The Partner Programme

Partner programme with Maltix.

A Global collection of like minded people who like to work from home and follow a proven procedure.

“Opportunity ideas do not lie around waiting to be discovered, such ideas need to be produced”

Edward de Bono

“Like minded Partners who have the aptitude to coach the cause and not the symptoms and have a commitment to the spoken word with senior business people.”

Fear is but a suggestion.

Maltix Partner Programme
The Maltix Partner Programme

Would you like to learn how you can make a fabulous living ?

Engaging a world class marketing system as a thought leader with wonderful products that help resolve the problems of small business.

Make contact, we would love to hear from you.

Our offer to small and medium sized business:

Two types of APP platforms depending on their planned growth.

Smart QR subscriptions ( To fire up your imagination go to )

First name: Last name: Email: Telephone: Note:

Progressive Web APP production is predicted to enjoy massive growth because of the needs of the smartphone generation.

Do you realise that Progressive Web APP’s are the future for business ?

Perfect for service professionals.

The future is APP in APP.

The hosting of great internal APP’s discerns the quality of the Progressive Web APP.

Do you get the fundamental importance of smartphone immediacy?

The certainty that social media can become the number one distribution ledger for business.

And that hosting solutions within a PWA can solve a multitude of business related problems.

And that QR has made a dramatic 30 year come back because of the new generation Smartphone.

With a library of associated solutions.

The development is largely done, its joining up the dots thats where the fun ( and money) is.

Are you keen on technology for small business ?

Understand how to make the complicated sound practical and practicable ?

Are you a leader rather than a follower ?

Enjoy telephone interaction with a global business community?

Perfectly comfortable picking up the phone within the sales and marketing training procedure.

Can you easily grasp business problems and pain and provide a solution ?

Are you looking for personal growth ?

Can you follow a proven sales and marketing procedure ?

Do you want to work for yourself but not by yourself ?

Joining things up

Do you like the idea of advising on hosted systems in the cloud ?

Taking ideas from our product portfolio and guiding clients through actual and third party stories ?

Get a buzz knowing that small business can benefit massively by addressing the smartphone generations requirements?

Do you like the challenge of solving business problems with APP technology ?

Can you see the value of small business controlling their data ?

A growing portfolio of many products associated with the needs of business.

A world class, life changing sales and marketing training programme.

Reading and research:

This is a whole new industry that you can simply tap into. 

Have you read the Maltix blog section ?

Used the Blog section as a searchable learning resource.

More recent blogs are articles that you will be using within your training.

Customer benefits of the PWA
Customer benefits of the PWA

The compelling benefits of Smartphone first technology


The partner programme requires business consultancy rather than technical ability.

It’s largely logic based.

With quality document share within SLACK.

A genuine open Slack community worldwide.

Smart form client payment on every product.

24 hour payment with your local currency.

Are you good with client rapport on-boarding processes?

How does a partner earn a handsome living?

Once new Partners are bedded in and the training is beginning to work we invite successful Partners into the CAPTAINS programme via SLACK.

Unique software that enables you to recruit countless advocates via Linked in

The scalability is profound.

Book a call with the Director of Maltix, lets make life change together.

A Captains recruitment infomercial.

Will Nicholls
Director of Maltix contact details
Partners page LINK

Completely FREE to join.

Documentation is shared to all partners via SLACK

Maltix partner programme for business Consultants who are well connected and enjoy the immediacy of tech on the Smartphone
Maltix partner programme.

PWA consequential data management

HubSpot: 19 of the Best Electronic Signature Apps

And companies are quickly realizing the benefits. The number of worldwide eSignature transactions jumped from 89 million in 2012 to 754 million in 2017. That’s a lot of contracts.
signable recommended by Maltix


PWA consequential data management solution

HR Curator: Digital onboarding is the answer to employee engagement

Digital onboarding improves productivity by 54% studies show

With the movement of many companies towards faster, more effective digital solutions, it’s no wonder digital onboarding is changing the way we integrate new employees.

digital contracts
Digital contract solutions

HR curator

PWA consequential data management from Maltix

We wish we had used Capsule years ago as we’d be much better off now.

The cost is pretty small but the return we get is around 10 to 15 times bigger.

Dale Harris

Director of Wholesale,


Dale Harris

Sales Director

Integral CRM APP telephony as recommended by Maltix

Great service and still improving all the time.

I first heard about CircleLoop a few years ago at a marketing event and was immediately intrigued.

The service is absolutely excellent – great call quality, reliability and pricing.

However, the thing that impresses me the most is the continual improvements. CircleLoop constantly adds thoughtful features and incremental improvements which really show that they care about the service and its users.

Quite probably the best VoIP service available.

Phil Rogers

Co Director

Integral CRM APP telephony as recommended by Maltix

Good System -Excellent Service

The whole experience from first contact to getting our numbers ported has been refreshingly different. Every phone call for help was met by knowledgeable, friendly support.
In particular the assistance from Sarah and Zac with the number porting was exceptional.
In use the system is different from a standard telephony paradigm but works well. Quality is good and the features serve our needs well.

Clive Corner


Integral CRM APP telephony recommended by Maltix

The Best Customer Service!

I’m a VA with a building client base and I manage to set up and remove numbers easily using the Windows or iPhone App but I had a technical issue when setting up voicemail for a new number. With any other IT or Service company, you are never able to speak to the same person, if you get to speak to anyone at all.

Circleloop customer service is definitely 5 stars worthy, lovely people and they stick with you until they solve the issue. Quick answers and quick resolutions.

I wish everyone treated their customers like a good mate who they’re keen to help! They all sound so happy to do their jobs!

Sarah Edwards


Integral CRM APP telephony as recommended by Maltix

I’ve been a Circle Loop user for over a year now and I’ve seen it grow from a straightforward call solution into something much greater.

Using CL has enabled me to manage my calls through one easy to use streamlined interface. I’m excited to see what new features the app gains next.

As a contractor, I’m often in a situation where its important to share my number with clients.

By using Circle Loop I can keep my primary phone number private whilst sharing my CL number with clients.

As my company grows with different departments (Development, UX, etc)

I can make new hires and allow them to use their private phone and install Circle Loop on their device.

This allows them to keep a device they are familiar with and remove the need to use a separate company phone.

At the moment, there are few negatives for me.

Circle Loop is competitively priced, has great customer support and a development team that is engaged with providing regular updates.


Stuart Preece


Maltix hosted-the tools of your trade

Brilliant team and service

Appointedd helped us immensely in navigating our way through the lockdown. We deliver performing arts clubs to 30+ schools so when they all closed we had to pivot our services online as quickly as possible.

After searching through many options we found Appointedd who’s structure seemed best suited to ours and with the help of some great support from Megan and others on the team we were up and running online within ONE WEEK.

Whenever I’ve had a technical query the team has responded within minutes.

We were able to deliver online clubs that our pupils loved throughout lockdown and are continuing to do so now for many who’s schools have not yet started offering clubs again.

I highly recommend Appointedd.

Ryan Barker


Maltix hosted-the tools of your trade

An amazing 5* experience!

An amazing experience and i’m wondering why i havn’t found Appointedd before now!

I’m not the best on computers but it was so easy to use and Blair helped me check i’d set it up properly, 1st rate service!

I’m a psychic medium and with the ease of Appointedd I had my first day off in 4 years!

Thank you Blair and thank you Appointedd!

Feedback from clients has been 5* too as they’ve found no-nonsense easy booking.

Thank you again!


Co Director

Maltix hosted-the tools of your trade

Absolutely fantastic app

Absolutely fantastic app , I’ve been nothing but happy with the support and customer service is amazing , my small community interest company rely’s on this booking app to help with daily planning and running of my business .

Very easy to use and has a number of great additions , online payment , revenue…..the list goes on !!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this app to any businesses looking for a 5star booking system

Massive thanks from
Freestyle Fitness Borders CIC

Freestyle Fitness Borders


Maltix hosted – tools of your trade

The best tool I’ve used in my business

I can confidently say that it has been, without contest, the best tool I’ve used in my business so far.

Streamlining the process of arranging client appointments, reducing missed appointments and receiving feedback from clients.

I recommend Appointedd to every new business I speak to.

Alan Johnston


Appointedd booking systems

“Working with Appointedd is such a lovely experience. They made the decision to change providers so easy. Every single person that I’ve met on the Appointedd team has been outstanding. So easy to get on with – you just feel relaxed and at ease. I feel as if they actually care about what they do which is amazing, because that’s difficult to find these days.”Chris Greenwood – CIO, Mamas & Papas

Chris Greenwood


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