Put social media to work.

There are 3.8 billion smartphone users now.

A sea of illuminated faces.

But what are people doing on their smartphone?

The answer is you never really know, except they now do everything on their smartphone.

If the smartphone user cannot use your services in the blink of an eye, you have lost their business forever.

You only get one kick at the cat.

In other words, if you want to do business through the majority business route these days, then you had better take the smartphone user seriously.

Why are most websites unsuitable for the Smartphone?

Put social media to work via social intercourse.

They were probably created on a large screen PC or MAC usually in WordPress.

Clunky and impersonal with no heart, just like a prospectus left behind at a trade show.

Websites are all about me me me, yawn yawn.

Anonymous contact pages and non existent reply services.

“We pride ourselves in replying to inquiries within 72 hours”


What makes the Smartphone user so different to the website user ?


Immediate interaction.

It is a phone after all !

Now now now.

Right this second response or I will disregard you.

The exact modern attitude from the smartphone user.

Maltix PWA

No interaction, no conversation, no business

Every part of the business transaction has to be executable from the Smart phone.

Or put this another way.

If you provide immediacy inside your business.

Actively pursue business through an immediate business mentality.

And provide the tools for the client to engage with.

How much business will we generate ?

Maybe you have heard of a sales cycle ?

The reward for making the client happy is the referral.

It’s FREE and generated by your own customers.

The Smartphone is perfect for happy customers referring your business ideas via social media.

Why is that not happening on our website ?

Because a website is not a Walky Talkie.

It does not contain the tools required for social intercourse !

What tools ?

Immediacy tools that are joined up in the core of your business operations.

Not a boring list of tools please, give me an example

A typical Estate Agent example.

House for sale !! look at my website me me me

Yeah, we know its hidden on the website database, it’s there somewhere.

Try this REF code phone office hours to make an appointment or send an email.

Smartphone user reaction



Smart Estate Agent using a Progressive Web APP (PWA)

House for sale !


Shop window, for sale boards, social media, website, paperwork, vehicles, emails

Luxury House Video Maltix PWA

Camera QR code here for video/ walk through/ floor plans/photos/ Geo code map

QR code and PWA distributed via Social Media.

They both have wings for maximum social intercourse.

Wow this PWA works when I’m in a tunnel on the train, cool it works offline

Maltix PWA

TING Chat, how can I help you, this is Sharon from Smart Estate Agents

SMS DING Notifications of other similar properties.

Real time PWA notifications of other similar properties PING Sunday morning.

Book an appointment online now with a REP

TWING – Here are your Reps details, chat now

TING Auto receive our track and trace form page for your safety.

KATCHING Share our Smart Estate Agents APP on social media for a free redeemable Coffee smartphone voucher.

SOOTCH Sign our digital contract here

SPLOSH Pay on our digital banking portal here.

KLONK Your digital keys are available here.

Now you know what people are doing on their Smartphone

Whatever your business be a part of this Smartphone revolution today with FREE on-boarding.

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