QR brochure

Brochure on Contactless QR paper codes and what they connect to.

Maltix joins up all the clever stuff for £19.99 The best £20 you ever spent

A starter solution:

ORDER here, we will contact you to confirm details

DEAL: Maltix connect a QR code to a Smart Form that automatically updates your CRM ( FREE CRM trial required )

A 12 month QR solution:

QR possibilities
QR possibilities

Get your 12 month digital deal today 200 codes to print from your offices, connected to suggestions from our advisory team.

Or quarterly print deals where we post direct to your offices.

Place your order and we will send you simple documentation to onboard via email.

Best practice and industry share advice comes as standard with your order for 12 months.

200 QR codes over a 12 month period.

A property agent example:

As a start point you can instruct agents in the field to start using this very simple Video APP built for Property agents.

It has lots of templates designed for the property industry.

Discount codes are sometimes available from Maltix usually distributed via searchable Blogs.


We will connect each video to a QR code to display in your shop window.

Once you payment has been processed, the Maltix Smart Form pages ask where you would like the QR codes to connect on the internet.

If you have a spreadsheet with multiple codes to be built, please email : print@maltix.co.uk

Add a valid link for each QR code you require, simple dimples.

USE CHAT if you have any questions

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