Print and design alliance

The print and design alliance.

Is the print designer on the edge of irrelevance?

small business questionnaire
small business questionnaire

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“We don’t think print design is on the edge of irrelevance

When print designers truly understand a QR business solution then the entire gravitas of design can fundamentally improve.

QR is a window on paper and a link on social media that can be viewed for a thousand miles – it’s that powerful.

William Nicholls founder of Maltix

Updated 28 August 2022

The utter dominance of the Smart device for future business.

All the clues add up to the re-dominance of print for small business.


The ability to change anything connected to the QR AFTER print.

Multiple print and design / call to action opportunities using the SAME QR code

Completely new areas of print business are emerging.

The fact that QR can be scanned or clicked.

QR scan reporting that makes print fully accountable and measurable.

Smart Form Pages for orders and payment.

The realisation of business people that their data is sacrosanct.

Trusted QR can handle regulatory data safely and securely.

The opportunity to dream and reinvent holistic solutions for every industry without exception.

The print and design alliance.

The proposal from Maltix to the professional design and print industry.

We collectively re-embrace interactive stationery for clients print requirements.

Incredible QR connected solutions with strong copy and call to action in your future designs.

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Smartphone friendly QR solutions for your clients.

SCAN the Smartphone enabled print design survey

SEND to test clients right off your smartphone.

If you prefer this Smart Form branded to your Company, please let us know.

24 hour turnaround and a selection of high quality frames.

When we know the problems we can create the solutions very cheaply for small business clients.

print and design alliance
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print and design alliance
print and design alliance