contactless client payment to all authorised staff.

Dream of a limitless food inventory.

Tap into APP order process functions.

Rely and trust the cast iron driver notification within your organisation.

Let us show you a focused picture of clear change for you restaurant.

Can you see your packaging carrying QR codes connecting to future deals on your app ?

Revealing repeat business through your Digital Loyalty card ?

Clear GEO fenced delivery areas ?

Latest client “touch it and they’ve got it app technology” no app store download required !

Your app appears and functions offline, tunnels, boats, poor reception etc ?


Book a call for more information.

The Real Estate industry is resting on its laurels.

Outsourced QR expertise for Estate Agents

It wasn’t that long ago that Estate Agent offices disappeared and consolidated on the back of huge jumps in interest rates.

Now we have a Government manipulated property market alongside money so cheap it beggars belief.

But those are not the Laurels under scrutiny today, this market could last for years and whether prices continue to rise or fall a bit, thats irrelevant to the Millennials aged 20 to 50.

Julia Skern observations as a new house owner purchased on her Smartphone.

“We are not old enough to remember any corrections or problems in the property markets, its a none sequitur in fact it’s a red herring.

Julia Skern posted her joy of discovering and purchasing her new house on her Smartphone.

A republished Newswire article.

I’m 33 years of age, I know !

red herring
Bayr ny Skeddan , my red door on the Herring Way Isle of Man.

The Real Estate industry is resting on its laurels.

More than 70 percent of today’s buyers search for homes online using their Smartphone.

From blockchain to quality video tours, technology is shaping the real estate industry for the better.

Now is the time to focus on the Millennials expectations and that will hedge against any bumps in the market place for sure.

They love moving pictures to send to their friends on social media and they adore connecting to QR codes for property videos.

If they love it, then Property Agents can feel their love with a little focus on change.

“I noticed a wee Agents window in my village had made the effort to connect to my phone, and I bought the house.”

An article from Julia Skern a surfing and observational writer originally from Cornwall who has just bought her first house on the Isle of Man.

Julian Skern: Newswire article 2021

Restaurant food is not enough.

An article focusing on clientele perception as a route to market.

Lord Sainsbury was the Chairman of a major supermarket chain in the UK.

He was once asked:

“Is the Sainsbury’s supermarket offering for the middle classes or for everybody “

He answered:


The interviewer stated categorically “His brand would be damaged irreparably”

Many argue to this day that the brand never recovered from that statement.

So how a Business owner or Chairman perceives his clientele is critically important.

Using restaurateurs as an example, it’s probable that route to market and the target clientele will define the prosperity of a huge swathe of eating establishments in the future.

Especially if a restaurateur wants to do business with the majority section of potential clientele on their smartphone.

Much like Lord Sainsbury defining his supermarkets were “a shop for all”

A Restaurateur must firstly define if he can afford to wait for the customers to return.

Because if he cannot he has choices.

Restaurant food is not enough.

One: Are we a dining restaurant only and probably go bust ?

Two: Can we offer take away food?

Three: Can we deliver food?

Many restaurants have chosen to wait, but they cannot wait any longer, they are bleeding cash.

Some food establishments have opted for somebody else’s business model such as Bolt or Wolt, Deliveroo, Just eat and the like.

The upside of this is that your target clientele or who you perceive as your new customer base is relatively happy ordering on their Smartphone.

The downside is that the Restaurateur is paying 30% of the food cost directly to somebody else’s business model.


The food delivery business model is built on data capitalisation.

In other words the individual Restaurateur is donating his/her client data to another business model for FREE.

Restaurateurs do have other options:

One: invest in their own delivery APP

Two: Use the features and components of the APP to satisfy their Smartphone user target audience.

Use QR, SMS, Notifications, Driver notification, digital loyalty card, low cost payment gateway, APP in APP hosting, opt for a non-downloadable Progressive Web APP

Three: Retain and recycle their clients data.

Launching a food delivery APP for profit.

PWA blog

Questions and Answers

PWA blog

How DARK kitchens steal food delivery business.

Ghost kitchen

ghost or DARK kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant.

Other names are virtual kitchenshadow kitchen or commissary kitchen.

Our favourite is DARK kitchen.

Sound much more sinister doesn’t it ?

Almost ominous.

A DARK kitchen differs from a virtual restaurant.

A DARK kitchen is not necessarily a restaurant brand in itself.

A kitchen space and facilities for more than one restaurant brand

With more than one food offering.

This kitchen contains the kitchen equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of restaurant meals.

And has no dining area for walk-in customers.

Lower costs incurred by using kitchen facilities located outside of high-rent, high-foot-trafficked urban locations.

Dark kitchens have emerged as a business model in response to the rapid growth in consumer demand for restaurant delivery meals.

This frees up parking taken by the delivery vehicles, and allows them to enter new postcodes at low cost.

An opportunity for DARK kitchens to develop multi ethnic menus.

Compete directly with established restaurants in their back yard.

Using a DARK kitchen allows established restaurants with dining-in service to expand their delivery operations without adding stress to the existing kitchen.

How to set up a dark kitchen
How to set up a dark kitchen

How DARK kitchens steal food delivery business.

Individuals can set up a DARK kitchen to start their own brand, which is identified with their own online restaurant.

Each DARK kitchen has its own Progressive Web APP on a set of sub domain names delivering singular food styles or multi offerings into specific postcode delivery areas.

Every takeaway container has a dedicated APP QR code on its lid with a clear call to action for repeat orders.

This is where the DARK side of owning a PWA really becomes distributive.

A Progressive Web APP is incredibly cheap to own and host.

There is no room for the vanity of restaurateurs .

Most restaurants actual name is easily forgotten.

Much more likely a Smartphone user will search Indian food Frogmore street or Pizza Cardiff west or Fish and chips Brighton seafront.

Perfect for the Black kitchen to weave its work.

All the tools for repeat business !

PWA investment
PWA investment

BLACK kitchen requirements.

Own their own Progressive Web APP.

Manage their own drivers.

Define their postcode area.

Control their own payment and banking.

Print QR codes onto sticky labels.

Retain their client DATA for SMS and notification campaigns.

Get creative with their integral Digital loyalty card.

Cook competitively price quality food.

Questions and Answers BLOG.

PWA blog

Launching a food delivery APP for profit BLOG.

PWA blog

Book a call or What’s APP

Launching a food delivery APP for profit.

Making the right commercial choices to invest in a food delivery APP is the start of an exciting journey.

Selecting a Progressive Web APP professionally hosted with well thought out components is one thing.

Launching a food delivery APP for success is another.

Take a Coffee break read and discover how to launch a food delivery PWA for PROFIT.

Restaurant premises.

Your PWA have it covered.

It has all the tools for:

Table booking .

Table service



QR in your restaurant is the new normal

Home Delivery.

Your decision to invest in a PWA food delivery system is probably based on the ridiculous delivery costs of the delivery companies.

30 % of your profits on every delivery is no joke.

And to make matters worse these companies are adding YOUR client data to their business model for valuation proposes.

You may also be looking to head off Ghost kitchens stealing your postcode business.

Our initial advice : Continue to use your food delivery companies to launch your own APP.

Having a plan based on best practice is essential.

The essential APP components are the tools of your trade:


Every client who downloads your PWA or even touches your PWA agree to future free notifications.

You can send notifications to everyone for free !


Early doors: 6 to 7 pm home delivery Monday to Thursday for 20% off

SMS included in your hosting package.

Add all new and existing telephone numbers to back office.


Order your Home delivery for the big game and receive a free £10 coupon for your next order.

Email marketing:


Export your emails into a regular newsletter campaign with coupons and deals

Digital loyalty cards.


Free bottle of wine with all order over £75

Free main course with your 5th order.

QR codes on your packaging.


Your PWA has a dedicated QR attached to it.

Print off QR onto sticky labels and attach to every single food delivery carton that leaves your premises.

Add a call to action: Order direct for 10% discount….forever.

Food home delivery APP Q & A

PWA blog

“Delivery packaging QR with a call to action”

Packaging QR

Click for investment guide:

Why pay 30% delivery fee

Get started with your new delivery APP book a call.

Food home delivery APP Q & A

Restaurant APP

Have you tallied up the actual cost of using a third party delivery company ?

No need to mention names, but we all know their business model is adding your clients DATA to their already mighty database.

Why would they want to do that ?

Because their business model is a future flotation on the Stock exchange or something similar.

Restaurant APP 2.9% transactional fee DEAL
2.9% delivery fee

Does it make sound business sense to manage the entire delivery process yourself?

Food home delivery APP Q & A

Q: Why was an APP so expensive to build and host?

A: Because the old Native APP was impossibly expensive to manufacture and distribute from the Apple store.

Q: So how can a complete APP delivery system be so cheap with Maltix?

A: Because Google invented a new technology called a progressive Web APP (PWA) that works on all devices at ultra high speed.

Q: Does £299 get the complete system built ?

A: YES !

Q: What do I get ?

A: A complete replication of just about any established delivery APP out there.

Q: What are the running costs?

A: £1.80 a day. Or in other words, your first daily order above £7.20 will cover it.

Q: How do I market my new APP?

A: Maltix provide QR codes that you print onto sticky labels for every food container and vehicles.

Q: How else can I market ?

A: No APP download required, it distributes freely on social media. Encourage your clients to share your digital loyalty promotions.

Q: Why would my clients use our own dedicated APP for future orders ?

Digital loyalty card
Digital loyalty card

A: Because you have a built in Digital loyalty card.

Q: How does a Digital Loyalty card work?

A: You decide. For example. Free main-course with your 5th order. Or free bottle of wine when you spend £75. 20% off 6 to 7pm deliveries Monday to Thursday. Get creative !

Q: How do we track clients using the Digital loyalty card?

A: It’s built into the management system.

Stripe connected to Apple Pay

Q: How do we get paid ?

A: APP order payment system takes all payment gateways through Apple Pay.

Q: What are the transactional costs of payment?

A: Stripe negotiated 2.9% plus 20 to 30 cents per transaction.

Q: Can designated delivery drivers take secure payments as well ?

A: Yes through their Smartphone to your designated bank account.

Q: How do we control the delivery area?

A: Easy to use drag and drop Geo fencing feature in back office.

Q: How do delivery drivers gets notified ?

A: Rotated designated drivers receive email and SMS.

Q: Can I send messages and promotions ?

A: Every single client who touches your APP agrees to future notifications.

An APP with SMS
An APP with SMS

Q: Can we SMS ?

A: Yes free 200 SMS included in your hosting.

Q: Can I use the APP in my restaurant?

A: Yes. For table order and table booking.

Q: Internet connectivity varies in my area, does this matter?

A: No. The Maltix PWA has a “work offline feature” All orders are retained.

Q: I have multiple kitchens, do I need an APP for each area?

A: Probably. But lets talk about that.

Launching a food delivery APP for profit BLOG.

PWA blog

Any questions not answered ?

Want your own Food delivery APP ?

Book a call now.

QR enabled food delivery brochure.

Eventbrite: What is a Progressive APP ?

Maltix Eventbrite
Maltix Eventbrite
Join for a FREE live information share EVENT

Why the new generation Progressive Web APP is so important for small business.

An unrecorded live ZOOM EVENT:

Learn the difference between old APP and the new APP technology for small business.

Why a Progressive Web APP is such good value to build and host.

How to leap frog your competition and launch headlong into the new Smartphone generation.

And discover why every small business needs a PWA as we escape furlough for future survival and growth .

Will Nicholls
Director of Maltix.co.uk

Detailed Mind map for every attendant !

Restaurant food delivery APP

Restaurant APP

Things are looking up.

Mobile usage has increased by over 70% since before the pandemic, and people have come to expect a mobile-first way to engage with the businesses around them. 

The weather is getting warmer, and we’re starting to see the light at the end of the (very long) COVID tunnel. 

That’s why at Maltix, we are offering a very special, limited deal to help you power up your business as we get through the pandemic, and beyond:

For the next 72 hours only, we create the perfect delivery APP for your restaurant.

Restaurant booking PWA DEAL!

Restaurant food delivery APP

Onboard today, book a 30 minute chat below.

Delivery companies such as BOLT, UBER EATS etc charge 20 to 30% ( OUCH )

For £299 Maltix will create the perfect delivery APP and you only pay 2.9% for each transaction.

Includes Apple Pay to your bank.

Limitless inventory.

Order process function.

Driver notification.

Digital loyalty card.

GEO fencing delivery area.

And more !

An APP that acts as a tool for customer engagement and conversion…..Powerful indeed.

Alternate text

An APP that’s accessible via a single click – no APP stores required.

An APP that can be accessed simply by scanning a QR code.

Just as a reminder, here are some of the features you’ll get in your Restaurant delivery APP

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Create A Digital Loyalty Card

PWA loyalty card

Retain your customers with Maltix Progressive Web APP’s

Create A Digital Loyalty Card

Did you know that increasing customer retention by just 5% may boost your profits by 25% to 95%? 

With our loyalty card feature, you can improve your return on investment and keep your customers satisfied long-term.

Digital loyalty card for your business.

All included in your hosting package

Redeemed on an authorised mobile phone or tablet in house or online.

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