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The worlds first printable and reusable EVENT platform available within the Maltix QR Business Application plan. Fully serviced and updated regularly by your Virtual Assistant via CHAT

The Maltix QR Business Application plan opens multiple QR windows to your business

Maltix QR landing pages

The Maltix EVENT platform is free for anyone who has something to say.

For those of your running online or offline EVENTS, this is a Breakfast QR EVENTS invite and changes every week

Book admin@maltix.co.uk

Adding Your EVENT link. Some of us have a EVENT permalink that never changes

Others use a new link every time, thats fine just whizz it off to your VA or ask within CHAT and then test

How to Distribute your EVENT platform

EVENT permanent QR published inside your PhoneSite and printed on all your stationery.

You will notice that the URL is always the same

vCard example click the 2nd globe

PhoneSite example EVENT can be placed in Carousel

How to SHARE EVENT QR Visit the CHAT room Knowledge BASE

The difference is that this QR always stays the same, perfect for phone share or print.

Subscription QR means that every EVENT is Bespoke and the QR is constant.

At LAST ! your EVENT and your PRINT is accountable!

Statistically speaking!

SCAN or CLICK Using GENERIC Call to action for PRINT

Sonia Lambert QR Events page

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