Property People Dont Trust IT People

As a result, The Customer is Seething

Chris Airey
Chris Airey a leading Digital mixologist

So much technology in the Property industry and yet customer service is still woeful.

It’s not your fault, the fact is that property technology does not serve the customer.

Thanks to some sneaky sales methods, somehow you have ended up subscribing to so many systems you don’t know what to do with them.

And that’s just your new systems, the older systems providers just take you for granted.

You seem to be using more paper than ever and chaos in your systems is accelerating.

Now you’re employing more people to type data into them!

Does anything really useful come out of this?

Bits and pieces, perhaps, but it’s costing you thousands of pounds.

You’re feeding monsters.

The fundamental problem:

You no longer trust anyone in the IT industry. And I don’t blame you

I get it.

You don’t want to spend money on IT.

You don’t value it-it’s a cost.

You’re right to be sceptical.

Property People Dont Trust IT People

Take a step back and look at the processing power your clients have on their Smartphone.

It’s a 2 way thing, you just have to listen to the smartphone users needs.

What do they want from you as an Estate Agent ?

A) Succinct & immediate communication that remembers all the dialogue

B) Connections to quality Property Video

C) Ability to book or change a viewing

D) The ability to share on their social media

E) A to Z business on their Smartphone

Grasping this will stop your clients seething because the onus is now with the client!

Their volunteered processing power is now in your hands.

Property Agents simply need to put their trust in managing the data from their clients smartphone.

Chris Airey a leading Digital mixologist. Newswire July 2021

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