PWA Estate Agent

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Turn your PWA estate agent window into a Mecca of video and appointment bookings

In-App Catalogs

Attractive catalog page.
With the help of digital catalogs, you can make your customers’ interaction simpler and provide outstanding customer experience. Setting up new properties, adding images, updating locations and prices has never been this easy. Digitalize your printed old-fashioned catalogs and make your mark in your dealers vicinity.

Offline Property Lookup

Offer your services without an internet connection.
Give your clients the ability to check the apps while they are offline. It offers them an effortless interaction and gets there inner “Yes” out in less time.

Feed-backs & Review desk

Property comparison facility became easy.
Allow clients to check rates, feedbacks and reviews of different properties, locations, and compare them with other estate agents easily.

Easy Appointments

In-App appointment system.
Easy appointment option will help your customers to request an appointment with the real estate agent online without any hassle.

Social Media Marketing Option

Uncomplicated business sharing.
Users can browse the web app by launching it using a URL. This option enables you to share your business on Facebook, via QR codes, text messages and online ads.

Data Analytics for Better Revenue

Services customisation.
Advanced Data Analytics enables you to capture, observe, and compute the data that can help you up-lift your business with such as you best-selling property locations, best deals etc each month.

Geo Locations

Lookup different properties online.
Property locations can easily be found by the clients using Geo location. Client can get to the location using this feature without any effort.

SMS Broadcasting

Enjoy great benefits at a cheap rates.
Reaching customers for promotions and marketing via SMS empowers your customer engagement and your personal connection with them.

Help Desk with Chatbot

24/7 client support desk.
Chatbot gives real-time assistance to the clients and transfers them ease and comfort while checking properties on your web app.

Push Notifications

Reach the clients efficiently.
The push notifications are a great way to convey day to day promotions and offers to the customers and create enthusiasm in them to come set an appointment.

Offers and Promotions

Repetitive engagement of customers
Mesmerize your customers by creating campaigns for nearby events, special offers, popular locations and publish them. Coupon codes creation and distribution to promote the at present discounted services to the customers became easier with the Real Estate and Estate agent web app.