Retail PWA

Share QR code with friends and family with your retail PWA
Customers can share their order QR code easily with friends, family and loved ones to enjoy the same meal they ordered. It will help to verify the previous customers and the orders delivered by the store.

Promotions & Offers

Re-engagement of customers.
Create campaigns for special offers, upcoming events, happy hours, family deals etc. and publish them. Create coupons and distribute them to promote the limited offers to the consumers.

Social Media Marketing – SMM

Easily share your business.
You can broadcast your business in online ads, QR codes, text messages and on Facebook. User can launch the web app by clicking the URL.

Loyalty Feature

Level up the excitement.
By using this feature, create enthusiasm among the store’s customers to pay visits to your store again and again.

Online Customer Support

24/7 support with chatbot
Chatbot feature enables 24/7 support desk and offer comfort and ease to the customers by giving them the real-time assistance.

Push Notifications

Increase reach to consumers.
The push notifications convey your customers the on-gong offers and promotions at present quickly and in at best times.

Marketing via SMS Service

Low cost and many great benefits.
Reach out to your consumers for promotions and marketing purposes easily through SMS which boosts up customer engagement.

Data Analytics for Better Revenue

Customize offers and services.
Improve your sales and by capturing, observing and analyzing data of items such as best-selling products and the most favorite product in each month with Data Analytics in the web app.

Store’s Reviews

Reviews empower your business.
This feature helps showcase your reputation, built by the previous customers, to the new consumers.

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