Print industry

The print and design alliance.

It’s rare in any industry, particularly print that has gone through epic change over a very short period of time.

Here is quite a statement:

This is the biggest opportunity for print since the internet was invented

William Nicholls founder of Maltix

Print has the opportunity to ROAR again, so how and why?

The utter dominance of the Smart device for future business.

Completely new areas of print business are emerging.

The phone user requirement for information to load in one second or less.

The simplicity of navigation that websites fail to address.

The ability to change anything connected to the QR AFTER print.

QR scan reporting that makes print fully accountable and measurable.

The demand for immediacy especially with in situ information.

The expectancy of familiarity using the all new Progressive Web APP.

The opportunity of very small business to adapt Smart Form Pages for orders and payment.

The breadth of problem resolving tech that is so cheap to implement.

The trust the phone user puts into their own device.

The realisation of business people that their data is sacrosanct.

The huge progress of knowledge for Dynamic QR code for print.

The re-emergence of top quality copy on stationery and within other tech solutions.

The fact that dynamic QR moves through the internet on a dedicated short URL.

The trusted QR can handle regulatory data safely and securely.

The ability to trust QR with money and data.

The opportunity to dream and reinvent holistic solutions for every industry without exception.

The print and design alliance.

The proposal from Maltix to the professional design and print industry.

You embrace interactive stationery for your clients print requirements.

Your design and print.

We add a level of free consultation into your pre print and design process.

We then provide top quality dynamic QR solutions for your clients print job.

You add in that margin from our expertise:

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