Real Estate Video & QR.

Free QR connected to a sophisticated property landing page

Join us in the Global Linkedin experiment to get more connections and more social media property shares on your prospects smartphone.

All we require is a link to one of the properties in your portfolio

First name: Last name: Telephone: Property link: Email: Note:

The 3 steps to become a “Smartphone first” Estate Agent.

The combination of QR VIDEO and Smart landing pages in 3 simple steps.

This is the glue that makes it all happen on the clients Smartphone.

Click smartwatch below

Invest in this templated Video Momenzo APP on all your field agents smartphones.

It’s epic!

Click the smartwatch and check out just how incredible this templated Video creation APP is going to be in your business.

property agents video APP
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The code inside the Access page for Momenzo only works when capitalised

Momenzo Video maker 10% off Live Link

Woodley example QR code direct to your Momenzo VIDEOS.

Smart QR with “Call to action” from your window displays, smart brochures and signage.

Scan Woodley and imagine this quality on your clients Smartphone

Over 1000 scans
New in UK

Invest in a rolling subscription programme with the QR experts.

How many properties on your books are live for sale or rent at any one time ?

Scan for pricing options.

UK live Link here GLOBAL here

Step three

Or book a time that suits you directly with a Maltix Partner.

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