QR connect to PWA ideas

“You cannot manage what you do not measure”

A new Holistic customer services approach to business with the Millennial generation aged 20 to 50.

The components of a PWA
The all new Progressive Web APP or PWA

The Smartphone connected to a PWA offers an holistic solution and allows any organisation to manage their incoming Smartphone data professionally.

“With the CRM detailed to manage all scenarios it becomes an extraordinarily valuable repository for customer service”

The tools of a PWA in business
The tools of a PWA in business are ready for take off

The functionality is included in your Maltix PWA hosting package whether you see the value or not.

It’s there waiting for you to grow into it.

And we have an all inclusive long term advisory strategy for you.

We share industry specific best practice.

This schematic is a concise overview of all the possibilities from within your Progressive Web APP.

These are the components you can utilise to sequest and augment voluntary change in your business for customer service and profit.

Connecting your PWA to QR codes for the complete data management solution from Maltix
This is an indication of all possibilities from your PWA

This is a very useful aid prompt, pick out the ideas you might like your QR to point to off your Smart Brochure or from your premises and the results are emailed directly to you.

Touch points are important when using the components of a modern PWA

Managing the touch points of your organisation on your clients Smartphone.

What is a touch point ?

Any encounter where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions

Touch points are complex especially when you include the needs of the Millennial.

They expect you to handle EVERY touch point for their business in just one place.

Maltix builds your business touch points into your PWA.

We have a Free on-boarding process

Touch-points manage your clients needs and resolve potential customer service issues before they even start.

80% of your business touch points are on the Smartphone.

Customer Service on the Smartphone.

What customer service are the millennial’s looking for on their device ?

What customer service are the millennial's looking for on their device ?

Opportunity to share on social media.

Added micro and macro value and reward, deals and promotions.

Instantaneous correspondence.

Immediacy with all your touch points.

Instant previous correspondence retrieval.

Ability to access your information off line.

A to Z completion of the sale on the Smartphone, including Telephony, CHAT, Form page, Bank, Documents signature, Delivery.

Millennial’s rely on the surety that all previous correspondence is remembered by you.

Your Customers and pre-customers are judging your competence.

Smartphone users judge your customer service on their Smartphone

This is the new Pantheon of business for the Millennial, you are being arbitrarily judged on customer service and your ability to manage their DATA from day one to completion.

On-board for free

If you are well connected to the small business community and have the foresight to introduce PWA, QR and consequential data management, lets talk

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