PWA Guide from Maltix

PWA Guide from Maltix

5 minute or 15 minute read depending on the amount of information you require.

With massive sea change in our COVID 19 dominated lives, customers have undoubtedly become the ones to have the final word

Especially when it comes to setting certain rules and expectations.

Customer experience on a website or a mobile APP is crucial for determining the presence of a company or organisation.

It has to be fast and snappy otherwise the client will move on in an instant

Understanding this amazing new technology.

The benefits for your online and mobile phone business presence takes just 5 mins to grasp.

And 15 minutes to understand technically further down the page.

Benefits of Maltix Progressive Web APP’s SUMMARY 5 minutes.

Easy to produce and market – because one progressive web APP is enough for both desktop and mobile devices.

Production and time to market becomes easier.

PWA will completely remove old native technology, why?

Lower development and maintenance costs 

While a regular native APP is typically associated with higher development costs.

PWA’s are significantly cheaper to develop and maintain.

A single progressive web apps works for all operating systems!

Better visibility and SEO – compared to native APP’s.

PWA’s are actually indexed by search engines – which means that you can optimise them to enhance your visibility.

Look & feel of a native APP – PWAs combine the look and feel of a native mobile app with the full functionality and efficiency of website performance.

Offline mode – additionally, progressive web apps have the ability to fully operate even if there is no Internet connection. For users, this means that they can access their favourite app from anywhere, at anytime.

Saving add space 

With a Maltix PWA progressive web APP’s save a lot of space.

Compared to a regular native APP, PWAs can be up to 90% lighter

And they do not take valuable space on your clients phone.

Most old native APPS are deleted within days, they are as heavy as lead on the Smartphone.

PWA is up to 200 times lighter !

Faster loading speed – with improved performance, faster loading speed, reduced server load and mobile-first indexing.

It is no surprise that PWAs have higher engagement and conversions rates than their native counterpart.

There are many issues that most companies with a digital presence are facing.

Consumers expect an easy and interactive mobile experience, but are getting tired of downloading storage-hungry older native mobile applications.

Good Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) depends on a fast-loading and easily discoverable APP just like a website.

As a business, a body or a service you need a great performing portal for your products or services.

But you also need to keep costs low whilst providing timely updates via notifications and SMS.

PWAs are the future of the internet, taking the principles of website and application development and combining them into something infinitely more discoverable.

Easier to create and manage, and better for all-important SEO.

Progressive web APP’s take the web – which, let’s face it, wasn’t exactly designed with tiny, mobile screens in mind.

PWA guide from Maltix

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15 minutes more detail !

A PWA is a web-based application, delivered to a consumer at the URL they click.

This gives the experience of a mobile application without needing to be downloaded to a user’s device.

A user can also add PWAs to the home screen or start menu on their mobile phone.

From there, progressive web apps look identical to old native applications.

They launch in the same way, have a splash screen and icons with a full browser-less web browsing experience !

The Maltix PWA is a dramatic evolution of a mobile-friendly website.

PWA’s are discoverable and quickly accessible like normal websites, and give all the interactivity and customer engagement of a native mobile application.

They are more secure than normal websites.

And easily integrate with push notifications and the ability to browse and use offline.

Why should I consider a PWA over a mobile application or a standard website?

A Maltix PWA is a one-size fits all”

They work for visitors from desktops, laptops, or mobile devices of every size and make.

All these machines run a web browser able to load a PWA super quick.

Maltix WPA Apps adapt to the size of the device and don’t have to be downloaded!

Maltix PWAs can take up to 200 times less space on a device

Even when cached and added to a home screen, compared to a Native iOS application.

Caching of PWA content means that users can also revisit a PWA while they are offline.

In this way too, progressive web APP’s work like an older native mobile application from the App Store.

For the next step of our PWA guide important benefits:

1. More engaged, less frustrated, customers equal better conversion rates.

No more frustrated customers when mobile data connections are lost, and a signal is poor.
A cached PWA will keep functioning, meaning that customers stay engaged and keep browsing.

2. There’s no need for application store costs

Eliminating app store costs with progressive web apps

Progressive web APP’s are also easier to market than a mobile application, as they rely on a domain URL.

They don’t need to be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Listing on these application vendors costs money with the constant risk of app store rejection, that’s impossible with a PWA.

3. Updates are fast and simple, unlike native mobile application adjustments.

Progressive web APP’s solve the problem of needing to develop and maintain both mobile-compatible websites and mobile applications at the same time.

Building, maintaining, and updating a website and a mobile application simultaneously takes extra time, resources and financial commitment.

In fact, Maltix PWAs are significantly cheaper to develop than mobile applications and are as easy to update as a website.

There is no need to hire a pricey mobile application developer to go through a separate update development, or to wait for a lengthy app store approval process, to achieve an update.

Maltix PWAs use the newest capabilities of HTML5, too – making them quick and easy to update.

4. Maltix WPA’s are agile and improve time-to-market

And not only that, but where an update to a mobile application may need a user to re-download the entire app.

A progressive web app auto updates the cache and pages when the PWA loads up.

This is a highlight for the Maltix PWA

It means that users not only can access their app quickly and easily, but the time-to-market for businesses is fast.

5. PWAs consistently register better engagement and conversion rates.

When we launched Forbes magazine PWA it saw a six-fold increase in readers finishing articles and doubled its engagement rate.

And, for their website, a higher engagement rate which leads to a higher search engine optimisation score. 

Another feature that benefits SEO is the need for just one domain/URL rather than needing a specific mobile URL for a native application.

CMS Wire says that according to Lamda Test, companies like Treebo, Trivago, and Flipkart, all saw substantial improvements after moving to PWAs.

Treebo’s conversion rates increased four-fold.

Trivago saw a 97% increase in “click outs” on hotel deals.

Flipkart’s new customer growth has accelerated by 50%.

Komal Bhatia the engineering manager at PubNub, says:

“PWAs solve the shortcomings of a mobile web experience.

They bring the best characteristics of the mobile app experience to the web.”

Komal Bhatia of India’s largest e-commerce site Flipkart Lite was rebuilt as a PWA

The Ali Express PWA reportedly saw a 104% increase in conversion rates for new users. Mozilla points those unconvinced about choosing PWAs to the PWA Stats website for more case studies and fantastic brand results.

6. Maltix PWA Guide: Progressive Web Apps & SEO

The next part of our PWA guide is to see the impact of SEO on businesses.

Especially when it comes to progressive web apps vs native mobile apps.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the biggest sources of traffic a business could ever get to boost its digital presence.

If done right, it will bring hundreds of thousands of monthly visits, increasing the number of conversions and purchases.

7. A fast loading website is essential for Search Engine Google.

Early in 2018 mobile loading speed became a factor in organic search engine ranking.

Maltix PWAs can be pre-cached.

They load quickly as well as being almost instantaneous to access, without needing to be downloaded.

Mobile sites that load in less than two seconds have a 15% higher conversion rate.

Older Native mobile applications are not indexed by search engines whereas PWAs are, and they work across all devices.

As per Search Engine Watch, Lancome moved to a PWA in 2019 and saw site loading speeds improve by 84%.

Their conversion rates grew by 17%.

CMS Wire says App Institute reports that brands using PWAs achieved an average increase in mobile web traffic of 68% .

And PWAs load 15 times faster than native applications.

As well as a normal domain name, there are URLs for each page of a PWA making for even better, search engine indexable

Unlike native applications, website SEO techniques apply to PWAs

You can apply tactics you already know or ask your SEO expert to do it for you.

8. Progressive web apps are easier to market
As our Maltix PWA guide continues unwrapping key information.

Progressive web apps are easier to index by search engines.

A PWA can become your main website.

There’s no need to list separate links on your social media channels.

Simple QR codes,

9. PWAs are feature-full and more engaging

Push notifications are one of the most powerful tools currently available for engagement.

A simple functionality of a PWA through regular communication with your customer base.

PWAs can also run a geolocation API under HTTPS.

Securely track a user’s location if they allow it, great for demographic marketing capabilities.

And, they are compatible with media capture and editing APIs, as well as offering secure Bluetooth functionality.

10. Maltix PWA Guide: Browser compatibility for progressive web apps
Maltix Progressive web apps are compatible 

With Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and other popular browsers.

PWAs are fully compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

When PWAs arrived Apple’s iOS didn’t support something called “service workers” essential for running PWAs.

By March 2019 Apple had quietly added support for PWA technologies in iOS version 11.3 and this is the same for iOS 12 and 13.

This actually means that PWAs that behave like native applications can even be installed without Apple App Store approval.

Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 are even more supportive of PWAs.

This allows them to be installed like native mobile applications and uninstalled in the same way.

This is not possible on Chromium browsers but the PWA will have its own uninstall feature in a Chromium browser.

PWAs have much better integration with operating systems overall which delivers a more seamless user experience.

11. Maltix PWA build and functionality

Maltix PWAs can be built with standard web languages.

JavaScript, allows each page’s user interface and content to be altered and managed easily.

 We also also use a framework called Angular 4.0 created by Google for developers to create better web user experiences.

Much more similar to those of native, mobile, applications.

These new-digital age applications are created using Server Side Rendering (SSR)

A page can be indexed by the search engines.

But also using Client Side Rendering (CSR).

CSR means the PWAs JavaScript content can be downloaded in the background, cached, and enables the PWA to work offline.

There are three elements of a PWA build

The application shell which provides user experience, service workers for content accessibility, and JSON files call manifests.

The Maltix application shell has the interface build and components.

The second key component, service workers, are a major differential between traditional website build and cutting-edge PWAs.

They sit between the PWA and the browser.

This allows offline usage and are essential for push notification functionality and all-round improvements to user experience.

The service workers are both important to PWAs and to the new potential of the internet as they critically delivery the functionality of PWAs.

They are a script of code, or a JavaScript file, run by a browser behind the scenes.

They perform actions in response to events, like changes in connectivity and network requests, and work similarly to proxy servers.

Lastly, the manifest file contains the metadata used for listing in application stores and to enable the installation of a PWA on a home screen.

The file allows for better rendering of the application display on a device

And allows identifiable icons and the option to switch screen orientation on a mobile or tablet.

Consumers are adapting their expectations in line with technological development. They expect fast, easy to use, websites with the interactivity and functionality of mobile applications. And, they don’t want to be downloading new applications all the time.

Businesses and organisations need lower costs, refined technology stacks, less third-party vendors, and better SEO and conversion results.

Maltix PWAs are an all-round meeting consumer expectations of design and functionality, one-touch, quick-fire, interaction in a mobile first age. They are efficient and effective for businesses and are the new must-have for a digitally adept operation.
Thank you for reading the Maltix PWA guide.

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We wish we had used Capsule years ago as we’d be much better off now.

The cost is pretty small but the return we get is around 10 to 15 times bigger.

Dale Harris

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Dale Harris

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Great service and still improving all the time.

I first heard about CircleLoop a few years ago at a marketing event and was immediately intrigued.

The service is absolutely excellent – great call quality, reliability and pricing.

However, the thing that impresses me the most is the continual improvements. CircleLoop constantly adds thoughtful features and incremental improvements which really show that they care about the service and its users.

Quite probably the best VoIP service available.

Phil Rogers

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Integral CRM APP telephony as recommended by Maltix

Good System -Excellent Service

The whole experience from first contact to getting our numbers ported has been refreshingly different. Every phone call for help was met by knowledgeable, friendly support.
In particular the assistance from Sarah and Zac with the number porting was exceptional.
In use the system is different from a standard telephony paradigm but works well. Quality is good and the features serve our needs well.

Clive Corner


Integral CRM APP telephony recommended by Maltix

The Best Customer Service!

I’m a VA with a building client base and I manage to set up and remove numbers easily using the Windows or iPhone App but I had a technical issue when setting up voicemail for a new number. With any other IT or Service company, you are never able to speak to the same person, if you get to speak to anyone at all.

Circleloop customer service is definitely 5 stars worthy, lovely people and they stick with you until they solve the issue. Quick answers and quick resolutions.

I wish everyone treated their customers like a good mate who they’re keen to help! They all sound so happy to do their jobs!

Sarah Edwards


Integral CRM APP telephony as recommended by Maltix

I’ve been a Circle Loop user for over a year now and I’ve seen it grow from a straightforward call solution into something much greater.

Using CL has enabled me to manage my calls through one easy to use streamlined interface. I’m excited to see what new features the app gains next.

As a contractor, I’m often in a situation where its important to share my number with clients.

By using Circle Loop I can keep my primary phone number private whilst sharing my CL number with clients.

As my company grows with different departments (Development, UX, etc)

I can make new hires and allow them to use their private phone and install Circle Loop on their device.

This allows them to keep a device they are familiar with and remove the need to use a separate company phone.

At the moment, there are few negatives for me.

Circle Loop is competitively priced, has great customer support and a development team that is engaged with providing regular updates.


Stuart Preece


Maltix hosted-the tools of your trade

Brilliant team and service

Appointedd helped us immensely in navigating our way through the lockdown. We deliver performing arts clubs to 30+ schools so when they all closed we had to pivot our services online as quickly as possible.

After searching through many options we found Appointedd who’s structure seemed best suited to ours and with the help of some great support from Megan and others on the team we were up and running online within ONE WEEK.

Whenever I’ve had a technical query the team has responded within minutes.

We were able to deliver online clubs that our pupils loved throughout lockdown and are continuing to do so now for many who’s schools have not yet started offering clubs again.

I highly recommend Appointedd.

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Maltix hosted-the tools of your trade

An amazing 5* experience!

An amazing experience and i’m wondering why i havn’t found Appointedd before now!

I’m not the best on computers but it was so easy to use and Blair helped me check i’d set it up properly, 1st rate service!

I’m a psychic medium and with the ease of Appointedd I had my first day off in 4 years!

Thank you Blair and thank you Appointedd!

Feedback from clients has been 5* too as they’ve found no-nonsense easy booking.

Thank you again!


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Maltix hosted-the tools of your trade

Absolutely fantastic app

Absolutely fantastic app , I’ve been nothing but happy with the support and customer service is amazing , my small community interest company rely’s on this booking app to help with daily planning and running of my business .

Very easy to use and has a number of great additions , online payment , revenue…..the list goes on !!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this app to any businesses looking for a 5star booking system

Massive thanks from
Freestyle Fitness Borders CIC

Freestyle Fitness Borders


Maltix hosted – tools of your trade

The best tool I’ve used in my business

I can confidently say that it has been, without contest, the best tool I’ve used in my business so far.

Streamlining the process of arranging client appointments, reducing missed appointments and receiving feedback from clients.

I recommend Appointedd to every new business I speak to.

Alan Johnston


Appointedd booking systems

“Working with Appointedd is such a lovely experience. They made the decision to change providers so easy. Every single person that I’ve met on the Appointedd team has been outstanding. So easy to get on with – you just feel relaxed and at ease. I feel as if they actually care about what they do which is amazing, because that’s difficult to find these days.”Chris Greenwood – CIO, Mamas & Papas

Chris Greenwood


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