PWA Nightclub

In-App Gallery

Show events and club look
Add photos, videos, music, live radio for all the events in the gallery.

Showcase performers on stage.

Manage CMS

Make it catchy.
Backoffice management, live and instant.

Offline Content Availability

Events Management

Let your clients explore.
Post upcoming events to engage maximum customers.

Online Table and Entry Reservation

Help them book their slots.

World leading bespoke Appointedd booking system is included in the hosting package.

Maltix third party integration helps customers to book their slots and allows them to skip the long queues to reserve their booking for their favourite events.

Online Pre-Booking Option

Skip the long queues with Appointedd
Online-pre-booking feature will help customers to book their tickets for events and shows online without waiting outside the club and waiting in the long queues.

Scan QR Codes

Share QR codes with friends, family, and loved ones!

The customers can share their event QR codes with their family and friends in order to let them enjoy the same benefits.

Unlimited share on social media

This helps you verify the customer and provide the same services to their referred clients.

Offers and Promotions

Re-engage old customers.
Create campaigns for your upcoming events, special discounts and other services, and publish them.

You can also create coupon codes to promote limited and special offers.

Create A Digital Loyalty Card

Did you know that increasing customer retention by just 5% may boost your profits by 25% to 95%? With our loyalty card feature, you can improve your return on investment and keep your customers satisfied long-term.

Social Media Marketing Feature

Sharing your business made easy now with Maltix PWA

Share URLs in online ads, Facebook, QR codes and text messages and let your customers visit your PWA by clicking the URL.

Loyalty Program

Create Enthusiasm.
Clubs can create enthusiasm among their customer to visit their clubs again and again.

Chatbot Help

24/7 customer support desk
Chatbots will assist users 24/7 with any issues or information they want assistance in.

This real-time assistance provides your customers with the ease and comfort that brings them closer to the club.

Push Notification

Approach the customer efficiently.

The push notifications feature in your PWA helps to reach your customers quickly in real time and convey them your current offers and promotions.

In-App SMS Marketing

Enjoy great benefits at a low cost.
Easy approach to your customers for promotions and marketing purposes via SMS strengthens your customer engagement.

Improve Revenue with Data Analytics

Customise your offers and services.

Advanced Data Analytics enables you to capture, observe, and compute the data that can help you improve your club statistics with such as you best events, and best engagement days real time.

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