PWA Car Dealership

Digital Catalogues

Communicative catalogue card on your PWA car dealership.

Create amazing customer experience with the digital catalogue which makes interaction less complicated.

Rather than updating and re-printing catalogues, add new cars, change prices, update description on your web app in a quick and easy way.

Online Financing

Are you in safe hands?
Let the busy professionals pick the right finance option and can make an appointment request online which will help them skip the fuss.

World leading Appointedd booking system included in your hosting.

Quick Trade-in

Get finance for your car.
Skip waiting for the dealer to sell your car. Faster than market and easy to showcase to attract more trading.

Offline Content Availability

Content reading, on the go.
Browse through the app without being connected to the internet and use it on offline mode.

Video and live video straight to the APP

Online Car Booking

Skip the wait time.

Online car booking allows the users to request instant appointments online with the dealer. This feature excites more customers to check out their favourite cars.

Manage CMS

Make it look attractively.
Manage your CMS pages according to your desire with the drag and drop feature of

Connect directly to Customer Relationship Management.

The importance of immediacy with the Smartphone generation.

Maltix recommends Capsule CRM free trial

Improved Revenue with Data Analytics

Customise your proposed services and offers.

Use the Data Analytics tool to capture, observe and analyse data that can help you grow your business.

Offers & Promotions

Engage your customer again and again.
Create and publish campaigns for upcoming events, special treatments etc.

Create coupons and distribute them to advertise your limited time offers to the clients.

Social Media Marketing Feature

Share you business in a quick and unique way.
Your customers, family and friends can use the PWA by launching it using the URL.

Broadcast your business on Facebook, in Online Ads, QR Codes and Text messages.

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