Real estate APP Video & QR combination.

The new Progressive Web APP (PWA) for Property Agents in combination with smart QR subscription joined to Momenzo property video templates

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The 3 steps to become a “Smartphone first” Estate Agent.

A QR enabled education tutorial. 23/09/2021

What delighted clients are saying about their Estate Agents APP

Listen to their delight!

No nonsense advice for Directors and Owners of Estate Agents

The changes to manage within your business.

The combination of VIDEO, QR and PWA in 3 simple steps.

This is the glue that makes it all happen on the clients Smartphone.

Click smartwatch below

Invest in this templated video Momenzo APP on all your field agents smartphones.

It’s epic!

Click the smartwatch and check out just how incredible this templated Video creation APP is going to be in your business.

property agents video APP
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Momenzo Smartphone friendly Scan me

Woodley example QR code direct to your Momenzo VIDEOS from your window displays and smart brochures,

Scan Woodley and imagine this quality on your clients Smartphone


Invest in a rolling subscription programme with the QR experts.

How many properties are live for sale or rent at any one time ?

Scan for pricing options.

Step three

Talk with a Partner expert about the Progressive Web App journey that suits the size of your business.

Ask yourself how many APP users do you envisage per month ?

Book your call:

A local Maltix expert will contact you.

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

Or book a time that suits you directly with a Maltix Partner.

Whats included in your PWA ?
A Progressive Web APP has all the tools of your trade in one hosting package

In-App catalogue

Turn your estate agent window into a Mecca of video and appointment bookings 24/7

Setting up new properties, adding images, updating locations and prices has never been this easy.

Digitalise your printed catalogues and make your mark in your dealers vicinity.

Offline Property Lookup

Offer your services without an internet connection.
It offers them an effortless interaction and gets there inner “Yes” out in less time.

Feed-backs & Review desk

Property comparison facility became easy.
Allow clients to check rates, feedbacks and reviews of different properties, locations, and compare them with other estate agents easily.

Easy Appointments

In-App appointment, booking and calendar system.

Bespoke build available.

Appointedd is the world leading solution included in your PWA hosting package.

Social Media Marketing Option

Uncomplicated business sharing.

Your PWA runs on the same website address as your website.
Users can browse the web APP by launching it using a URL.

This option enables you to share your business on Facebook, via QR codes, text messages and online ads.

Data Analytics for Better Revenue

Services customisation.
Advanced Data Analytics enables you to capture, observe, and compute the data that can help you market your business on the Smartphone.

Geo Locations

Lookup different properties online or offline.

An exceptionally cool feature!
Property locations can easily be found by the clients using Geo location.

SMS Broadcasting

Enjoy great benefits at a value rates.
Reaching customers for promotions and marketing via SMS empowers your customer engagement and your personal connection with them. More detail.

Help Desk and CHAT room.

Optional 24/7 or office hours client support CHAT desk.
Real-time assistance answering the demands of the Smartphone generation.

Transfer them with ease whilst checking properties on your PWA.

Smart form pages.

The standard Progressive Web APP has form pages or contact forms in the hosting package.

All PWA owners have more advanced options to connect directly to a CRM from both their Website and the PWA.

All client information can be requested voluntarily or not.

Email, address, telephone no, etc etc.

Ideal for building a newsletter data base.

So for example, a client can pay seamlessly off a smart form page or they can sign a document using APP in APP features as recommended by Maltix.

All is automatically stored inside the CRM using smart form technology.


QR has many connection options, but when we connect QR directly to the PWA, all the client facing functionality is in one place.

AS an example, QR can connect to a video directly or connect to the PWA and Website where the video is also stored.

Push Notifications

Reach the clients efficiently.
The push notifications are a great way to convey day to day promotions and offers to the customers and create enthusiasm to come set an appointment.

New instructions.

Mortgage offers

Price reductions

Free cup of coffee!!!!

Whatever you invent, it goes to your clients and their friends on social media in a jiffy!

Offers and Promotions

Repetitive engagement of customers
Mesmerize your customers by creating campaigns for nearby events, special offers, popular locations and publish them.

Coupon codes creation.

Loyalty cards for repeat business, even years apart!

Distribution and promotion of discounted services just became easier with a new Real Estate PWA.

PWA blog

Guest Blog link. An article written by a Millennial on why she chose a particular Estate Agent to purchase her first property.

We think she was talking about connecting her Smartphone to videos in the shop window.

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