Data management.

real time data
Real time data should be used real time

Data management is the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

A robust data management strategy is becoming more important than ever.

Organisations increasingly rely on intangible assets to create value.

Customer service needs are inextricably linked.

Data management is key

Managing data is increasingly becoming a Directors top responsibility.

The Smartphone user is you judge
Understanding the clients customer service needs

Level of competence and customer service:

Modern organisations are being judged by the Smartphone user.

At the Speed of light

The future value of any Company:

Value linked directly to database management and Smartphone customer service ethic.

Data from the traditional websites are being absolutely and comprehensively trumped.

Relentless data:

Social media is the new business ledger.

Smartphone Social media is critically important for small business.

Two way communication using the PWA

Distributed interaction with social media via the PWA.

Businesses learn to push information and promotions onto social media:

Intimate 2 way communication with the Smartphone user is shared on social media.

PWA for small business
Think sideways. Distribute on PWA SMS or notifications. A free coffee, free pick up service, voucher, discount.
Make it infinitely shareable on social media using your PWA

Automated data management
Incoming data management from PWA

Using a PWA :

Automatically assigned data is critical for customer service.

Automation to a central CRM:

Real time accountability of the staff handing that data are critical for future business growth alongside the PWA.

The key to customer service on the Smartphone

PWA The key to customer service on the Smartphone
PWA The immediacy key to customer service on the Smartphone
Right here right now PWA The key to customer service on the Smartphone
PWA data management advice form Maltix

How do we introiduce immediacy into our customer service?
How do we add immediacy into our customer service ?

PWA Data management.


Prospective client engage through a QR or a website or Social media via your PWA.

Their incoming data is automatically sent to the allocated staff.


Allocation of staff responsibility starts with logic and grows organically.

Central recording

Every source of incoming data by whichever means is every staff member accessible, assigned and recorded.

It’s their email, their telephone, client list, document resource, diary.

You name it, they log in on their smart device and connect.

FREE trial recommendations.

Integration is important, so important in fact we offer FREE advice for 2 hours on ZOOM for all new PWA clients.

Have you a vision of what your business needs to achieve using the cloud?

Most of the clever stuff has already been built, its a bit like a piece of clay, waiting for you to create your future.

Problems evaporate. Efficiency takes root. New ideas flourish.

Join everything up in one secure space.

Book a 30 minute Zoom call with Maltix for free.

Lets discuss whats possible.

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Maltix product choices

Maltix products
Maltix products

William Nicholls


Maltix Product choices

Maltix product choices
Maltix product choices

Maltix product choices
Maltix product choices

William Nicholls


Maltix products

maltix product choices
Maltix product choices

William Nicholls


Loud and Clear

loud and clear

business card
double sided double dynamic QR


Book an appointment
Book an appointment

connect wifi
connect wifi

Dr Andrew Sciberras

Director and owner of Loud and clear

Wedding invitations

I went to Bark on Tuesday last week after proposing to my girlfriend.

We set the date, March 2022, Weston Super Mare registry office.

To be honest I was just thinking 50 invitation cards, hand written, in the post.

A call from Maltix changed my thinking.

They produced a couple of beautiful designs connected to a QR code.

Connected to a RSVP form they made for us, it was beautiful.

No fuss, the diary overflowed with acceptance messages.

Thank you all at Maltix

paul and vick

Paul Hartley

Paul Hartley

Groom to be
Pretoria South Lions Club Attendance Register

Pretoria lions register

Maltix designed a Paperless Attendance Register using QR Code and Smart Form Page. Service was excellent. Changes are done super quick.  recommend Maltix any time!!

Fabulous attention to detail


Co Director
vitamin suite

Dr Haris Akhter Vitamin Suite

vitamin suite
vitamin suite

Dynamic QR
Dynamic QR

Fantastic experience. Personal caring approach and make sure you are happy with the final product.

Quality leaflet design, unbelievable Dynamic QR solutions

Astonishing new generation Avatar treatment explainers.

Project managed on budget, on time and within SLACK

Business Card

Video page

Document page


Dr Haris Akhter


Smart Brochure

Exceptional service through a Slack platform.

Opted for 12 Subscription QR deal.

12 codes,  9 QR landing pages on varying templates and 3 Call to action QR for public campaigns

Every QR links to relevant ecommerce checkouts.

A brilliant solution joining paper Brochure to my clients Smart Devices




prop b

Proposition builder


A great example of why Maltix enables organisations to create mobile apps that deliver.

Proposition Builder is an end-to-end agile innovation process.

It is based on the challenges and experiences that businesses of all sizes and sectors face when trying to develop successful new propositions.

We had a challenge upon realising they needed some form of an APP and assumed the cost of developing an app would be expensive.

Quotes for Native APPS were eye watering

Maltix built the Proposition Builder PWA in 10 days

We now have the  tools to mange our database

We assumed that creating an app would cost several thousand pounds and require a dedicated app developer.

Using Maltix has enabled us to manage and update our APP with out technical assistance.

Carey McEvoy

Proposition builder

EIE investor CONFERENCE 2021


EIE is Scotland’s premier technology investor showcase.

The annual EIE conference features Scotland’s most promising high growth companies from the life sciences, ICT and energy sectors, seeking funding from seed to series A.

EIE needed a progressive web app for the conference that would help attendees and investors have instant access to relevant information on each company, to help them to make informed decisions.

With the agenda front and centre, guests were never confused about what was going on or where certain events were taking place.

Absolutely brilliant.

Maltix was an absolute pleasure to work with, it made creating our conference app so easy.

Tobias Barnes Hofmeister

Ted X

Ted X

TEDx Glasgow needed a fully comprehensive mobile event app that guests at The SEC Armadillo in Glasgow could use.

The app had to provide relevant information for guests, especially those from out of town who would need more help accessing the event and making their way around.

As a one-off annual event, the cost of developing an app would’ve been a massive expense. Luckily, Maltix was here to help make sure TEDx Glasgow could have a fully responsive app that didn’t need an enormous amount of upkeep or development time.

Maltix created a mobile event app for all 1600 guests during the event.

The app could be shared by TEDx Glasgow via SMS and e-mail through the distribution dashboard provided.

Users had the opportunity to install the app on their phone and opt-in to receive push notifications on the day.

The app allowed delegates to view agendas, sessions, sponsors, venue maps and twitter feeds. This meant the entire event programme was at their fingertips without the need for expensive print collateral.

Comments and Votes from each section of the App could be collated to understand where the event could be improved in future years and which sessions provided the most engagement levels.

Over 1600 votes were gathered and over 150 comments.

Guests found the mobile conference app easy to use and navigate, enabling them to access vital information throughout the day.

Over 75% of the delegates installed the App onto their device with even more accessing the browser version of the Progressive Web App.

Have a look at the TEDx Glasgow Mobile App.

Pauline Houston

Co Director