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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are fast and reliable web Apps that work on any browser. Based on a Apple, Google and Microsoft initiative.

PWA’s provide an installable, App-like experience on desktop whilst taking a mobile-first Approach.

Fast And Reliable:

APP users have come to expect reliability, which is why a PWA from Maltix must deliver a performance that is just as fast as the old native APP.

PWA load immediately, providing meaningful content and an interactive web experience in less that 5 seconds.


Since they’re also installable, PWA from Maltix look and behave like any other Native APP.

Instead of having to bookmark a browser tab, a PWA launches as a Native APP and runs like it, in a window without an address bar and with its own launching experience details such as a customised splash screen, icons, etc.

PWA uses up to 200 x less memory than a Native APP on a smartphone

A top-level App in the task switcher.

Mobile & Desktop:

Another advantage of choosing a PWA over a Native APP, is that thanks to responsive design techniques, they work on both mobile and desktop.

This becomes possible thanks to the use of a single code between platforms.

“These APP’s aren’t packaged and deployed through stores, they’re websites that took all the right vitamins

APP Store issues we avoid.

Lost in APP Store go, high number of competitors.

Poor positioning in a long list.

The cost it means for your company.

There is no wonder why 8 out of 10 APP’s never make it out of the Apple Store and a 60% of Google Play Apps have never even been downloaded.

It is important to note as well that there are more challenges to overcome when dealing with APP Stores, such as: a 30% Purchase Tax;

Limited communication with users that pay outside the APP Store.

Application updates routinely blocked;

Siri, HomePod, and Apple Watch competitors being locked out;

Apple customers not having a payment choice.

The store model is clearly not favourable to all those businesses developing Native APP’s, which is why many are getting rid of APP’s and migrating their client strategies to Progressive Web Applications.

PWA Maltix Solution:

Maltix uses the only platform in the world where you can launch and distribute a PWA on the same day, without needing an APP Store.

More importantly, there are no hidden fees along with the subscription you sign up for and the APP is entirely in the clients hands.

You can update and publish changes as and when you need it, avoiding any long approval process.

Installing Issues we avoid: PWA from Maltix

The on-boarding process for a Consumer Mobile Native APP is a journey with too many steps, which means you can lose an average of 20% of potential users in each one of them.

As an example, this is what could happen to a Native APP with a potential of 1000 downloads: •

The PWA Maltix Solution:

We provide a quick and unobtrusive on-boarding process.

Proven to increase our clients APP’s likelihood of success.

Your PWA goes direct to customer distribution via: SMS, email, a downloadable website widget, QR code for print and TV, and a social media short code that is great for print, radio and TV campaigns.

PWA build deal

SHOP SILVER with Real human onboarding

App Store Sales Fees we avoid:

The high revenue amounts Apple and Google count on are undeniable and they come from somewhere.

These two giants make billions through their mobile APP stores, charging a fee of around 30% of all sales to their collaborators, in exchange for providing a safe, trusted environment.

Why would any business be happy with a third party taking a 30% cut of their pre-tax revenues?

Considering this high cost, it is easy to wonder if they offer that much value or if there is another way to succeed.

The Maltix Solution:

The web is a safe place. In fact, one of the reasons why web standards take long to implement is their secure implementations.

This means there is, indeed, an alternative to Google and Apple APP Stores for customers and that is to take advantage of the recent PWA movement.

No real security advantages offered by Native APP’s, especially considering HTTPs is a requirement in any PWA from Maltix.

Apple Pay is just another payment provider.

The web has been monetised for over 25 years and the ability to receive money online is now easier than ever, especially within PWAs.

There are options for a third party payment gateway integrations such as real-time credit card methods, ACH, PayPal, and many others.

Taking advantage of this costs less than a 3% of your sales, which is evidently much lower than the 30% Apple takes.


Since Google introduced the APP indexing, now it’s also possible for users to receive link recommendations that directly refer to the contents of the installed APP using the Google search APP.

But for the user to benefit from this, certain requirements have to be met. Thus, a user must actually have installed the APP in order to click on the target site in it.

Website source code of the website editing

Deep links iOS and Android separately.

Big problem with Native APP

Integrated into the XML site map, so that the Google-bot can be made aware of them.

Quite a complicated expensive process.

Maltix solution:

For businesses to succeed online, they need to deliver engaging experiences in line with their needs.

Your PWA has the best chance to success thanks to the latest web capabilities we provide within our platform, such as the APP Discovery Optimisation.

PWAs are the only way to deliver user experiences on the web just as Native APP’s do but without their costs & restrictions.

With further development of Progressive Web Apps, there are many possibilities for SEO.

PWA shared through a link.

Browser friendly.

Which means search engines can also index these links. In conclusion, PWAs don’t have the distribution or discovery challenges of Native APP’s.

Updates Cost we avoid: PWA from Maltix

Different APP versions must be simultaneously developed.

Published, and maintained for the various operating systems.

Updates to the APP.

Through the appropriate APP Store

For each operating system !

Native APP’s costs are stratospheric.

Costs don’t involve just APP development, but also ongoing maintenance as operating updates happen often.

In addition to the actual CMS.

Native APPS are toast.

Far too expensive to manufacture and host. 

Talk to Maltix
Native APP’s are toast

WHY the old NATIVE APP inside the APP store is toast:

A single code base for all browsers and platforms.

Maltix Multi-Channel, Mobile first approach means that PWAs function on all platforms so no separate versions are needed for different end devices.

The result is that those development costs are significantly lower than with Native Apps. Also, updates don’t have to run through an APP store.

PWA auto standard with the help of service workers.

Via the publish button from within the Maltix platform.

Truly live updates at the push of a button!

Let’s go PWA !

PWA build deal

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  1. Awsome website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also.

    I am thinking of adding shopify onto a PWA
    its already done isnt it ?

    So i can use the extra Maltix PWA hosted stuff to focus on social media ?

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