Self service and customer service can now work hand-in-hand for the first time.

Building an online customer community was the preserve of a specific online customer community.

Self service and customer service can now work hand in hand for the first time.

Google has recently developed a new code to build Progressive Web APPS. (PWA)

This has changed everything.

The PWA can now be co-joined to an existing website address that instantly defaults to every clients Smartphone platform.

Many of a websites components seamlessly work much more efficiently on a the PWA.

Offline and online !

A PWA linked to customer service portal opens up social media as a distribution ledger.

PWA in 2021
on-board for your PWA
Free On-boarding for your information collection sheet.

Website and over reliant self service platforms really ticks off the Millennial Smartphone user.

Smartphone users insist on immediacy 

websites rarely deliver anything other than self service.

What has changed and why so quickly?

Customer communities are always essential for driving increased sales.

Some customers like to access knowledge banks and forums , practice self-service customer service, and engage with each and other experts.

The Smartphone user is not happy, they want immediacy and accountability.

And complete the entire A TO Z of a transaction on their Smartphone.

Smartphone customers are increasingly reactive to poorly-customised customer service.

Overly self service is not good.

Smartphone users are duplicitous.

They insist on immediately interaction with your offering.

Customer service is toast on the average website
Customer service is toast on the average website

Smartphone purchasing FACTS

95% of consumers say customer service is a crucial factor in their purchasing decisions and their feelings of satisfaction with a purchase.

90% of customers will never purchase from a brand they have received poor quality customer service from.

50% of customers make additional purchases from a firm following good quality customer service experiences.

The majority tool for interaction is now the Smartphone.

The majority of customers:

Who go on to purchase from a competing brand do so as a direct result of receiving poor quality customer service from their first-choice provider.

Only excellent customer service creates the referral
Only excellent customer service creates the referral

Creating and maintaining a high-quality online customer communities has become a coupled strategy in just a few months.

The PWA has smashed the pot in just 18 months.

The sheer volume of Smartphone only transactions is testament to future customer service from 2021.

Traditional online customer communities are web-based gathering and communication spaces.

Conduct A to Z on your customer smartphone or you are toast

The typical Smartphone millennial wants a lot more.

The PWA and its inclusive rich components, free up social media to become a distribution ledger for the first time.

Online customer communities

Alongside the new PWA.

Improve returns on marketing investment by as much as 67%.

What is the new online customer community?

Its a dual strategy of customer communities and the integral components of Smartphone PWA two way comms.

2 way PWA comms frees up the client to distribute on social media on your behalf.

How is all this incoming and outgoing data managed ?

Chat, form pages, email, text, comms, digital documents, QR, promotions, newsletter and more are stored next to the clients details forever.

This ensures a company retains control of its data.

The Millennial’s have new needs.

Firms that prioritise customer service through a dual strategy out-strip their competition and increase online revenues.

This strategy focuses on the referral.

Users have expectations on complex business completions using only their Smartphone

A to Z completion of business is expected on the Smartphone

Three-quarters of consumers make purchasing decisions based on past customer service experience.

85% will pay more for goods/services if the associated service experience is of a high-quality.

Customers’ satisfaction with the service experience depends on direct conversations with customer service representatives and senior staff in the blink of an eye.

Once a staff member has been assigned to them.

They prefer to continue dialogue with that person.

The Comm’s channels can mix

It could be CHAT, Notification or SMS reply, Smart Form page, email, Social media call, Whats APP, Telephone call.

All information is recorded within the CRM

Your client expects you to know and remember !

Their level of engagement with the brand and the presence of positive social proof with accessibility of self-serve customer service is critical.

The ability to give feedback and make suggestions about future products and services:

Critical elements of customers’ overall feelings of satisfaction.

Directly related to customer service.

Online customer communities alongside PWA components dramatically improve direct customer service satisfaction.

What about small businesses ?

A PWA is cheap to build and a host.
A golden opportunity for small business to focus and build their sales through first class customer service.

A PWA is cheap to build and a host.
Its a golden opportunity for small business to focus and build their sales through first class customer service

Tolerance for customer service delays is dramatically decreasing.

Two-thirds of consumers expect less than two minutes of wait time.

One out of seven consumers expecting no wait whatsoever in satisfactory service.

Well-built online customer communities enhance customer engagement for sure.

Highly engaged consumers are likely to feel satisfied by a brand or product/service.

Disengaged consumers feel dissatisfied.

This substantial increase in customer engagement has significant positive impacts on a firm’s profitability, revenue, and relationship progression.

Highly engaged customers contribute almost one-quarter of a firm’s revenue.

An online customer community in conjunction with a PWA is a centralised location for gathering & displaying social proof.

The word “centralised” is important:

Every single tiny transaction of information is stored against the client or potential client details within a CRM.

User-generated content is the best form of social proof.

Imagine now using direct PWA with direct APP share alongside the communication components of the APP.

Directly onto social media.

Consumers want personalised, self-serve sales funnels with real time APP based correspondence.

The days of 80% of B2C buyers only shopping where they have access to a customised content portal is over.

Over 54% of B2B purchasers demand improved customer service on their Smartphone.

24/7 customer service
linked to PWA functionality

A PWA endorses your brand advocates.

As many as 85% of brand advocates say they would distribute pertinent and useful incoming PWA information and promotions to their connection on social media

Two-thirds of companies use their communities in conjunction with PWA components.

PWA specific push SMS, notifications and CHAT.

Now they can generate ideas about new products or service features with rewards driven PWA components.

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