How to push information to your clients phone, just like SKY news

Your new WPA APP from Maltix is distributing like wildfire, so what about using push notifications?

Your shiny reporting system is screaming at you to do something, the APP is being downloaded onto your clients phone everywhere !

So, your APP is being shared in APP by your clients for their special reward, well done !

It’s distributing on social media because its built to do that well done !

You are sending a download my APP link on email to all your clients, perhaps by mail chimp, great!

You SMS all your telephone contacts to download your APP right next to their SKY new or Facebook APP clever!


Whats your business ? What do you want to promote ? is timeliness important ? Are your appointment times precious ? Have you a product to promote ? A shop deal to promote ? a vacant slot to fill ?

Endless isn’t it ?

MALTIX APPS have price inclusive technology including push notifications a smart purchase!

Just like Sky News or those other notifications you receive that even ping your Apple watch !

Beginning to see the importance of a WPA APP ? a lot different to you website right?

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