Pro QR for Hoteliers

Interactive online stationery.

Maltix hotelier

Connect your hotel’s services directly to your guest’s smartphone.

A fully complete outsourced Hotel solution.

Dramatically improve service levels, reduce errors and delight your guests.

Set yourself apart from other hotels.

Includes the very latest Hotel food and beverages delivery Progressive Web APP

Hand crafted bespoke digital and printed flyers and posters that change regularly on a fully serviced subscription programme.

A growing family of Hotel solutions on the Guests Smartphone.

“A truly holistic approach that creates a special relationship on the guests smartphone during and after their stay”

Paul Anton Bristol Hotel and Spa ltd

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The very latest Hotel Progressive Web APP

loyalty discounts

trips and tours
NEWS… Marriot take on UBER APP

Grand Hotel Spa booking

Spa discount

The grand hotel feedback form
Question examples Grand Hotel feed back form
Question examples Grand Hotel feed back form and can be changed at any time

NEW V CARDS with Actor Avatars for professional announcements and statements for Hotel management coming soon.

Book a call with the experts in QR hospitality.

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Unique design artwork based on your specific needs

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