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Dynamic QR is a gamechanger for small business on the Smartphone.

It allows for Maltix service agreements to change the information behind the QR after print.

This is ground breaking.

It also allows the use of a pool of subscription based QR codes, to perform in you business and achieve changing requirements.

Change Property of the month, or car of the week, or the Presidents address or information Actor Avatars ( really cool ) or live documentation.

In fact anything and everything can be changed on serviced agreements, thats why we say you can print with impunity.

The QR call to action, when kept generic, allows for a never ending landscape for the Smartphone visitor

Your CALL to ACTION is important

Some Ideas LINK or SCAN

Lets get your details

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

There are so many options to get really creative when it comes to QR and landing pages.

Use this handy Smart form tool that will email the ideas to your inbox, and give your Partner a call to talk things through.

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