Professional Services

Maltix offices have a specialist Debt collector at very reasonable rates.

We have over 30 years of Debt collection experience using proven methods of professional letter and email writing services.

An email and professional letter writing company.

With credit control letters and emails.

We specialise in the collection of monies.

And professional letter or email writing services.

Official documentation fulfillment.

Quarterly subscription.

Our rates are extremely good value with quarterly subscription for individuals at €5 per month  .

€25.00 per month for small companies of less than 5 employees

Larger companies €50.00 per month.

Maltix offers a full letter writing/email service, filling out of Government forms or any other forms included in the quarterly subscription.

Credit control services

Credit control services are charged by the number of letters.

Up to ten collection letters €10.00 euros

From 11 to 25 €20.00

25 to 35 €30.00

Additional letters can be negotiated.

Resolving difficult issues at reasonable cost.

Euro payment in Euro

UK payment in Sterling

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